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HostingBuddy and TUS got connected!

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Thanks to CyberShadow, as the title says, HostingBuddy and TUS are now connected.

Now it is possible to load both TUS schemes and TUS maps into HostingBuddy. With that possibility, you can load TUS official schemes or load BIT maps into HostingBuddy. Moreover you can now tell hosting buddy to load a specific map author or even load a map only from a map pack.

If you found bug or you have suggestions to develop more useful commands you can post them on this thread.

Load a TUS official scheme
After hosting your game, in the lobby type:


That command will automatically load the TUS official scheme for your game.

Load scheme by its ID

!tusscheme 1234

How to load maps
While in the lobby, to pick a random map from TUS:


Load a random map by an author

!tusmap author:husk

There are shorthands to this which also works: (both of the below works as well)

!tusmap a:husk
!tusmap husk

If there's space in the name of the author, you should put it into double quotes:

!tusmap a:"Big Billy"

Load a random map from a mappack
This feature allows you to pick from a custom mappack. This is good when you have a collection of maps with your standards and you can tell hosting buddy to pick only from that collection. This feature also works as a "map picker" feature.

!tusmap pack:123

shorthand:  !tusmap p:123

Set a map type
There are 3 different map types. PNG (color maps), BIT and LEV. You can set this option to force HostingBuddy to only pick a specific type of map:

!tusmap type:bit

shorthand:  !tusmap t:bit

Set the map size
You can set whether the map should be big or not.

!tusmap size:big

shorthand:  !tusmap s:big

Similar explanation can also be found in the HostingBuddy lobby with !tushelp.

Great job. WMDB's monopoly has been seriously shaken xD

This command will work too: "!tusmap a:husk t:png s:big" ?

Also a shortcuts like this - s:b (size:big) would be useful.

This is absolutely fantastic. Thanks CS! :D

about time :)

very great!

thanks a lot!

Very good job! This is wonderfull :D


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