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You will have to change the time though, it's 1 hour before Twyst, so it will conflict.

5am GMT? Are you sure?

Promotion Project / Re: Protect our future?
« on: Today at 03:24 AM »
And what about Irene??

Sorry, I actually fell asleep early watching TV lol, did Throsti show up or not?

Since it's already closed i'm guessing not enough people joined and he closed it?

Promotion Project / Re: Protect our future?
« on: Yesterday at 08:57 AM »
Make a Worms Armageddon Remastered trailer & put other Worms titles to shame.

Team17 got burned by the creator of ZaR lmao :D

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Tournament #1011, Twyst #7
« on: Yesterday at 07:24 AM »
As we enter the 2nd half of Twyst! Here is a quick rundown of what's happened so far:

Week 1 - Korydex started us with a bang by wrecking VoK 2:0 in the Final, if I remember right VoK had some horrible luck there :/

Week 2 - Then HHC came along and kicked ass by knocking out Korydex then VoK before defeating Mega`Adnan in the Final. (Note - Only reported as 1:0, I can't remember the score now)

Week 3 - We were treated to the incredibly delightful daiNa showing us some girl power and bringing down Korydex winning 2:1, unfortunately it's the only Tournament she played :(

Week 4 - We saw Korydex pick up his 2nd gold medal by getting his revenge for the previous defeat and beating HHC in the Final 2:0

Week 5/6 -  Out popped Zwitter and BOOM! Just took over! He is rapidly catching up with Korydex by winning 2 golds in a row!

So let's see what happens this week, if Zwitter gets another win it'll be 3-in-a-row and a hat-trick, AND also tying with Korydex for 1st overall!(If Kory doesn't show)

It's gonna be exciting, can't wait!

Promotion Project / Protect our future?
« on: Yesterday at 07:10 AM »
Well, the way things are going right now, we're more inactive than ever, but it seems the hardcore fans will always be hardcore until they die or the servers do...

I probably will always play this game, although i'm hoping to take a break and achieve some success with music/work.

I don't want to go away, come back only to possibly find TUS gone, servers down, i'd lose touch with so many friends.

So what can we do to protect this, I know people use Discord / IRC / Skype / etc, but is there something we can use where EVERYONE can use it? Where everyone is registered to something and we can find out if they are still active or not, still get in touch if they don't...

Also, I know we have StepS server for when Team17s goes down, but I forgot the information for that, reckon we could make it more common knowledge somehow.

I haven't really got any ideas right now this just sparked in my mind 5 minutes ago so i'm typing freely here, so anything anyone can suggest to sustain our future, would be cool.

Can you imagine, people used to go outside and have family BBQs and play in the pool, in 30-40 years some of us will have grandchildren and can have online parties with webcams, probably holograms by that point, f**k, will be crazy! Imagine an 80 year old sexy party with granpa nino and his walking stick BWUahuAHUahAhahaha! I bet his grand daughters will be hot though :P

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Tournament #1004, Plop War #1
« on: Yesterday at 07:00 AM »
Throsti - Just a reminder about this Tournament today, please don't forget because you forgot about your last Tournament lol.

I can make someone else an alternative moderator, any volunteers? I will be sleeping when this is live, got about 4-5 hours before I go to sleep, so won't be able to add anyone after that so let me know ASAP!


Congratulations to Zwitter for winning Twyst #6! That's 2 in a row let's see if he could get a hat-trick this week! Unless Korydex comes back this week and stops that :P

Thanks to everyone who played, hope you enjoyed it!

Few new entires this week, welcome ivan, the familiar Kradie, & our old pal Xrayez(Nice to see you back buddy!)

Thanks for joining us on the live stream @

See you this Friday! -

28 unique players now, very noice!

Thanks for the support!

Edit - Oh, here is imo the most epic game of Twyst Tournaments so far, the 1st half isn't so great, but that 2nd half omg!

I really don't want a free win in a Semi Final match :(

Hope you show up Alien, not just for this Cup, in general you are missed...

Off Topic / Netflix - Real Rob
« on: October 14, 2017, 09:36 PM »
Lmfao I saw this on Netflix:

So I just had to make this :D

You can watch the Twitch Highlight of that entire game here:

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Tournament #1002, Twyst #6
« on: October 13, 2017, 11:55 AM »
I won't be online until like 5:50pm GMT, so if someone could spam throughout the day and advertise, that would be great! Thanks :)

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Tournament #1002, Twyst #6
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:40 AM »
Tonight is the night we continue!

Bring it!

General discussion / Re: How much longer will you play?
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:50 AM »
Yeah for most people, it's being competitive that has kept this game alive.

Yes, including myself, many people simply love the game for fun.

But even when you playing for fun, you are interacting with other people, you laugh at funny moments, or gaze in awe at someones skill or something cool you just did, challenges are ok but they've seen far better days of activity, just hearing about Ryan/LordHound and their old friendship/rivalry, it's amazing because I know that feeling of sitting for hours trying to get 1-UP on your buddy, just to say, it's your turn now:

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

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