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israel under attack

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wow you have just returned from a war and already got an engagment? Whata dangerous life you have :D !

wb mate, cheerz!

Yo niv!! my man!! sup bro!!

congrats on getting engaged!!  she is beautiful! deffinately a keeper! :D

i know your busy! but dt is trying to make a comeback! we need your help! even if its arranged meetings, once a week, or something like that, we all need to get together and get some clanners played!!!

hopefully we see you soon, but until then, gl with wedding, and uni!! hope to talk to you soon homay!

Good war. (Gw)

yoo Niv, I hope everything is ok with you! Long time didn't see you online ;)

miss you mate!  :-*

Was not Israel under attack from its day one?


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