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I think I'll regret commenting MI's message regarding sanctions, given the fact that his country is supporting Zwitter's in a military aggresion against my country, but I just wanted to make this clear... I won't touch this topic ever again.

I suggest you all to cool it down. Zwitter has won some money and it is natural for him to try to get paid. It makes sense to ask for other ways to get paid, given the current sanctions situation. I know I would. At the same time Komo has every right to refuse. It's not Komo's job to find or comply with alternative ways.

Please stop attacking. This is going nowhere. Should I remind you that I've been dealing with sanctions all my life too? Did you know that TUS was hosted in an American company before 2011 and I got forced to move out? TUS also had another domain ( which got shut down because of the sanctions.

Komo said Zwitter has one year. That's plenty of time. I suggest Zwitter to find an exchanger in this period.

I haven't noticed anyone in this discussion making personal attacks, but rather criticizing actions. It may appear that way due to Zwitter's attempts to discredit anyone who disagrees with him on this topic. Everything else is a consequence and an appropriate reaction to Zwitter's leaps in logic and inability to accept the defeat reality.

I'd like to emphasize that the cup's rules remain the primary reason for Komito's refusal, not the sanctions. Zwitter has the right to receive the price indeed, but sanctions exist for a valid reason. Just because someone believes the sanctions are unjustified doesn't mean they lack significance. Since we're discussing ourselves, let me point out that I have a genuinely life-threatening reason to suggest that Zwitter donate his prize to help eliminate the root cause of those sanctions — it's very simple. All of Zwitter's sweeping generalizations about money are absurd in light of this fact; they are narrow-minded and self-centered (it's worth noting that Zwitter made similar remarks about Komito). One receives what one deserves.

Going back to the conversation that Zwitter posted. He asked:

Could you donate through this webpage?

Zwitter literally asked whether Komito could donate via 3rd party service. Komito rightfully refused.

Case closed. :D


Why do you believe you can change my plans for several times during the cup and not being asked for the same once?

Again, ironically, you're being egoistic here, Zwitter. It's not just your plans that got changed. We both agreed to move the finals because of Komito's life circumstances. Giving your logic, I could also demand something from Komito, but I don't do this. So, giving you a whopping year to let you decide and/or find ways to get the prize is a more or less fair decision. But if Komito thinks that sanctions will be lifted within a year to get PayPal back in Russia, I highly doubt about it.

That's why I'm saying that donating the prize would be more appropriate under all moral considerations. Think twice before participating in an international prize cup knowing that your country is under sanctions. If I were you, I'd ask Komito beforehand, just as I did when I inquired about the possibility of donating the money to a charity before deciding to join the cup. You haven't done this, which means you were extremely presumptuous in believing that Komito would agree to use a third-party service for you to receive special treatment. In fact, many people in your country think similarly, as if the entire world owes them something, and they fail to recognize the cause versus effect of why they receive certain treatment... It's quite amusing. :D

That's all from me. :)

If it's not covered, it means it's allowed until it's forbidden. That's how laws/rules work.

TheKomodo is not an legal entity/organization/company. It's incorrect to compare.

You're trying to find a loophole which doesn't exist. :-[

Komito is a citizen of a civilized democratic country which condemns your country's military aggression. This is his money and he has the right to process his money in the way he wants.

By the way, I cannot even access the website you linked, you can figure out why.

Talking about playing for myself, I only meant playing under neutral flag.

As I said before, I have serious risks now donating from myself.

You don't have to reveal your identity in any way. That's the point: you could just privately ask Komito to donate the prize to any organization. You have absolutely no risk donating this way.

TheKomodo's reason of not registering on the platform, according to his replies, is his egocentrism. He feels being hurt when someone tries to make him to do something. This is proved by him saying he didn't care about safety of the platform. This is irrational and not the right way to discuss anything.

@Xrayez, what laws you refer to? The sanctions are for companies and certain people state-related. They do not forbid ordinary persons, individuals, make international bank transactions between each other. Do you really suppose there are risks? There are actually a risk for me to sell money to other "unfriendly" countries, because my country's current laws are very repressive. Also, do you think I'm the one misbehavioring here? I refer to initial cup rules and explaining what it all means. What I get back is emotional something based on personal complexes. This is the reason I decided to make it public.

First, as others explained, using a proxy to receive the prize was not covered in the cup's description, so this is non-negotiable. Period.

Second, considering that international sport events ban country aggressors worldwide, like UEFA, you should be thankful to participate in this cup in the first place.

Taking into account above, what you said about alleged Komito's egocentrism... In Discord, you publicly said that you play for yourself. Who's an egoist here? :D

You said that you have very repressive laws in your country... Be reasonable and donate to a righteous cause to help the civilized world to eliminate the repressive regime, invest in your future. :P

I am having issues with Zwitter though.

Long story short, he believes it's my "duty" to "fulfill the contract" and sign up to a 3rd party website in order to send him PayPal payment. Something which was not covered in the Cup description, because honestly I thought everyone was intelligent enough to realize that "PayPal" means "PayPal" and not "PayPal via 3rd party website that uses PayPal as a means of payment".

If Zwitter asks you to use a third-party website, it likely means that he wants to avoid the economic sanctions imposed on his country, for very obvious reasons.

Therefore, if you use a third-party service, you would most likely be violating those international sanctions. Honestly, Zwitter should have known about this for more than a year. What did he expect? I agree that it shouldn’t be Komito’s concern. I guess Zwitter won’t agree to donate the prize money to a worthy cause either, so if I were you and Zwitter refused to accept the prize in one of the ways listed in your cup’s description, and given Zwitter's guilt-inducing behavior, which does not promote good sportsmanship either, I would allocate that prize for the next AoA #2 cup, or any other similar cup.

Many respectable e-sport events expect and comply with economic sanctions and international laws nowadays. I wish I could say more here, but I strongly advise you not to violate international law, Komito. That’s the least I can say here. Perhaps the cup’s description should have also mentioned this for all countries that are affected by economic sanctions, just as a courtesy notice, but again, Komito is not obliged to do so.


Congrats to Zwitter, those were very close and chaotic games, he made his comeback! ;)

The finals reminded me of my previous game vs Zwitter at Power Hysteria cup in 2014.

Hopefully, I have received extra points for my playing style... :D

In any case, my mission is accomplished. You can figure why I decided to play in this cup in the first place. Hopefully, the prize money will be spent on a righteous cause. ;D

The takeaway from this match is that you should never underestimate your opponent. But regardless of the result, I hope this symbolic match will motivate you to support the righteous cause with even more perseverance. :)

This is going to be a very symbolic match. :P

7pm GMT on Sunday 14th is perfect if it's good for you both. 👍

If that's the case, then Zwitter wouldn't mind then, fine for me.

Good games with TheWalrus! Good luck for bronze! :)

The Finals are coming! :o

I was informed that we should arrange the finals on next Saturday evening (13/05/2023), 7 PM GMT.

Would that be convenient for you, Zwitter?

Friendly reminder: I'm available from 8:00 to 21:00 GMT.

Hopefully, TheWalrus can find a suitable date to play our game. :)

StJimmy, let's play tomorrow at 6:00 PM GMT?

Can you make it 6:30pm GMT please? I finish my workout at 6pm GMT so need 30 minutes to wash up then prepare stream.

Fine for me, as long as StJimmy agrees to play at this time in the first place. :)

StJimmy, let's play tomorrow at 6:00 PM GMT?

Leagues Complaints / Re: WTF REPORTS
« on: April 05, 2023, 03:14 PM »
so here is the log

00.59] [dj-blitzor`zar] if u wanna tus/tel let me know otherwise only for fun

[2023-04-04 20.01.44] [dj-blitzor`zar] is it tel?~

[2023-04-04 20.01.46] [dj-blitzor`zar] or ttl

[2023-04-04 20.01.48] [dj-blitzor`zar] i forgot

[2023-04-04 20.02.00] [dj-blitzor`zar] tel used to mean elite

[2023-04-04 20.02.00] [vesuvio`] tel doesnt exist any more :S

[vesuvio`] its tus allround

and u said if i say tus its tus !!!

When blitzed asked for clarification regarding the correct naming for TEL or TTL, I believe vesuvio took it as an implicit agreement to play TUS. However, blitzed could have clarified that just because he was asking the question did not necessarily mean that he wanted or agreed to play TUS, although he was not obligated to do so. In other words, there was no explicit agreement to play in a TUS or TEL match. blitzed was seeking clarification on the type of TUS league naming convention.

It is strange to me, though, that in order to play TUS, both blitzed and vesuvio would have to agree to play two games in a row, each picking their own scheme. But recent games reported by vesuvio indicate that they have all been vesuvio's pick, which further confirms that blitzed has not picked any schemes to play, which is a direct violation of TUS league rules by vesuvio. ;D

I think those who are vocal in W:A community are more likely to end up in such a list. :D

TUS Discussion / Re: Anti-lock in BnG
« on: March 24, 2023, 08:53 PM »
The 1st one says skilled instinctual players are not affected by the reaim feature.
The second one says skilled instinctual players are affected by the reaim feature.

Looks like you followed request:
  • You haven't semantically shifted the "contradiction" word itself.
  • You haven't accused me for not knowing English.
Yet, you literally rewrote my two statements in order to misrepresent and misinterpret my argument. I'm looking at you, the strawman! :D

Not sure what you are trying to achieve here except look like you have no idea what you're talking about.

Congratulations! What a beautiful projection right here. :D

I'm done. :)

TUS Discussion / Re: Anti-lock in BnG
« on: March 24, 2023, 08:22 PM »
Therefore, the addition of the reaim feature into the scheme changes mostly nothing for skillful instinctual players

So first of all, you said they aren't affected, not you are saying it changes "mostly nothing" which is completely different from having no affect at all.

You are literally contradicting yourself, or perhaps even more amusingly, can't even make up your own mind.

My two statements are:
  • Skilled instinctual players are not affected by the reaim feature, but less skilled players may be affected.
  • Therefore, the addition of the reaim feature into the scheme changes mostly nothing for skillful instinctual players, but I also realize that this may affect those who are less skilled to do instinctual shots.
The first statement is from the TL;DR version of my explanation, while the other is from the complete explanation.

My two statements are not contradictory, as they do not oppose each other. The first statement suggests that skilled players are not affected by the feature, and the second statement simply follows up by stating that adding the feature will not change much for these skilled players.

Therefore, the second statement could be classified as complementary or more elaborate version of the first one. The first statement is saying that skilled players are not affected by the feature, the second is explaining the consequence - that the addition of the feature won't change much for skilled players. The two statements are working together to provide a more complete picture of the situation.

Moreover, the fact that you're nitpicking non-existing contradictions between a TL;DR and a complete answer, this doesn't constitute a contradiction either.

Don't you think so?

P.S. Note that if you try to semantically shift the "contradiction" word itself in an attempt to win an argument or to avoid admitting that you have a misconception about it, I definitely end the discussion here. ;D

P.P.S. Please, don't tell me that I don't know English. :D

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