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Game #140081, reported by Prince_Egypt, Viewed 214 Time(s)

Classic #31
March 02, 2013, 10:12 PM
Egypt TLaD ae pH
Absolute Beginner 853 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 74|76 points
Poland dP pH Kf BoM
General 2133 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 69|76 points

Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[sX`jot] hf
[Chelsea] hf
[Chelsea] a teraz pacz jak sie gra hysterie xd
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] hf
[Chelsea] kurde
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] wtf xD
[Chelsea] wiesz co chcialem tym nade z jp ? zajebac swojego i poleciec na telecowa
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] cmon
[sX`jot] hehe
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] wtf
[sX`jot] czuje duzo rh
[Chelsea] ten kurwa laguje jak zawsze....
[sX`jot] czesto go wypierdala
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] lag its good n1
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] n
[Chelsea] ^^
[sX`jot] stylowa
[Chelsea] t :D
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] lol
[sX`jot] :D
[sX`jot] ide poszperac na pvt forum troche
[sX`jot] zw
[Chelsea] ok xD
[Chelsea] ;]
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] fuc kthat
[Chelsea] ahhh
[Chelsea] I <3 bounce nades ;d
[sX`jot] hehehhe
[sX`jot] kruwa jestem tak leniwy do grania elite... wolalbym podszkolic bng xD
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] nice 1 lags
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] thnx
[sX`jot] nudzi mi sie jak chuj
[sX`jot] to Twoi pick?
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] lol
[Chelsea] gramy 1dna hyst xd
[sX`jot] aggaaggagaghahaha
[sX`jot] xd
[sX`jot] bl xD
[Chelsea] 3 sec ;/
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] -_-
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[Chelsea] ns
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] thnx
[Chelsea] :P
[Chelsea] let me try cow xd
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] no cow in tus jajaja
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[Chelsea] damn f11 ?!
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[Chelsea] omg
[sX`jot] bylem minimize :oo
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] damn
[sX`jot] looool
[Chelsea] lol
[Chelsea] no kurde
[sX`jot] wiedzialem ze tam dasz:d
[Chelsea] xd
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] lol
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] gg
[sX`jot] ;/
[Chelsea] kurde ja mam tylko 14 myslalem ze 22
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] wtf
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] phew
[Chelsea] c'man
[sX`jot] bl;'/
[sX`jot] nice lag at the end xD
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] ye
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] xD
[Chelsea] mi by nie przeszkadzalo xd
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] no stop plz lagg
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] gg
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] ;)
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] That is Prince
[sX`jot] ops
[sX`jot] gg;/
[Chelsea] rm !
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] gg
[PW`Pr1NcE2013``] no

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