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Re: PC console
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All i can say is this - laptops are better for music making coz it have a battery by deafult. You will not lose hours of painstaking work if you get a power outage. UPS for a PC is a much different thing, cos PC's power consumption is higher, UPS' power storage capability is lower, switching to battery is not instant and last but not least thing - its battery cant absorb power quickly (coz ancient lead-acid chemistry).
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Re: PC console
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Did I said something wrong? No!
Komo just wanted me to prove this type of talk, cause he also knows he could spent his money LOT better than with those 2 laptops he got. But as we both said - it's individual choice and personal opinion. I'm not judging or anything. Just stating some facts and throwing my 2cents.


Well, it depends on your definition of "better", what's better for you might be worse for me based on our different situation in life and our own goals.

I've already admitted money could be saved if I knew how to build it myself, and could get better hardware if I had bought a desktop instead of a PC.

But let's not forget, please, this started because you said this:

"Laptops is a must have if you're a traveller/bussinesman, but buying one for few thousands $ like Komo did is a total waste of money. (let's be honest, Komo, if you're doing everything from home, I don't see a point in having laptop that's worth that much. Just my opinion) Not to mention spare parts for laptops which is hard or even impossible to replace(!?). "

To be honest, I should be insulted, not because you called it a waste of money, but because you assumed you know enough information about my life to state it was a waste of money, without ANY evidence whatsoever to back that up. Even if you were correct I still wouldn't consider it a waste of money, because as you said it entirely depends on a persons personal opinion, so the fact you went ahead and said that was pretty surprising.

Do not try to wriggle out of this by making excuses, it was ignorant, but I honestly don't mind, don't worry about it, I only want to clear this up, so the same mistake won't happen again.

Long story short, I take my laptop everywhere with me, to work where it's used on my breaks, at home, I take it out sometimes when i'm out on my bike and sit in a field or something when I feel creative for a few hours, I take it on holiday with me when visiting Liam/M3ntal so we can share projects/files and work together more efficiently, and most importantly take it with me when I visit studios, meet clients or anyone who wants to collaborate and they can't visit my house.

After that I actually want you to prove to me that a £700 computer can run ANY game in the world, or any game that will come out for the next 2 years, cuz i'll tell you what, it sure as sh*t won't beat this laptop ;)

I don't ask this because i'm trying to prove you wrong, i'm asking this because I want you to prove me wrong, cuz if you actually show me something, I might buy it lol. Did you ever think of that?

Edit - Also, what Xan said about battery, it's actually happened to me before and I lost work, that's a very useful bonus.

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Re: PC console
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When it comes to multiplayer PC gaming, having a more powerful machine actually does confer an advantage in some games. I play some games with a buddy of mine and he has a really nice PC with multiple monitors, including a 4k @ 120... he will always be calling out enemies to me on the map and I'm looking and can't see them... the 4k resolution helps immensely. Blah blah blah.

The resolution does not affect FOV, the aspect ratio does. You/he could be playing in a cinema and he will still see the same area. 16:9, 16:10, 4:3. That's it, can't cheat the game with bigger screens/resolution.

For 600-700€ you can build a PC that will run every game on highest settings for next 1-2 years.
And if you choose good processor you'll only need to change graphics card in a few years.

Also, Komo/wally are right, you can build a PC to run the newest most fanciest games for 6-700€ on medium. I have a i7 6700k and high quality MSI GTX 1070 (which was 450€ on it's own half a year ago) and can play most on Ultra with 60+ FPS with Full HD (1080p). But even with this much power I find games (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, my god is it hardware hungry) that I can't run at maximum settings with everything turned on.

If you want Ultra/Maximum graphic fidelity you will need approx. 1k Euro, especially if you want to last 1-2 years. And we are talking 60fps to count as "can run maximum", nobody in their right mind wants to look at 30 fps eye cancer and get a headache unless you got used by it from years of 30 fps on consoles. :P

CPU and GPU are 700€ish on it's own to get Ultra on all games. Then add SSD/HDD, Decent MB, some decent PSU (don't be stupid and buy 600W no-name PSU...) and DDR4 8GB and you are easily around 1k. And that's without a PC case or any extras.

Here is stock rx470 vs stock gtx 1070:

I can barely hit 60+ on every game maxed out. I can say with 100% confidence your 470x will never, EVER, run every game currently at maximum fidelity on 1080p. Your friends RX470 is low middle class. While my 1070 is low upper class. To be "safe" for 1-2 years you would need a 1080 GTX or AMD equivalent (Vega or some shit), which is 500€+. Good luck building a PC with 700 Euro when your video card is 500ish. :D
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