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General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: Yesterday at 07:37 PM »
I dunno man, I actually enjoy watching Zalo play Mole Shopper, he's very good.

Generally in life I am obsessed with watching people who are extremely good and passionate about something, even some guy sitting on a bus flipping his bottle of water and catching it but doing it without even looking, just, people fascinate me lol.

But, I would never play Mole Shopper, bores the hell out of me as a scheme to play.

Few months from now Zalo could be filing for bankruptcy  ;D

Off Topic / Happy birthday Darts!
« on: Yesterday at 07:25 PM »
7 years old! Woo!

Have a good one :D

General discussion / The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:34 PM »
I'm gonna just leave this here, so it doesn't get forgot about :D

Can you both tell me what day/time you will play please? So we can arrange streaming stuff :)

So for anyone who doesn't know, Zalo offered $40 for anyone who can beat him 1/5 rounds of Mole Shopper, and daina(the only person to accept this challenge) has 7 days to learn the scheme and play him!

Also, this can be a who do you think is gonna win thread :D

I'm actually really excited for this!! Wish you both the best of luck, pun intended bwahaha!

I thought this was pretty cool btw, did you write that yourself Zalo?

It's been a long Journey...
since the first moler put his foot on the surface of mole Map...
The signs from the sky indicated this is a trap...
being afraid of his own rocket...
the worm looked what else he had in his pocket...
The fearless worm wondered ~ What will save my soul...?
Then from his pocket appeared the mole
It's all brown and thin...
' Should I throw it to the bin? '
Then the mole jumped out of the worm's hand...
and vanished in the sand...
The worm noticed a mysterious long tunnel...
at the bottom of which the worm could see a swimming gunnel...
' If the weather gets hotter...
I may wish to try this water... '
The worm moved downwards as it was quite late...
On his way, the worm found a mysterious crate...
To reach it, the worm was so close...
Then, from the ceiling, emerged mole's nose...
A huge explosion came with this bad manner of luck...
As the worm screamed ' What the f*ck '
It was a murder that did not require much preparation...
As the water turned out to be victim's destination...
' gg n00b ' ~ said a new voice...
indicating the explosion was his choice...
The new worm stood confidently on its floor...
starting an ultimate mole War...

It's funny because of what you said earlier :)

Let's play within 7 days from now, please. Later I will have too much work and little time.

Ahahaha, nice excuse, want to increase your chances of victory, good choice ;) ;)

It's on!!!

So could we do this as an official challenge please guys?

Give daina 4 weeks to practise, we will hype it up and advertise it, give background stories etc, maybe even get myself, thewalrus commentating on it in 4 weeks time.

I think that would be a really cool event for this game, and we should do more challenges like these haha :)

Can we do this properly and can I stream this please?

And daina, I know you are good, but you should practise for at least 2-4 weeks, do NOT underestimate him, he IS very very good at Mole Shopper.

I would even suggest playing with Zalo for an entire day, since he IS the best player, so you can learn the best tactics, also study his previous games from cups etc.

I am confident daina could win 1/5 games after practising for 1 month.

Do you mean 1/5 individual games? Or 1/5 matches consisting each of Bo5?

I saw people beat you though, and they are extremely amateur compared to players like Mablak/Random00, you can win "best of" series, but you cannot win every single Mole Shopper.

Yes, Mole shopper fits, and it's what you enjoy, that's not the point.

100x tus games won in a row, 3x cups with 3 golds, 32x players / cup and I still haven't proven myself to you?

You are continuing to prove my point.

Everybody KNOWS you are the best Mole Shopper player, but that is ALL you are, a Mole Shopper player... Mablak and Random00 are the best OVERALL players of Worms Armageddon, that means they know the game mechanics, and have proven themselves to be smarter at strategic schemes, than everybody else that ever existed on this game.

That they could play Mole for a few months and equal you, then play for longer, and become better than you.

You are the best Mole Shopper player, that is a TINY achievement when we look at the bigger picture, which is the whole point of this debate, that you continue to ignore.

Komo... komo komo komo... then why all the people joke now that Tus is basically Mole Website now? why in the survey Mole is described as "the only scheme that can be found here"

You are just being dellusional calling it unpopular :)

Because TUS basically is a Mole website now lol, and Mole Shopper IS unpopular compared to other competitive schemes in the past 20 years including Worms 2.

Sure, Mole is one of the most popular schemes on Worms currently, that's because most people left Worms and it's all that's left lol, THAT is why you are delusional, because you can't see it.

You aren't just delusional, you don't even know history lol.

Also, please don't let this convo distract our friendship, I had a great time watching and chatting with you on game

So much ignorance and exaggeration in your post Zalo lol...

Komo, First of all, Why are lying that it was 3-2 with Yakuza?

It was 3-1, when I was watching England Croatia, also together with you, we were both commentating on the match.

I already edited my post to correct that, and I even said sorry, but you have your head so far up your own ass you didn't notice.

It just shows how little you watched our games or you simply didn't care to do so.

That just shows you only support your own perception and theories on life.

I saw everything I needed to see lol, I told you I missed the 1st few games because I was busy, and if I didn't care why would I spend my own time in my life watching your games?

I am like the only person in this thread who is trying to support you here, apart from Magnus obviously.

It's easy for you to say how "you would do things different" and yet you wouldn't win a single game, why? because your imagination of what it takes to win it is pretty inaccurate.

I never said I would do things differently, you pulled that out of thin air.

I know I wouldn't win a single game, why? Because you are better than me and I honestly find Mole Shopper such a boring and talentless scheme to play, i'd rather have my heart broken by my ex again than even THINK about taking this scheme seriously as a player.

I do however, enjoy watching it as a spectator, because you are a very good player and I enjoy watching passionate people do something they love, specially when they are good at it :)

Moreover, you imagination about Mablak or Random00 is higher than in reality

Is it? They have actually proven themselves over many many years how good they are at this game in general, you, have not, that's a simple fact.

I honestly think you are just a little bit jealous because the scheme you love is unpopular and nobody cares, I know that feeling trust me, I absolutely loved Darts, even more than BnG, but nobody cared about it...

I'm sorry but Mablak or Random00 would easily lose against me. End of Story. Prove me wrong.

I have no doubt, at this current stage, you would beat Mablak/Random00.

However to add that keyword "easily", you are acting stupid and ignorant, literally the 2 best players of all time(voted constantly by actual players, and have statistics to back it up), and you say that about them lol...

You really have visions of grandeur dude...

What I am saying is that in Mole you don't win by accident and Random00 would need to practice for months to be able to win.

So, it took you years to get as good as you are, yet even admit it would only take Random00 a few months to beat you lol.

That's cool :)

There are only 2 people that can defeat me in 5 games - Darmin and Magnus

Yeah and if they can, Random00 & Mablak, and countless other players, probably could as well with a little bit of practise.

And the awards for the most self-entitled prick goes to

That could be anybody in this thread ahahaha :D

Zalo, a few things ok.

Random00 & Mablak are much better than you at Worms Armageddon overall, their achievements are MUCH greater than yours, in multiple schemes, you have a higher win % than them, but you only played amateurs, and Mole Shopper is the ONLY thing you are very good at, because you are the ONLY good Mole Shopper player, the only person who has the knowledge of the scheme itself, and worms in general.

I saw you making mistakes every game, so many kill chances missed because your timing was bad, or your pixel placement of weapons was bad, most of your "amazing" attacks were obvious moves or getting the right weapon at the right time, combined with your opponents lack of knowledge which made you look better than you are.

Also what skunk3 said about using girders as aim assist, which makes up a huge portion of skill/strategy in the game, is extremely simple a 4 year old kid could learn that.

But you had the superior knowledge of the scheme, and WA knowledge, and luck with crates getting bananas and cluster bombs, combined with the constant mistakes your opponents were making.

Another extremely important fact here.

Mole shopper is EXTREMELY boring to play, your addiction to this scheme isn't far from being called obsessive compulsive disorder behaviour. (Like me, for BnG.)

Anybody that is good enough to beat you in this scheme, just can't handle the sheer boredom of blocking for 60+ minutes.

This is such a huge issue that you fail to realize, it makes you think you are some kind of superstar because you are the only good player...

"I simply watched their few games"... Well yeah, if somebody doesn't enjoy something very much, chances are they won't learn it will they lol.


I have a question for you Zalo:

When a person understands every single invidual element of what makes another person good at something, and they have the same physical and mental capabilities, what do you think stops them from becoming as good as them?

Please think about this carefully before answering, when you have your 1st answer, think of another answer.

Leagues Games Comments / Re: Game #223151, reported by Chicken23
« on: July 13, 2018, 03:11 PM »
[Y2JID] i remeber my ex saying once u love chicken23 more than me

I lol'd  :D :-*

Well i've sat and watched about 4 hours worth of Mole Shopper with Zalo playing good players, so far the best person he's played was a guy called Yakuza and the final score was 3-2 to Zalo.

I still haven't finished watching, I still want to watch at least another 10 hours, with various players.

And as for saying using natural things as aiming tools should be banned, why? You are using what was given to you, you aren't getting an advantage nobody else can use, just like I place my thumb on the screen when re-aiming in BnG, it's not my fault other people are too stubborn or stupid and will openly accept defeat because of something so easy to do lol, you can sit there and complain calling it lame all you want, but it's still gonna happen and you can either join people in greatness, or sit back and get left behind, your choice, we don't care lol.

I think it's a sign of intelligence, finding natural ways like this to improve your skills.

My verdict on Mole Shopper so far:

It's a lot more strategic than skunk says, but less than what Zalo says, I strongly believe Zalo is a highly skilled player, but still makes mistakes he wouldn't get away with against a player like Mablak/Random00.

He's good, but I don't think he even realizes what a great opponent is yet, since everybody he's played imo is quite amateur, Yakuza was his best opponent, and even Yakuza made way too many simple mistakes.

Watching Zalo using weapons versus watching Mablak using weapons, Mablak is more accurate, efficient and effective, but Zalo is getting there man, don't underestimate him.


I made a mistake above:

16:34:35 ZALO: bro, why you said "3-2" with yakuza? it was 2:1
16:34:46 ZALO: and 3:1 counting the game that you left
16:35:06 dP`Komodo: Ah was it? I remember missing 1st games, I lost track of time
16:35:11 dP`Komodo: Cuz you said 2:2 at some point in convo
16:35:15 dP`Komodo: Must have meant something else
16:35:18 dP`Komodo: My bad, will edit that
16:35:23 ZALO: Croatia vs England 2-2
16:35:29 ZALO: xd
16:35:43 dP`Komodo: Ahhhh lol, yeah sorry haha

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