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Files / Re: Worms2 Music for Worms Armageddon
« on: July 27, 2020, 04:08 PM »
Sorry for the delay, but version's with ambience baked in, are now uploaded, for people who want that.

Files / Re: Worms2 Music for Worms Armageddon
« on: July 24, 2020, 09:03 PM »
Thank you! I missed the good old Worms 2 music. It even makes the game more exciting! I must say I like the higher-quality ambient music from Worms: Armageddon too, except the win and lose music, which sounds toned down.

What method do you use for putting these files into the Streams folder? The folder is located in my ISO image of the CD-ROM, which requires external software to modify. I assume it is not required for the Steam version of the game, for example. I think I will try AnyBurn. A note about this could be good in the instructions. A note about backing up the original files could be good too.

I had not considered this, but, ill see what I can do. It seems you can use a WormKit module for CD copies, called FileOverride. Ill update my post on using the the pack with CD copies. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Done

Files / Worms2 Music for Worms Armageddon
« on: July 24, 2020, 12:59 AM »
Worms2 is an interesting little game. Compared to Armageddon, its similar in many ways, but in others, it isn't. One aspect that varies wildly from Armageddon is the soundtrack. For Worms2, the composer took a direction that the other Worms game never really did, resulting in a pretty unique soundtrack that has become a personal favorite of mine.

The mod I have made here aims to put in as many Worms2 songs into the game as available. The placement of the songs is based off of what I felt fit best, in terms of replacing the old songs. For songs that are not replaced, they are using higher quality versions of the songs, sourced from the console ports. You can find a mod for Armageddon's music that is using only these high quality versions, if desired:

There are 2 versions of the pack. One with ambience baked in, and the other without. The baked-in ambience versions do not cover all tracks, unfortunately, so a few are still without ambience. This is due to the original Worms2 game having less CD Audio music tracks, then what is present on the soundtrack.

Links are down below:

No Baked-in Ambience:

Baked-in Ambience:

To install the pack for the Steam version, go to your Armageddon directory, then to the DATA folder. From there, go into the Streams folder. Put all files from the archive, into the Streams folder. If it asks to overwrite anything, let it do so. From there, you should have Worms2 music in your game.

If you are on the CD version, get the WormKit module known as FileOverride:

Copy the contents of the archive to your Worms Armageddon directory (where the EXE is). From there, go into your DATA folder. If for some reason there is not a DATA folder, make one. Then, make a Streams folder. From there, move the WAV files to the newly created Streams directory. This should be all you have to do, but, if you don't have loading of WormKit modules enabled, enable it, or else you won't hear the music play.

I hope you all enjoy the mod, and the music, as much as I have. Thank you for reading.

Files / (REQUEST) Worms 2 SFX in Worms Armageddon
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:29 PM »
So, this isn't a file per say, but a request for a mod.

I, and others, quite like the Worms 2 sounds, perhaps even preferring them over the ones in Armageddon. While it should be a simple task in theory, how hard is it to mod all of it's sfx in the right places, for use in Armageddon? I have a link to all the sounds here, for anyone who wants to try and make a good mod, to add these sounds to Armageddon:

Files / Re: Worms Armageddon High Quality Music Pack
« on: November 23, 2019, 11:16 PM »
The link to the pack has finally been fixed, and the pack has been slightly updated since the time it was last up!

Check out the post for the latest download link.

Files / Re: Worms Armageddon High Quality Music Pack
« on: September 25, 2018, 11:45 PM »
I am aware of this, and may perhaps splice that small bit into the Dreamcast Track, as the Dreamcast track is overall higher quality, but the ps1 does indeed have that one tiny bit at the end that is oddly cut out of the Dreamcast track.

Files / Worms Armageddon High Quality Music Pack
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32 PM »
DISCLAIMER: All music files here are ripped from the console version's of Worms Armageddon, and are not ripped from the composer's Bandcamp. Please support the official release of the music, which can be found here:

The High Quality Music Pack aims to take all of the music from Worms Armageddon, and replace it with high quality versions, found from the console versions of the game. Compared to the PC version original audio files, I find these high quality files to be a good upgrade over the original files, and are quite nice if you are playing with headphones on.

Various sources were used to make this mod possible, including the following:

Worms Armageddon (Dreamcast): Contained the majority of the music , except for 2 tracks.

Worms World Party (Dreamcast): Contained suddendeath1-loop, a track that was missing on the Dreamcast version of Armageddon.

Worms Armageddon (PS1): Contained the stats music

To make this pack possible, the following tools were used in making it:

GDIExplorer: To view the GDI dumps of the Dreamcast Worms games, and rip the audio from their GD Audio Tracks.

JPSXDec: Used for ripping the PS1 music to WAV.

Audacity: To split the music files of Worms Armageddon (Dreamcast), since the music was clumped together in one long stream of audio.

You may download the pack from here:

Be sure to read the read me in the archive, as it has instructions on how to install the pack.

Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope you enjoy the pack.

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