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Off Topic / Re: Some w:a memes
« on: June 16, 2018, 01:16 AM »
wish we had a repost of all of impo's memes, he had some awesome ones
classic. can't believe they're now over 6 years old

most players here use such cheats for years lol

I once set myself a fake nick of Br4yn, and wrote on his behalf to his clanmate: "a new update for worms came out, do you already have a cheatpack for it?" and he actually sent me a wkcheatpacket.dll xD then I googled, and it turned out the cheatpack has long been in the public domain

Off Topic / Re: Sir-J's and Impossible's aliases
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:38 AM »
fake points.
having an impact on the standings.
What if I decided to destroy everyones BnG records?
idiot is you at this moment, because topic is about aliases, not the League system

you are very ordinary guy, komito. your messages are an idealized proof of that. you understand all of my messages in the most primitive interpretation, and so was all your answers. your low intelligence for many years kept you locked up in the mediocrity, and worms served as the key to this castle, because in worms you could finally feel yourself special, posibillity to achieve high skill in bng made you addicted because it was a way to escape from your ordinariness, because this scheme requires exceptional reflex skills without the need for intelligence, the game was the only way to feel free from your mediocrity, but as a result the game turned out to be a prison, because you couldn't leave it anymore, because there is no bng in the outside world, and as long as hundreds of players left the game, you're still wandering around, and writing messages about how you destroy others in bng. your brain automatically denies it now, but remember, you are not doing introspection in the course of your life. you don't know  what's going on in your head to disagree with me. most likely, you don't even know the word introspection.

suddenly, the game began to crumble like a house of cards, and so with it did the feeling of being special, you spent several years in the strange feeling of emptiness, which was a feeling of emptiness of being special, because there was no players to treat you special anymore, dont even try to deny it. it lasted until you came across music. you didn't even notice how you realized that music is a new way to feel yourself special, you were captured by an even greater addiction, as in the old days with bing, it formed a new goal, now go and run after it , stop proving you're stupid here in tus, why are you even answering? focus and start fighting your habits right now

Off Topic / Re: Sir-J's and Impossible's aliases
« on: October 24, 2017, 06:42 AM »
Fake players = fake points.
If 1 person is playing with multiple accounts they are having an impact on the standings.
What if I decided to alias and destroy everyones BnG records?

youre thinking at the very first level of the logic of my messages, which are already refuted by the second. you have possibility to deny the second level by creating a third. just don't be an idiot showing you didn't understand the second.

Off Topic / Re: Sir-J's and Impossible's aliases
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:55 PM »
too much senseless text, impossible.

alias is alias, fake is fake.
17=17, 21=21.

your text have zero entropy (information theory this time), meaning, there's no information at all. so technically you're the only with senseless text

Off Topic / Re: Sir-J's and Impossible's aliases
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:26 PM »
@Impossible, Aliasing in league messes up the points system.

Aliasing doesn't mess up the points system.

With the course of time, the state of the league becomes more and more distant from the original, i.e. chaos/entropy grows. aliases on the contrary, is what brings order to the system, they have the initial number of points. so aliases is the most un-messed thing that exists in the points system

that is, in terms of terms: you denied what you semantically implied!

but I know what you mean: "player A with 2000pts makes alias and get 1000pts so the reward for some time is different."

The initial number of points has a low entropy. but with time, however, entropy always approaches its most probabilistic state. so no matter how many people alias, things will only get less and less "messed" as you call it (which with right definition means they will get messed more and more) and this is what messed/chaotic actually means.

When the league was only created, it was at its lowest point of entropy, the values of the variables were not yet distributed in the system. I'm afraid to imagine how you survived that level of "messiness", mathematically it was infinity times greater than the one from aliases. but i know what you mean, you want points system to be honest. honest = fair. fair = corresponding to unconscious expectations. corresponding to unconscious expectations = predictable. and predictable means the highest entropy possible, and this is what you're fighting for, but what everyone misses is that low entropy is whats actually fun in this game, because low entropy, although it assumes to be less chaotic, it also assumes the least obvious possible outcomes

in other words people want things in most obvious ways, and once they are, they're getting tired of them

Off Topic / Re: Sir-J's and Impossible's aliases
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:47 PM »
i played with "Vadikus" acc 7 years ago, back then tus had no feature to change your nick, so I come up with "impossible" acc and we agreed with MonkeyIsland that he blocks my old vadikus account. sir-j have similar story i think.

the other thing you're wrong about is the term "alias". alias = false name that is used to conceal one's identity, we obviously didn't conceal ourselves as you can see in the replays (we usually warned opponents, and everyone knew who hahayouredead is anyway), so the thread name with correct definition would be "sir-j and impossible new/changed nicks"

however it would be foolish to deny, I had an actual aliases that was against the tus rules. I was also banned for that, what exactly you don't like about this, did you expect 1000 years ban?

the question that would be really worth questioning: why is aliasing forbidden anyway? this is a computer game, remember? We do not use aliases to steal money or hide after committed murders. its worms armageddon, people create aliases here as an attempt to feel the joy of the game they received when they played it for the first, it's just an attempt to bring back pleasure of the old days, you know, but its nowhere close to concept of "criminality". and ill tell you why by reminding what criminality means: people wanted to live free, but if everyone is free, then everyone can kill each other, and life will be impossible. so people agreed that freedom should end where the rights of another person start. to create this restriction, people created the concept of criminality that sets the limits to the one's freedom. this is what crime is, an act that harms others.

now tell me, how can you harm people depending on whether you are aliasing or not? Its not aliasing itself that do harm, its things that people do, once they feel their inviolability under alias, that may do harm.

There is no reason to consider aliasing bad itself,
 its just same people obeying same rules under different names.

All this league obeys the rules of the computer game, and the idea of games is to get fun. the essence of aliasing is the same, to get fun, so technically it follows the league concept. but to prohibit aliasing means prohibit people having fun, which is contrary to the concept of game league, so.. people who propose to prohibit aliasing is basically league terrorists. they should be immediately banned!

General discussion / Re: How much longer will you play?
« on: October 14, 2017, 06:03 AM »
how much longer will i play? -3 years at this point

Off Topic / Re: Dogecoin
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:24 AM »
My laptop pretty much can't stand the difficulty anymore, so I just went ahead last Friday and bought 65k more doges for $25. I now wish I had spent, like, $2000 ;D
Wonder what will happen with the price in the next few days. Some guys have been reportedly toying with the exchange rate today, trying to get the market moving. Looks like they had succeded, after some major turbulences the growth seems to be pretty stable again:
Has anyone kept them all this time? June's boom on crypto-currencies blew to the moon most of  altcoins including doge which is now 10 times more expensive since this topic was open

General discussion / Re: Best nickname you saw in Wormnet!?
« on: May 16, 2017, 09:58 AM »
gotta agree, the idea of using your name as a nickname is undeniably brilliant. especially when it's so unique it's the seventh most popular name in poland.

if you ever have a son or daughter, i recommend calling them maciej, you may ask: did you just recommend calling daughter maciej?. not just that, i also recommend teaching her fr technique

General discussion / Re: Worm Olympics 2017 Rumors
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:21 AM »

General discussion / Re: paypal sucks but i need it
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:15 PM »
send me my 100 euro please

Build a PC / Re: Triad's PC Builds ($300 - $2000)
« on: March 11, 2017, 04:59 PM »
perhaps he live in a van?

okay, this thing is worth discussing

“I think the latest version that we have developed, Worms WMD, is a really good jumping off point for Worms becoming an eSport. If you look at the user reviews on Steam one of the top rated ones has the first line “thumbs up for Worms becoming an eSport” and that made me really really happy, because it means that there is a chance that we can actually explore something, that we can do something with Worms.”

what's interesting here, the guy says that worms is competitive enough for esports, and team17 need to discuss these possibilities with the fanbase.. yet, he's ignoring w:a which is significant source of information about competitve play in worms as its the only team17 game that lasts for so long, right? still, devs used W:A mechanics as the basement for the WMD development, perhaps they could do the same for the game fanbase? Maybe the whole interview was an attempt to drag our attention? The guy is clearly aware of oxygen meme. Or maybe it's just a pathetic attempt to popularize the game in order to increase the sales of the game series? eSports now has millions of dollars in turnover, and it makes studios dip their game series in eSports arena just to earn more, like whats happening with gran turismo

Off Topic / Re: Game of wormers
« on: January 20, 2017, 05:44 PM »

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