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Default #15, Allround #14
November 19, 2021, 05:16 PM
Hungary FS
Absolute Beginner 980 in BnG before the game. Gained 38|35 points more
Saudi Arabia ob ae ZaR
Absolute Beginner 888 in BnG before the game. Lost 40|35 points more

Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Awards
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan has nominated this game for Shot of the season (Addional note)
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] kewl mappa xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Funs
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] old schoolers gonna be pissed :P
[Lupastic] fuck the nerds
[Lupastic] FTN`Lupastic
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ye fuck old skoolers
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] fuck Mablak
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] fuck Dario
[Lupastic] fuck adnan!
[Lupastic] too
[Lupastic] him the most
[Lupastic] fuck him all the time
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] yeah
[Lupastic] : >
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] that mf
[Lupastic] I mean "fuck him" in a way = lay with him
[Lupastic] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] yes
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu fap fap fap
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ops
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ew
[Lupastic] ok this is risky
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] i miht die soon xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ooof
[Lupastic] go down son
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ok dad
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] "D
[Lupastic] :3 uwu
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] but I refuse
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] papa
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[Lupastic] c: I shall teach you more lessons
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] oooh
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :O
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] push
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xDDD
[Lupastic] xd wow
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :O
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xDDDD
[Lupastic] xd omg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] I wish I could play like this inc alnners
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] in clanners*
[Lupastic] huh
[Lupastic] thank god i moved away
[Lupastic] c:
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] damn you moved
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ooof
[Lupastic] o: not bad
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] o: tae
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] lmaoo
[Lupastic] very nice : ]
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] tae : ]
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ae
[Lupastic] ;)
[Lupastic] its on
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xDD
[Lupastic] screen: on
[Lupastic] no more
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] fuck
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ow
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ooof
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ow
[Lupastic] bro
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] whao
[Lupastic] I LOVE YOU ADNAN <3
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] XDDD
[Lupastic] gg :3
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] vn lmao
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] gg

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Game #229635, reported by Lupastic
« on: November 20, 2021, 06:00 AM »
I've felt how it's like to be molested by Hungarian sausage!
Vn shot! :D uwu

Adnan, you are Mega, not Micro and not even faint  :D So fight till the end please.

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Re: Game #229635, reported by Lupastic
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thanks x3 that nade impaled you from below :-*