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General discussion / What's going on with the WormNET server
« on: January 16, 2018, 03:16 PM »
So it seems that today, January 16th 2018, Team17 has created a new WormNET server. When you connect to WormNET, you may notice that there are only a few people and no bots (except ChanServ) - this may mean you're on the new server. The IP suggests it is now hosted in the Amazon Cloud, and when you try to open the main page with your browser, you get "New WormNET1". So I guess they're serious about what they're doing.

What this means is that eventually, the old UK server that has served us for so long, will shut down (we don't know when, could be as early as this week). Because DNS updates can take a while (around 12 hours), not everyone connects to the new server still; many people are on the old server, including all bots.

The move also has its problems. It seems that the new WormNET server no longer supports spaces in game names. So all HB games end up broken in the game list (because they use at least one space). If this is due to the server using UTF-8, then this is valid for any character after latin ones (e.g. diacritical + cyrillic) -- not confirmed yet.

If you're stuck on the new server with a snooper, you can use "" or "" as the server address to force connection to the old one. (Edit: this didn't seem to work, unless you use the IP and purely for IRC) Can also try "ipconfig /flushdns" in the command line.

Update: it seems that right now, Team17 has rolled back the DNS change. You should be connecting to the old server again, but some people are stuck on the new server until their DNS flushes. We also don't know when Team17 decides to do the change again, so pay attention.

Update 2: (15:54 GMT) Less than an hour since the last update, they seem to have updated the DNS record again to the new server. So people will again be connecting to the new server. This may cause a disturbance in the functioning of WormNET bots. HB is already broken. We've contacted Team17 and doing everything we can from our end

Update 3 (16:14 GMT): (see CyberShadow's reply below) It seems that the discrepancies in the distribution of the old and new server IPs are caused by an error with the two Team17's nameservers, which return conflicting results. This is bad, because this means WormNET will be in a turmoil in the meantime. You will randomly be connected either to the old or the new server throughout the day. We're trying to establish contact with Team17 still.

Update 4 (16:51 GMT): Team17 have now updated their nameservers, so the discrepancy problem should be gone for now (it uses the old server right now). We're good for now.

Files Comments / File #1144, Doodle Worms Mod v1
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:48 PM »
Well done, although I would ask that you only include those images that you modified/created, instead of every image. When extracting the folder, they would then replace the files in the existing package, so no need to download more than there already is.
This is not only to better manage credit on the files, but also for future convenience. In a future update of the module, it will be possible to use substitute (modded) packages. They would be loaded before the built-in ones (falling back to original if not present), and would be in a separate folder, so you wouldn't need to replace any existing files. It will also be possible to provide mods of .pal files.

General discussion / wkTrackMeBetter - your anti-CtrlHome
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:54 PM »
Suggested by: DonMega

TrackMeBetter is a small WormKit module that lets you configure the size of the in-game camera tracking box. You can set it so that the camera would move earlier than your worm (or mouse cursor, or any weapon) reaches the edge of the screen. This is an experimental replacement for Ctrl+Home.

Options are stored in the wkTrackMeBetter.ini file. The ConfinementPercentage option lets you specify the relative size (in percents) of the camera box. This is the first version, and only the following values are supported at the moment:
  • 200 - makes the camera box cover the whole screen (2x larger than the default). The camera will only move when a given object reaches the edge of the screen. This is ScrollLock-like.
  • 100 - the default (1/2 of the screen, like in the original game).
  • 50 - 1/4 of the screen.
  • 25 - 1/8 of the screen.
  • 0 - enables a CtrlHome-like mode that also works with the cursor and non-worm objects, and doesn't block mouse movement. (Note: this is in fact 0.0244140625%, or 1/8192 of the screen, to avoid calculation errors down the line.)
NOTE: Unfortunately, I had to remove support for 25 and 0 percentages as that had an unintended side effect with Invisibility. This may be resolved in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience. Always frustrating when good features have such side-effects (see wkKeyRemap).

Any unsupported values will be rounded down to the nearest supported.
Most people would want to enable 50. I should note that 50 is more than enough for BigRR/Tower/etc. needs.

The latest version is: for W:A, download here.

Planned for future versions:
  • Support for more versions of the game
  • More precise percentage tuning possibility
  • Tune the size of the box directly during the game (via hotkeys)

Post your feedback/suggestions here.

English | Русский

It has been a while, but it's finally here! This is by far the largest update of the module ever. The development started in October 2015, while playing with the idea of adding support for higher-resolution packages. Some notes about that were previously mentioned in the v0.3 release overview. I'm happy to say that after a year of working on the module, the goal has finally been accomplished. This update is specific in that, unlike with updates for other modules that hadn't had updates for many months, work on SuperFrontend continued regularly throughout the entire period. Day by day, week by week, graphics kept accumulating, and the packages growing. Sometimes, entire folders of graphics had to be redone. It was ensured that work into SuperFrontend would be invested at least once each two weeks. Given that I'm not really an artist, it took a while. Especially given that I care about the quality of each image. Now that it's here, the module is sure to appeal to a much wider playerbase (as well as make life easier for worms streamers, of course).

Click for the full changelog

So, let's see what we have new in terms of graphics in the update.
The update introduces two graphics packages: x720 (x1.5 - for resolutions with heights of 720 and above) and x960 (x2.0 - for 960 and above). The appropriate package will be selected according to your screen resolution (the lowest available will be used). There's no x1.75 (840) package at the moment, so users of 900p (1600x900) resolutions are a little bit out of luck here. That goes without saying but there is no package for 4K, and although I do have a portion of graphics ready for 4K (from vectors, etc.), I will not continue working on this for obvious reasons...

So yeah, that's pretty big. Now let's look at some more distinctive features of the graphical additions in the update.

New font sizes

There are now 6 new fonts, in addition to the 4 already existing in the game. The game uses Tahoma Bold, and that's what everything is in, except for some small fonts.
  • Micro (6x6) - this is a super-tiny font which is only used in place of the Small font when running in 320x240. More details about 320x240 near the bottom of the post. The font is original pixel art.
  • Mini (8x8) - another small font, Std font for 320x240 or small for 480x360. Note that this font uses grayscale, but ideally it shouldn't due to its size. However, as an intermediary solution, Tahoma Bold is also used here. I might make a new pixel art font later.
  • Huge (48x50) - used as Big with x1.5, or Medium with x2.0.
  • Giant (64x66) - used as Big with x2.0.
  • Ludicrous (96x100) - one of the 2K/4K fonts.
  • Insane (128x132) - this is the largest font that you will only ever see in place of Big while running in 4K.
Updated WormNET flags

Of course, HD bitmaps also mean HD flags. Most of these come from Wikimedia, adapted, palettized and adjusted for the game's style. Feel free to use these in snoopers, etc. Note that I didn't keep unpalettized versions of these strips, though I do have unpalettized vector versions of the flags themselves.

And much more: strips, animated frames, buttons, etc. You can see for yourself when you launch your game with the module.

So now, you might ask, how was this all accomplished? The packages are a mix of three types of graphics:
  • Remade from scratch (vectorized) - these are a relatively small group, but still quite distinct e.g. in the Game Options screen. Since I don't have too much experience in vectorizing or drawing, I did it slowly but well. This is best quality.
  • From freely available higher-resolution graphics, downscaled with modern algorithms - these form another distinct group, and they're especially visible in the Weapon Editor. The game itself had higher-resolution versions of its smaller graphics, and those were adapted when working with the x2.0 resolution package. The quality is very good.
  • Assisted upscaling with the use of neural networks - these were made bigger using modern neural network algorithms; then manual retouching, most of the time pixel-precise, was performed on each image. This is probably the largest group here. The quality is good, in particular of the bigger images.

Now let's not forget that we're still in 256-color mode. Color limitations! This was another issue I faced, as each image had to be palettized, and ultimately I found how to it best (might not apply to some graphics made earlier in the process of making). It should be noted that most (if not all) graphics here use compatibility palettes. This means that the unused blue-background and star/spanner palette cells are removed from them, and they are not used. Most original graphics did not use the debris cells anyway. This, in particular, is to allow palette mods (both existing and future) to be freely used with the module, without fearing that glitches will appear due to the full palette usage by each element. Note, though, that this doesn't extend to the Weapon Options screen, and the WormNET flags. Using palette mods with those might result in minor glitches (it's understandable given how they struggle already).

So yes, enough with this, you can now try this all yourself.

  • Download the archive.
  • Extract the archive's contents to the game's directory. Your graphics directory should now have the _super dir.
  • Enable "Load WormKit modules" in the advanced settings of the game.
  • Your frontend now runs at your game's resolution (from the W:A options). If you want, you can tweak the settings using the wkSuperFrontend.ini file, enabling Desktop, to use the desktop resolution, or enable Custom, to change the resolution to any values.

Separate downloads:
  • the module (only use when there are no graphics updates between versions)
Additional downloads:

Initially meant as an internal joke for April 1st, the package was a testament to the flexibility of the module, as well as a fun little easter egg that reminds us of the Game Boy times... Note that most of this is nearest-neighbor scaled (via the module's built-in scaling feature), and there are crash-inducing bugs, so use at your own risk!
Of course you will need some support for such a resolution: in the driver if fullscreen (present mostly on laptops), or via windowed mode. Note that you can generate a x240 package on your own, if you enable "AutoScaleMissingGraphics" and set your resolution to "Custom" with 320x240, or 480x360. This makes use of the Micro and Mini fonts.

I'd like to thank all the people who helped test the module before the release. It has come a long way, but it's finally out.

Known issues
  • Some font colors are not anti-aliased in higher font sizes (only white, grey, yellow, cyan, and white on red are anti-aliased). This is due to the palette limitations, with the frontend .pal files not including positions for antialiasing those colors. This might be visible on WormNET.
  • Screenshots made in the frontend (with the Pause button) have a height limit of 480. This might be fixed in the near future.
  • The map thumbnails, and the map editing area in the Map Editor are not scaled. This might be fixed at some point.
  • In magnified mode with scaled fonts, the map memory usage warning text appears cut off.
  • Team names are not synchronized in position with the handicap/color/worms button rows in the magnified mode. This is because, while the controls are repositioned, texts in lists still remain with the same intervals between lines. A workaround might appear in the near future. Low priority because of SuperGraphics in 0.4.
  • Small graphics that accompany text lines in listboxes, are not centered to the middle of the line, and appear slightly shifted to the top with 2.0x scaled text (for example). Low priority because of SuperGraphics in 0.4.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed in 0.4 - There's a rare, isolated bug which makes the inputs "transparent", with clicks going through to the windows underneath. This should be fixed soon.
  • Fixed in 0.4 - Headers of the tables (e.g. the team list, WormNET player list. etc.) have a fixed height, and thus a 2.0x scaled text doesn't fit well. This might be fixed in the near future.
  • Fixed in 0.4 - In non-magnified mode, clicking the bottom of the screen to minimize won't work. This only works in magnified mode because the dialog window is big enough to accept mouse input at a position like that. Low priority.
  • Partially Fixed in 0.4 - With magnification, the arsenal door in the weapon editor is useless as it's too small to cover everything. One of the solutions is to hide all buttons that it's supposed to hide, and center the door. This might be done soon.
  • Fixed in 0.4 {S} - When using "internal 4x3 mode", there's a rectangle wandering in the wild in the Team Editor. This might be fixed soon.
  • Fixed in 0.4 - Support for is poor (no fix for the arsenal door and no AdjustDebris support). This will eventually improve over time, but the priority for this is low, you should just update your game anyway. Note: only. (unpatched) is not supported.
Old 0.3 release notes
Spoiler! View

wkSuperFrontend v0.3 is now available for download. This is a significant update compared to the previous test versions found on the WKB website, which never saw an official release besides there.

Let's talk about the new features introduced in this version.

Magnification of the dialogs

wkSuperFrontend is now able to scale and reposition all of the frontend's elements to any screen resolution independently on the aspect ratio. Additionally, larger fonts can be used depending on the height in the selected resolution (two font scaling levels are available, with the lesser one being enabled by default). This essentially brings the true HD mode to the frontend.

New options

The update adds a [Magnification] section to the settings file, which comes with some additional options:
  • Enable - enables the magnification.
  • CenterBitmapControls - enabled by default (and there's no good reason to disable it). Will center all of the BMP elements used in the frontend, if their size is smaller than what it'd be with the scaling applied. This also applies to the map thumbnails.
  • ScaleFonts - enabled by default. This will scale fonts depending on the height of the resolution you've selected. Fonts will be scaled by 1.5x for resolutions with height 720 and higher, and if "LesserFontScaling" is off, by 2.0x for heights of 960 and higher. This is compatible with the "Larger fonts" option of W:A.
  • LesserFontScaling - enabled by default. With this option enabled, the 2.0x font scaling mode will only kick in for heights of 1440 and higher, instead of 960. Lesser font scaling should appeal for most people, but if you're on a higher-DPI screen or simply want the fonts to be scaled at 2.0x and 1080p, then disable this option. It will later be changed to behave depending on the system DPI, forced, and other options.
  • RestrictFormsToFontHeight - enabled by default. When scaling input forms and listboxes, the height of the form will be limited to the height of the font that's supposed to appear according to the current font scaling setting, and the form itself will be centered. Thus, this removes unneeded empty space from the bottoms of the input forms, in case the height doesn't coincide well with the font height (useful with the lesser font scaling mode enabled).
  • UseInternal4x3AspectRatio - disabled. With this option on, the frontend will appear as a centered and magnified 4x3 box fitting the height on wide-screens or the width on narrow-screens. Only for esthetical purposes.
Also added "AlwaysUseDesktopResolution" to [Misc] which will always use the current resolution of your desktop, regardless of what's set for FrontendWidth and FrontendHeight in the settings file. It is disabled by default; however, the first time you run the module (with width and height set to 0) your desktop resolution will be autodetected once and written back to the settings file.

HD bitmaps?

Graphic elements (such as BMPs) that are smaller than the expected size will appear centered. It is possible to replace graphics with their higher-resolution versions, and they'll be positioned accordingly, however if you're going to do that, you should use a different installation directory of the game (or keep backups) or wait for an update of the module that adds support for creating separate 1.5x/2x/etc graphics packs. There are some things to consider, though: the game is still limited to a 256-color palette, with each frontend screen having its own set of 256 colors. Original unpalettized versions of the graphics are not available, so the only options at the moment are either remaking them, vectorized in vector graphics software such as Inkscape, or using special 2D raster image upscaling software such as waifu2x, and then palettizing them for the frontend. However, there are some buttons that already have bigger sizes of the graphics in other parts of the frontend (such as the small buttons inside the scheme selection box in the host/join screen). Some other graphics (such as the wormheads of human teams, and the smaller lightbulbs in the list of online players) are used directly from WA.exe's resources, so are harder to replace. And there are some buttons in the scheme editor that receive an overlay with small numbers that always appear at the same position (e.g., the turn time, round time buttons). I suggest waiting for an update of the module that'll make it more streamlined to apply all sorts of graphics mods to the frontend, if you want to make and use new bitmaps.

The module is now compatible with all versions of the game starting with 3.7, but compatibility with future versions (past is not guaranteed. Should there be an incompatibility, the module will report it to you.

Special thanks to Deadcode for pointing out workarounds for certain W:A bugs encountered in the process of making this module.

Maps Comments / Map #1905, Beat The Sheep - Episode 1 by Cueshark
« on: February 19, 2014, 01:12 AM »
Here's a tool-assisted run of this map, which I did yesterday. Use Ctrl+Home to ignore the sheep.

Also, how can I revote here? I didn't notice there were 3 rating charts...

General discussion / Happy new year! Adjust or disable snow!
« on: December 25, 2013, 11:03 PM »
This module will allow you to enable snow anytime without having to change the date and without affecting map generation, as well as customize it a bit.

  • All W:A versions since are supported.
  • Change size of snow. Valid sizes are "Small", "Normal", "Big" and similar, or 1, 2, 3, where 2 is default.
  • Change amount of snow particles to any value from 1 to 2147483647*, where 512 is the game's built-in default.
  • You can force no snow for Christmas (and other days) with the corresponding option in ini file. Snow will be disabled, and the amount/size values will be ignored. The module still has to be "Enabled" for this to work. Christmas map generation is also not affected.

* - on most common PCs, setting more than 150000 particles may decrease the FPS.

Supported versions:
- (all)
- (all)
- - probably doesn't work
- (snow was added in this version)


ReSolution is a new WormKit module for WWP and Worms 2 to change the in-game screen resolution to any value. Its key features are simplicity (don't need to patch the executable) and automatic detection of island and cavern-type landscapes, and is thus preferred over the hardcoded patches.

ReSolution v0.2 and newer (also known as "ReSolutionDD") add ability to resize (shrink or extend) the game window so that it actually resizes the free screen space available in the game (and doesn't perform bitmap stretching). An additional windowed mode wrapper (wndmode.dll) is needed for this to work: get the windowed bundle.

ReSolution v0.3 and newer add ability to zoom (in and out) the game environment using your mouse wheel or keyboard so that you can either expand the view or look more closely at the objects that you see. Alt+Enter is also introduced in v0.3, giving the ability to switch from and to borderless fullscreen windowed representation. An additional windowed mode wrapper (wndmode.dll) is needed for this to work: get the windowed bundle.

ReSolution v0.4 and newer (also known as "ReSolution HD") add WWP support (1.01 and 1.00) and finally introduce the automatic screen confining technique on waterrise in enclosed environments (removing the old workaround), also fixing the proper letterboxed dimensions in caverns. A new option called UseTouchscreenZoom has also been added, which allows to utilize the touch pinch zoom gesture in order to zoom the game in and out, when Zooming is enabled. The settings file is now ReSolution.ini, fitting both games. Various other internal improvements as well.


  • Can change resolution (and thus, window size) to any value using the ReSolution.ini file
  • In conjunction with windowed mode (only), allows to resize the game window so that it actually resizes the real screen estate of the game.
    • Enable the "Enable" setting from [Resizing] in the ini file to activate this.
    • Enabling the "ProgressiveUpdate" (experimental) setting from [Resizing] will immediately redraw the window as you resize it, making the scenery resize very lively and smoothly.
    • As usual with windowed mode, make sure that the ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight are set to values lower than the screen resolution of your primary monitor. However, v0.3 and later add a new key combination: Alt+Enter, which allows you to switch between these two modes directly in the game. Enable the "AltEnter" setting from [Resizing] in the ini file to activate this.
    • In windowed mode, pressing Ctrl+G will show the cursor and allow you to move it above the game's window, to resize the window.
  • In conjunction with windowed mode (only), allows to zoom the game environment in and out using either mouse wheel or keyboard.
    • Enable the "Enable" setting from [Zooming] in the ini file to activate this.
    • Enabling "UseMouseWheel" will let you zoom the game using your mouse wheel: roll it back and forth. Pressing the middle mouse button will reset your zooming level to the native default.
    • Enabling "UseKeyboardZoom" will let you zoom the game using your Numpad + and - keys. Zooming in this mode will be performed on a frame-by-frame basis, rather than delta like with mouse wheel. Pressing the End button will reset your zooming level to the native default.
    • Enabling "UseTouchscreenZoom" will let you zoom the game using your touchscreen. The pinch gesture will allow to zoom the game in and out.
  • Works flawlessly on open-island maps
  • Adds letterboxing support for resolutions larger than 6012x2902 (on islands) and 1916x854 (in caverns)
  • Does everything in memory without touching your executable
  • Compatible with both Worms 2 and Worms World Party (as of v0.4). Supported versions:
    • Worms 2 - 1.05 (CD/GOG)
    • Worms World Party - 1.00 (Europe)
    • Worms World Party - 1.01 (Europe)


  • Worms 2: Adjust or provide a way to disable the televisor brackets while watching an instant replay.
  • Chat panel quirks with zooming/resizing
  • WWP: Handling of fallback resolution changes on failures

Bug Report / Karma labels missing translation
« on: December 12, 2013, 02:12 PM »

these don't seem to have any impact on the actual text displayed on forums

WA related programs / MOVED: wkAwesome.dll
« on: December 06, 2013, 06:52 PM »
This topic has been moved: Not intended (unstable) for public use yet.

WA related programs / myWormNET
« on: December 06, 2013, 01:03 AM »
Just released a v1.3.5.0 of MyWormNET:
New features including !seen and antiflood, but also fix for a stupid bug with incoming data buffer reset that was rarely causing the user logins or HTTP requests not being registered at all. So, if you're using my server, you should upgrade asap.
Also, for some reason, GitHub now thinks 95% of code is in Oxygene after the last git push... LOL

Planned: a handmade, portable localization system instead of Windows resource crap. As well as other improvements, for example logging: normal (verbose) logging of WHO command responses should be ignored: Wheat snooper requests full WHO list every 3 seconds, have 15 Wheat users on the server and you waste more than 6 KB of HDD space per second.

Btw, MEDVEDx64 is now making a port of myWormNET in Java, called "fryWormnet". It will be available as soon as all of the major bugs are ironed out, it's still in early development...

General discussion / new MyWormNET v1.3.5.0 by me
« on: December 01, 2013, 04:28 PM »
Hello, I have updated MyWormNET from CyberShadow, it now includes a blowload of things, as for example multichannels, news, global kick/bans, x64-bit and locale support. Also finally solved The Wheat Snooper hosting issue. Linux is compatible and working but has one error which I havent solved yet

The latest version is


Localizator credits: PeCeT_full (Polish), StepS (Russian), Gabberarmy (German (Austria))
Changes since the original CyberShadow's release:



Personal WormNET server software

Made by CyberShadow:

StepS' modification currently includes the following:

  • Hiding IP addresses for everyone except self, mask configurable with the ini file
    • Default is ""
  • WormNET news can now be set using the news.txt file and will be automatically adjusted by <MOTD> tags
    • A sample news.txt file is provided
  • New multi-channel support with channel schemes and topics: can be set with the Channels.ini file, section names must be numbered
    • Section names go as follows: [1], [2], [3], ...
    • If missing Channels.ini file or its contents, a default #AnythingGoes channel will be created.
  • Banlists for IPs and nicks: to ban and unban nick or ip when the server is active, use the PERMABAN and REMOVEBAN commands on a target with an optional reason (available for ops and above)
    • Connections from banned IPs to any of the server ports will be rejected.
    • Banned nicks are not case-sensitive.
    • Banned nicks will be killed with a notification when trying to log in.
  • Localization support: translate MyWormNET into any language thanks to the dedicated resource strings.
    • Russian localization by StepS
    • Polish localization by PeCeT_full
    • German (Austria) localization by Gabberarmy
  • Support for x64 and various different Delphi compilers (from Delphi 7 to XE5 at least)
  • Support for Unicode compiler
  • Users' IP addresses are no longer forced when hosting
    • The hosting address will no longer be overridden by the socket's address, allowing for WormNAT2 and custom address hosting.
  • Changed the Game.asp content to allow The Wheat Snooper host games
    • Wheat Snooper looks for the "Object moved" substring and then for some stupid reason fetches the GameList URL from there. Without it, it refuses to host.
  • Now the verbose console logging is off by default
    • You may enable it again by setting it to 1 in the ini file
    • Disk logging to WNServer.log will still stay verbose unless that file is deleted
  • Fixed the passworded games' padlock icons and locale typecodes
    • Properly show if the game is open or not, as well as the country locale code if the flag is not in 0-48 range
  • Game list can no longer be flooded with the hosts from the same IP
    • If a game was already in the list from the request IP, it will be overridden by the new one instead of stacking.
  • Now the hosts can only be closed either from the same IP or from
    • Prevent outsiders from closing other people's hosts
  • Put IRC commands into TUser procedures, as well as a bunch of other routine things
    • For interoperability and proper organization
  • Removed the annoying hosted/closed game notices
    • No more channel notices when a game is hosted or closed
  • LogToOper is now disabled by default
    • Set yourself to mode +L to enable logging (available for ops and above)
  • Support for the ISON command
  • Finalized the WHO command
    • Now properly gets an one-user or one-channel list, as well as 'o' list
  • Support for the WHOIS command
    • Reveals IP of a WHOIS'd user to operators and above, making the IPLOOKUP command obsolete (it's still left as an alias, though).
    • When WHOIS'ing themselves, users can also see their own IP.
  • Support for the MOTD command which can now be called anytime
  • Ability to kill users from the server by using the KICK or KILL command with an optional reason (available for ops and above)
  • Ability to kill every non-owner from the server by using the KICKALL command (available for owners)
  • Ability to prank users by using the PRANK command (available for ops and above)
    • Will send IRC ERROR with a given text to an user, forcing him to quit if the client is W:A.
  • Ability to mute or unmute users by using the MUTE or UNMUTE commands (available for halfops and above)
    • Will set the +b mode and add the user to channel banlist (but won't prevent him from joining the channels).
    • Muted users can't perform public and private messaging.
  • Ability to make an announcement by using the ANNOUNCE command (available for halfops and above)
    • Server will spread a NOTICE with its nickname to users on channels that contains user-defined announcement.
  • Ability to sendraw an entire message by using the SENDRAW command (available for owners)
    • Will spread an entirely raw IRC message with any content to everyone on the server.
  • Ability to change other users' modes when halfopped at least
    • Halfops can only change modes b and v.
    • Modes only apply to users, but as usual, the MODE command has to contain a target channel.
  • Ability to make users invisible with the +i mode (available for ops and above)
  • Support for the channel banlist
    • Mode +b <channel> will show who is currently muted.
  • Support for the TIME command
    • Will show the server's local time in response (and provide UTC offset on Windows).
  • Support for qaohv user modes
    • Owner (superadmin) is mode +q, Admin is mode +a, etc.
    • All commands except sendraw are available to normal ops, so most users will find this useless unless they want more defined privileges (as in, ops can act upon ops, unlike admins)
    • Use TAKEOWN with the same operator password to make yourself a server owner.
  • Empty Username will now be adjusted
  • Missing sharps in IRC channel names will now be adjusted
  • Empty nicknames can no longer initiate the login procedure
  • Minor improvements and fixes

General discussion / Multi-monitor video contest
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:23 PM »
A multi-monitor contest, described in this post. The first phase ("the one who posts it first") is over, here comes the 2nd!

Don't forget the latest D3D9Wnd!

Tech Support / Needed people with WormNAT2 issue on
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:48 PM »
People who have WormNAT2 issue (timeout during host creation) hosting from game on please follow this guide and post the results:

NOTE: better disconnect the snooper while you are testing (this will give a clearer log)

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News: Team17 have released Worms World Party Remastered on 16 July, 2015.

Tried different fixes, but WWP crashes on start? Or other problems? Your long internet searches are now over, and here's the solution. :)

How to install: Extract all the files from the archive to your WWP folder and launch WWP.

Last update: 4 October 2014

This will work on any version of WWP, but I personally recommend to patch it to the latest (1.01).
The HD patch will only work on european 1.00 and 1.01! Make sure you have one of them installed!

This will fix the crash problems in WWP for real on all Windows systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Don't forget to remove all the other fixes (such as "color fixes") if you installed them before! They are not needed as the game runs in 32-bit colour depth now, eliminating the color issue.
The same applies to WWP.exe "compatibility" options in the file properties. It's best to disable them all.

The windowed mode feature will also enable a cool windowed mode. :)

  • Ability to enable windowed mode both during the match and in frontend menus. Open wndmode.ini and change "WindowedFrontend" and/or "WindowedInGame" from 0 to 1 to enable window. Frontend will be in the top left corner due to technical limitations; the in-game process will be in center of the screen.
  • When in windowed mode during the match, unpin the cursor from the game window by alt-tabbing or pressing Ctrl+G. You can then move the window border (enabled through the "Border" setting in the ini file). Pin it back by clicking inside the window (or using Ctrl+G again).
  • Minimize the game using Shift+Esc, Win+D, Win+M, or any other method you like. For fullscreen this only works when playing the match (to prevent crashes in frontend menus), in windowed mode the minimization always works perfectly.
  • Press Alt+F4 when playing a match and you will immediately return to the frontend menu just like in WA. If you also press Alt+F4 in the frontend menu, WWP will shutdown.
Still having problems? Troubleshooting FAQ!
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Q: When I start WWP, a black window appears, and then the game crashes with "WWP has stopped working" error.
A: Please ensure that:
  • You have installed the fix correctly.
  • All of the "Compatibility" options, like "Limited colour mode" are disabled. The game will not start if you force a 8-bit (256 color) or 16-bit color mode through the Compatibility options.
  • No other fixes are interfering with the module.

  • menopem for his awesome d3dhook library from D3DWindower, otherwise this all wouldn't be possible!
  • VEG for adapting d3dhook to make it independent with a settings file (wndmode).
  • Kawoosh for the original white-fields-fix solution and the WormKitDS loader.
  • StepS for further working and supporting the fix updates specifically for WWP/W2/WA after Kawoosh's solution, and making ReSolution.
  • S*natch/des for their original Worms 2 HD patches. Thanks to that I was motivated to create ReSolution for Worms 2 and WWP!

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