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I've suggested this idea before and it's been shot down. Basically it would be nice for CS and DC to make some financial gain from WA's development, even if it's little more than a token amount.

They've been opposed to this idea because they don't want to be pressured with deadlines or mandatory specifications, and they have other obligations of course. By my way of thinking a large part of this donation would be in appreciation for work already done, with few actual development requirements. But what I do want to see are regular news updates (a simple short post every month or three) and a sense of life/hope to the continuance of WA's legacy. Now that some time has passed is there any change in perception of this idea? Obviously DC and CS would have to be on board or it's a non-starter.

I'm thinking a 1 year Kickstarter goal of up to $15000 USD might be attainable. This would indeed just be a token amount --- maybe there is a way to get them more money?

We could have a stretch goal for some larger joint project with Team 17 wherein CS and DC become paid developers with a leading role and absolute final say. Nothing as large and ambitious as WA 4.0 of course, just something marketable and substantial. Without checking, I seem to remember that a lot of the technical challenges of WA 4.0 were for technical benefits. Hopefully nobody has to rewrite the whole game from scratch, but there would unavoidably be lots of technical challenges for DC and CS to work out. In this partnership scenario our Kickstarter donations could be pre-orders to Team17 for the "remastered" WA, in return for CS and DC being given competitive multi-year contracts by Team 17. They could offer a discount for people who already own it on Steam.

Team 17 is worth $300m USD and they're probably ready for another project now that WMD has flopped. Worms is their biggest franchise and they've been driving it into the ground. There's got to be some potential there to figure out. They're seeking a new market niche as game publishers rather than developers, so they'd be fine with their role being primarily monetary. They could contribute nonessential developmental work such as updated graphical skins (switchable, not affecting gameplay, in WA's pixel style), and Steam achievements or whatever that would allow them to market updates as a big anniversary remaster. Team 17 could also contribute marketable new game content (weapons and such), since CS and DC have stated that doing so is not one of their primary goals. Team 17 would have to submit to receiving guidance of course to maintain WA's vision and so they include new strategic things as well as more explosions. Team 17's development cost for this would be much lower than for an all-new Worms game and the result would be far better.

In a partnership, how can Team17 be sure to make their money back? Our preorders won't cover it. How about opening Worms back up to a global audience? The Chinese/Korean games were huge with millions of players. All we need is to add unicode support and a translation bot for in-game text. Team 17 could arrange for the necessary servers/licenses. Other than that they can sell custom worm skins (cute little asian worms anyone?), flaming power bars, or whatever. Hopefully nothing that affects the actual fair gameplay, but I guess different lobbies could have different policies regarding p2w boosts and new noob-oriented luck-based content.

Deadcode and Cybershadow are literally geniuses - none of this can happen without them. No better Worms game will ever be made without their direct involvement.

I didn't spend much time organizing my thoughts, so as not to get too wed to any single idea. That is probably best for discussion..  so let's discuss!

When is the tourney? I wanna play but might not be around.

Maps Comments / Map #17330, Final Approach by Stressfish
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:33 PM »
Map has 0 holes by default. Should fix and reupload.
Cool map though.

General discussion / HB Komito!
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:58 AM »
May your glorious day of birth be filled with musical inspiration, mistake-free roping, and copious amounts of booze and loose women!

General discussion / [Poll] WA 3.8 vs. SpaceX Falcon Heavy.
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:59 AM »
Both events are supposed to occur before the end of 2017. Who shall be victorious? Can mild-mannered Vladimir Pantaleev and carrot-top hacker David Ellsworth vanquish pop-sci rocketry megastar goliath Elon Musk to a life of shame and ridicule? Place your bets now.

I'm equally excited for both occasions, so I can't lose either way :).

ZaR / ZaR replay thread
« on: August 12, 2017, 01:03 AM »
Hey everyone. I'm new to this community, and thought I'd say hello with a nice replay: bazooka at 13:55.

Post yours here! Long liveth the ZaR.

Shots 'n' Stuff / Nice zook [BnG] [X]
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:25 AM »
Fairly standard shot but the chat made it cool. Playback at 28:00.

And a nice reckless bungee at 34:50 in the second replay.

General discussion / Wormkit translator module idea
« on: April 17, 2016, 08:18 PM »
Basically this proposed Wormkit module would translate pre-game lobby and in-game chat on the fly. I don't think I've seen it suggested anywhere. Would it be hard to make? Yandex Translate has a free API for small projects like this.

Chat text is already written to the replay and chat log in real-time as it happens. The translator module could easily extract that chat, and translate each line on Yandex.

To address possible inefficiencies, the module could communicate with itself on a very basic level. The module should detect if more than one player has the translation module, and designate one player to be the translator for that game. The designated translator will be told (or detect) each player's specified native language(s), and whisper them translations on the fly. That way, in a game with 5 English players and one Russian, those 5 players won't be all hammering the Yandex service at once for the same translation.

There could be a predefined list of common words/terms, so things like "ns" and "lol" didn't get sent to Yandex, and the translation was just pulled from a database.

Bilingual players could specify more than one language, to opt out of receiving unnecessary translations. You could toggle whether to see translations for things you say or not. You could choose to disable translation for certain players, similar to the mute function.

We don't have Unicode support yet for Asian players, but at least all the Russian, Portuguese, Polish, etc players would finally be able to understand each other. Since players would (by necessity) see both the original and the translated text, this module would actually help people learn other languages. It would be great to be able to communicate more effectively with people, and would really help keep WA alive IMO.

I'd be surprised if the required code for a lot of this isn't already available as open-source somewhere. If not, anyone who decided to code this would be able to reuse the main parts for other projects. It'd make a good "learner" project for a new programmer too.

General discussion / Awesome 3d motherfucking ninja rope race!
« on: March 23, 2015, 04:59 AM »

why is nobody talking about this??? it's pretty much the dream of every roper ever!!

This is an automatic ProjectX (PX) installer which downgrades your WA version from the newest patch ( to the older one ( required for PX.

The installer works for both the Steam and the CD version of the game.

PX is pre-patched, and includes some libs, useful Wormkit modules (like Rubberworm and KawooshKick), and an uninstaller which will revert your WA back to the version you had before.

Note: PX is a 3rd party add-on for WA which drastically expands the game's capabilities. It adds many new custom weapons/utilities, game options, and basically unlimited possibilities. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

Until now Steam users have been completely unable to use PX.

Only 2 Steps:
1. Download installer and run as administrator. You must change the install location to your WA directory.

Quote from: More details
To change the install location to your WA directory, run the installer, click Next, then click "Browse" on the screen that says "Choose Install Location" and find the folder below..
-For Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Worms Armageddon
-Or.. for Regular WA, most likely C:\Microprose\Worms Armageddon or C:\Team17\Worms Armageddon

2. If necessary, run LoadWormKitModules_Enabled.reg, found in the Tweaks folder, which is inside the WA directory.

All credit goes to Reituz, the guy who made this awesome Installer.
Quote from: reituz
Hi. New Project X Installer and Uninstaller.

Don't forget to Run as Administrator

This is not Project X for This installer makes version! (downgrade)

Changes WA.exe and some files to able to play Project X on any version. No need to PXupdate. Uninstaller bring back version was before.

Tested on Win8 and Win7x64. Version

Included modules:
wkLobbyCmd.dll wkNickFix.dll wkKawooshKick.dll wkRubberWorm31.dll wkReplayShark31.dll wkNickFix.dll wkPackets.dll for v3.6.31.0.

Included big Libs:
cweps ( + ) 9.28mb
pyroman_sfx 5.90mb

Official thread:
Steam thread:

Leagues Complaints / [SOLVED] Game 122051
« on: August 29, 2012, 02:43 AM »
Reported under classic league by mistake
This was TRL, roper



Leagues Games Comments / Game #105236, Reported by DarkLord
« on: March 28, 2012, 05:45 AM »
pfft you said this wasn't for tus xD

Leagues Games Comments / Game #101400, Reported by j0e
« on: February 22, 2012, 02:37 AM »
ugh wrong replay
here is real one....

Edit: Fixed with the new replay.

Leagues Games Comments / Game #64881, Reported by ArtiC
« on: April 11, 2011, 06:42 PM »
O_o daina won this game not artic

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