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Off Topic / Re: Star Strikers
« on: March 21, 2023, 10:30 AM »
Star Striker's Diary 2

"Excuse me, I'm just stopping by to greet you all. My name is Bearmeri, the greatest actor in the world." He introduced himself in front of Sactep's base entrance. Bearmeri is a blue-eyed orange-furred little bear with big red nose and a flaming hair on his forehead and back of the head. He also has some golden fluffs on his shoulder, as well as lighter "@" symbol on his tummy and red claws on his hand.

(Design Origins/Based off/Species: Bebear from Monster Squad)

"Oh, I'm Sactep, Thanks for the warm welcome." Sactep bowed in greeting.

(More story coming soon)

Are Morshu and The King Harkanian Custom Reloaded Speechbank in there too.

*relieved sigh* Thank Arceus...! I hope somebody expert will continue wkJellyWorm, as a successor of Project X. For the dedicated fans and Project X players too. Even though I might have learned few how Project X weapons works.

That's a huge shame, I know... Even worse that it occurs of Entuser's sudden disappearance from the internet as well.
wkJellyworm being abandoned upsets me too. Wait, wkJellyworm is not a closed source, eh?

I've been actually thinking... If nothing normal works on running Project X in, especially for new OS like Windows 10+... I wonder if porting to do work greatly for those. For starters, I've kind of wished to have somebody able to decompile the wkPX.dll file into c# with a program... So ermm... If anyone is able to volunteer to port it to, It'll be a great help on keep Project X mod running smoothly without having to downgrade.  :)

But in the meantime, It's an unfortunate that I'm unable to run Project X due to...

Maybe because I run this mod in Windows 10 Laptop, The Republic of Gamers.

Wormkit Modules / Re: wkJellyWorm Discussion (by nizikawa)
« on: February 27, 2023, 11:23 AM »
That's very disappointing, unfortunate and shame... I just heard that wkJellyworm is now a dead project... I wonder who is kind enough to continue the said project or make another project based on Project X for
Edit: Oh no wait, Just have peoples continue the project. It'll be better that way.

It's kinda worse that isn't probably compatible with Windows 10 and is unstable there....

Off Topic / Re: Star Strikers
« on: February 24, 2023, 05:19 AM »
Star Strikers' Diary 1

"YOU ARE FIRED!!" said the General towards the purple military mole, with some of green camouflage clothes, called Sactep, after failing his general for the last time. "But sire," Sactep begged "How should I know if the enemy is in there? They did ambushed & destroyed me." "I did marked it on your mission map. Did you not notice the red marker on there, the red marker marks the enemy's location." General said. "Oh, I thought it said enemy's crate, not the enemy itself." Sactep admitted "You wouldn't forgive me for the action, hahaha." and just before Sactep laughs it off, General kicked him out of the camp.

"Grrr... Maybe... Just maybe... If I've more attention to the details" Sactep walks away in anger "Sigh... At least they still let me keep the weapons back." He checked the crate the general give him, It contained Bazooka and several Grenades. "At least that'll help me on my next journey. but... I just need some crew members...." Just as he thought, he sparked an idea. "I got it, Maybe I should form a team and build the base in safe place. Heh heh, Just you wait, Nadiya. Just... you... wait!"

4 hours later after the mission, He brought a lot of supplies & weapons from the crates in his recently built base. Sactep was writing a little diary every missions but he's sorta disappointed about lack of members. Angered, He heads out from the base for another mission in hopes of searching for another.

"Help!!" There's a sound come from the direction to where the yacht is, He thought it's an opportunity to get to rescue one and make them a new member, so there he goes. He spotted the shaking one out of ten supplies boxes, but those are heavily guarded by the enemy worms. He was assumed to be stuffed in the box by accident while they weren't noticed, but eh whatever... Sactep is thinking carefully on how to defeat them while not killing the kidnapped individual... "Think... Sactep... Think...!" Sactep said, before he threw a skunk towards the enemies. "What the!?" One of the enemy worm exclaimed, they ran off to get some fresh air, and the skunk followed one of them too.

Inside the crate, Sactep found the spherical white and upper green-colored robot with the two of retractable wheels functions as arms, and another set of wheels functions as legs, a little green and watermelon pink antenna, He dons a cute face with watermelon pink blushes, comes with the watermelon pink "Y" on his forehead. "Thanks for saving me... I thought I was trapped here forever..." the robot wheezed, and just before he introduces himself, Sactep asked "Excuse me but I'm looking for a new members of my team. Can you join me?" "Well, I got nothing to do anyway but also pays you back, So sure. Call me Yers, by the way." he insisted before getting off the crate. "Sactep's my nam-" "Sniff, What's the awful smell." Yers interrupted Sactep and asked bitterly. "My apologies, I had to shoo off those pesky guards by letting Skunk on their way..." "It's okay. Let's get out of here before I faint." They ran off from the enemy's base.

Back to Sactep's Base, Yers wheezed and was also relieved at same time, He's still worried about the environments of the world. "Umm..." Yers worried saying "How's the current condition of the world?" "Not pretty good, I must say. There are multiple battles going on throughout the wars and never stop. and I recently got dismissed from the army base for failing the mission. Awful day, eh?" "Uh-huh... Getting caught by enemies isn't fun. I was almost used for the new weapons... New weapons!? That's it!" "What is?" "That inspired me to start working on unique weapons! I'll lend you a help so you can use my newly made weapons." "Wowzers! That's a surprise from you. I appreciated your assistance, Welcome to my base!" Sactep and Yers had from worrying to inspired talk. That's a pretty good day for their team.

i will always be linking to this
Would that page really need a lot of updates after suggestion by suggestion? I think it has been last updated since last year.

I apologize for non-perfect English but...
With this Wormkit... I would like to overhaul the speech folder...
Edit: Okay, maybe SpeechOverhaul Folder would work better, as separate. If the team's SpeechOverhaul set to none, the classic speechbank folder and layout will be used instead.

:-\ However, With this Wormkit, I believe the replay won't play the same sounds unlike the classic ones.
But I think there can be a lot of configurable options for how speech works as well globally, if lucky, and for individual team.

Something like that..

confront --> youllregretthat, justyouwait, illgetyou, goaway, leavemealone
mock --> stupid, oinutter
screwup --> bummer
die --> byebye, ohdear
fire --> fire, watchthis
proud --> amazing, brilliant, excellent, perfect
airstrike --> incoming, orders
panic --> takecover, runaway, whatthe, uh-oh
panic_grenade --> grenade

Additionally, ouch.wav will also be played after just fall damage.
At single turn, If the player worms took more damage than enemy worms in total, traitor.wav sounds will be played instead.

New optional voices:
surf.wav - Plays when using Ninja Rope.
taunt.wav - Manually plays when using voice commands. (ONLINE ONLY?)

Files in folder after overhaul:
airstrike2.wav (optional)
confront2.wav (optional)
confront3.wav (optional)
confront4.wav (optional)
die2.wav (optional)
fire2.wav (optional)
mock2.wav (optional)
ooff2.wav (optional)
ooff3.wav (optional)
ow2.wav (optional)
ow3.wav (optional)
screwup2.wav (optional)
panic2.wav (optional)
panic3.wav (optional)
panic4.wav (optional)
proud2.wav (optional)
proud3.wav (optional)
proud4.wav (optional)
traitor2.wav (optional)
(… There may be more i did not list but the rest of them will use normally.)

With the overhaul, You can freely add new voice lines without limits. You would need to add number at the end of filename if you have multiple files in same sound name and want the files randomly played after condition.

(Overtime it will be updated.)

Wormkit Modules / Re: Wormkit module for ingame music?
« on: August 19, 2022, 01:39 AM »
Is it just me or did that creator of wkNewWave suddenly disappear? What an upset, this module was really useful to use to be honest... :(

Although, I have something to ask... Any progress for new major update so far?

I would not once again rush the developers, because everything that is done for this game is an exclusively voluntary desire of the players

I apologize about my attitude... as I wasn't meant to rush them but I asked out of from worries.

But yeah, the ideas for the next updates will be promising, to be honest.

I still wish there will be a feature that natively allows us to add new unique weapons for Worms Armageddon, just like we do in Project X and wkJellyWorm.

Although, I have something to ask... Any progress for new major update so far?

Off Topic / Re: Star Strikers
« on: May 02, 2022, 12:20 AM »
Thank you Edo, for drawing Sactep, from my request. ^^

TUS Discussion / Files Basic Info Needed & Username Change
« on: March 04, 2022, 03:29 AM »

Uhh.. Ummm... Would you mind adding some information to the basic info of Files? It doesn't have any texts in the basic information at all. And If you're not gonna add the info, Then what's the point having the basic info page for the Files? :(

Also, Is it possible for me to change my username from Orange_Ball to nadiya8040?

Off Topic / Re: Star Strikers
« on: January 29, 2022, 12:56 PM »

Design Origin/based off: Poptop from Starbound

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