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Map: MTLRR35 in challenge #124

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Sorry for another map with same start, but it caught my attention. Finish inside.

Yay. Very cool map!

Dude....lek, this start is annoying as hell I must admit XD  There're a few pixels where you can place worms and still be able to do the tap start.

my replays are retarded, most worms backflip with rope shooting, walk back into place, skip, rinse and repeat XD

Indeed Cue!

Desetroyah, I agree, but it's not that hard imo, after you adjust you know precisely when to press the space to do the tap start. Here's attached replay, no need to do the backflip.

aha, so even closer but with single backspace, I gave it like  tries, mostly preoccupied with start so this will help heh


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