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Classic #28, HAL #1
October 05, 2012, 03:23 AM
Absolute Beginner 849 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 51|54 points more
Inexperienced 1181 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 43|54 points more

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14 - 13
20 - 15
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: id like to let these guys play too
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: ill go report that elite
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: what you mean?
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: let me play? :p
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: i played almost all the games so far
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: ah yea
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: u could be playing this
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: u sat urself out lol
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: im terrible at hyst
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: if its easiest win and most points I think they should take it
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: I would like t17 or roper or RR
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: yeah i didnt analyze
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: wxw could be lots of pints too
[`bfw`sKuNk3] xd
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: they are good ropers though
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: so i just figured easiest to take the safe way out :p
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: im not a big fan of wxw
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: can do it but would rather roper or ttrr
[`bfw`sKuNk3] too hard
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: if they r ropers why the fuck r they picking elite?
[`bfw`sKuNk3] nt
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] thx ;p
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: ive been wondering that myself lol
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: if they ask for more i bet they will take roper
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: thats np
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: yea
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: im down for any scheme\
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] hmmm :/
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: you got mayhems #?
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: yeah
[deejay-bfw] kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkl, mk ,lkklk,m
[`bfw`sKuNk3] :)
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: ahh i forgot he told me hes working on his car
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: typical mexican
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: he said hed be back soon
[`bfw`sKuNk3] xd
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: is he mexican? ;p
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: yeah lol
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: haha
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: always fuck with him
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: he was mad at me one night cause i sid brown people
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: ;p
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: lol i call him a dirty wetback all the time
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] :o
[`bfw`sKuNk3] :D
[deejay-bfw] <3
[b0r`edw4rd] renan i love u
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: he was the first friend i ever met on worms, probably wouldnt have joined bfw if not for him
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: not that i dont like the rest of you, but none of u were around when i joined! :P
[`bfw`sKuNk3] n1
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] thx
[WookaBFW-ea] woot
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: yeah hes a solid guy
[WookaBFW-ea] do u like hysteria roperz?
[WookaBFW-ea] or do u just tolerate it
[WookaBFW-ea] cus i know u like bng
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] fuuuck
[deejay-bfw] k1ng loves hyst roper tolerates it i think
[deejay-bfw] ;p
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] i do
[deejay-bfw] you love it?
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] i just enjoy playing hyst
[deejay-bfw] ah
[WookaBFW-ea] good
[WookaBFW-ea] it means i dont have to
[deejay-bfw] haha
[deejay-bfw] agreed.
[`bfw`sKuNk3] lol this is the part of hyst that I dont like
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] omg lol
[WookaBFW-ea] ah man
[`bfw`sKuNk3] all the telelaming
[deejay-bfw] lol
[WookaBFW-ea] :O
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: that was awesome lol
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: same with that
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: ;p
[`bfw`sKuNk3] ;o
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] i press ''supr'''
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: xD
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: we gon lose our pick maybe 0_o
[b0r`edw4rd] one by one
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: shoulda rred em ;p
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] fuck man Dx i hate when i playe so bad
[b0r`edw4rd] my falt ur falt
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: nah im even more drunk then when we started hehe
[deejay-bfw] it happens
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: hahah
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: me and roperz could probally take them out
[WookaBFW-ea] dont worry about it alb :P
[`bfw`sKuNk3] n1
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] D;
[`bfw`sKuNk3] :(
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: yeah prolly, i never seen these guys rope
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: i watched a few replays one of them is good one of them is meh
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: eh all it takes is one meh
deejay-bfw..WookaBFW-ea: as long as i had one consistant run roperz could do the rest
WookaBFW-ea..deejay-bfw: :P
[WookaBFW-ea] not allowed to do that again btw
[WookaBFW-ea] k?
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] bah
[`bfw`sKuNk3] :E
[deejay-bfw] gah bl
[WookaBFW-ea] gogo gadget dildo
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] uh oh gg D;
[deejay-bfw] gg
[b0r`edw4rd] renan is very good
[`bfw`sKuNk3] oops :D
[b0r`edw4rd] gg
[b0r`edw4rd] hoho
[deejay-bfw] gg
[deejay-bfw] n1
[`bfw`sKuNk3] wrong bounce
[WookaBFW-ea] ballsy but i like it
[WookaBFW-ea] :D
[deejay-bfw] me 2
[deejay-bfw] after tha
[deejay-bfw] t
[deejay-bfw] :p
[`bfw`sKuNk3] gg
[deejay-bfw] gg
[b0r`edw4rd] gg
[WookaBFW-ea] gg
[WookaBFW-ea] gj skunk
[b0r`ren4n] gg
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] gg
[bfw-ROp3Rz`] vn man
[deejay-bfw] gj
[b0r`ren4n] roper clanner ?
[WookaBFW-ea] sure

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Game #126256, reported by skunk3
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Hysteriaaaa thats the sheeet

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