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General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 20, 2018, 01:18 AM »
What a loser, and to name him in the same breath as Mablak or random. Hahahahaha...

Anubis, for f*ck sake. You sum up the cancer that this community has become. I am not here to entertain apes like you. I wanted to have a proper fight and proper bet. I agreed to put my own money on it. I am not here to be made a parody of by the streamer and when I refused to be nice, be called "a fucking child", hearing I won't have my game streamed.

Insulting somebody won't make a person be more willing to be in your company and certainly it won't make this person risk 40$ for... for what? to prove something to you? some of you, guys, are animals. It's just not worth it.

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 19, 2018, 09:25 PM »



[dP`Komito] Hey
*dP`Komito* hi
[dP`Komito] You gonna be playing Mole tonight? I was hoping to watch some and learn more stuff so I can talk during stream
*dP`Komito* because of the gif you uploaded, I have nothing to say to you nor to show you
[dP`Komito] Ok then I won't bother streaming
[dP`Komito] Or support again
[dP`Komito] Enjoy your life as a ****ing child


Apparently, Komito decided that he won't be streaming it. I don't need to prove anything here anymore. I will stick to mole cups, I won't bother with this community.

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:22 PM »
Woah woah woah! Loser has to pay?

Only me has to pay, daina doesn't pay at all.

Vok, I will thank for now, I guess.

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:36 AM »
I'm gonna just leave this here, so it doesn't get forgot about :D

Can you both tell me what day/time you will play please? So we can arrange streaming stuff :)

So for anyone who doesn't know, Zalo offered $40 for anyone who can beat him 1/5 rounds of Mole Shopper, and daina(the only person to accept this challenge) has 7 days to learn the scheme and play him!

Also, this can be a who do you think is gonna win thread :D

I'm actually really excited for this!! Wish you both the best of luck, pun intended bwahaha!

I need bucks. I'll try to defeat the master  ;)

I am looking forward to our battle too, Fruti.

We will talk on #AG.

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 16, 2018, 05:21 PM »
I wanna try

19 GMT any incoming day, Vok?

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 16, 2018, 01:44 PM »
You seem to not understand the idea. It's neither bo5 nor bo3.

Daina needs to win simply 1 round to succeed. I need to win all 5 in a row.

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:47 PM »
Friday (20th) 18:00 GMT

Zalo vs Daina

4+ years ago... impressive...

since you mentioned that, lets take a look at the last W.Olympics in 2016

another 3x Gold medals in a row, out of 30-40 people.

Spoiler! View
+ 3x Gold medals in a row on TUS
+ 100x tus league games won in a row

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 15, 2018, 12:08 AM »
Religions HAVE killed millions of people directly, and still continue to do so. Religions eclipse and outlast regimes.

You are just being utterly inaccurate over here. Your religious reasons, as you call it, didn't even kill 1% of the people murdered and executed in atheist regimes (148 000 000 people dead between 1917-2007), the majority of which died because they admitted to be religious. Your child-like argument that they died "because they didn't want communim" is just plain naive. In Poland we also had communism for 45 years, imposed by Russia. People didn't care whether we say "No" to communism or whether polish parties openly showed intention of making Poland independent. It were the priests and people who dared to put crosses in public places that were the main target. That's how USSR hired a shooter to assassinate our polish pope in 1981. He survived the assassination by a miracle. Thousands of our priests were executed, as well as religious activists.

Where did religions kill millions? how? Poland is christian for 1100 years. Right now, it's the most religious country in the entire Europe. Throughout XVI and XVII we have had the biggest territory in Europe as well. How come we never had colonies, slaves or we never killed anyone because of our faith? All over the globe people conquered and will conquer other countries. Looking at some countries their alibi was christianity. It's stupid to:

- assume that they wouldn't do that without religion
- world will ever stop doing that, no matter what

Key to happiness isn't being an utter pacifist but defending the interest of your family and your brothers. Fighting for the future of your children, not agreeing on everything you are told to do.

In 1978 war between Chile and Argentina has been stopped ON THE DAY BEFORE THE MILITARY ACTIONS BECAUSE of Church's intervention, specifically pope John Paul II's. Millions of people could have been killed, and yet they withdrew due to the fact that these countries were both highly catholic and the role of the pope simply meant a lot in the eyes of the officer. How come you don't even know about such stories? How come you are not even able to give me an example of killing for religion purposes?

Spoiler! View
if you want to make me facepalm by saying 'crusades' then this video is for you.

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 14, 2018, 07:34 PM »
The Church was and is cancerous. It didn't grow in an organic matter at all. It grew like a tumor. Like a virus. It is strictly hierarchical and compartmentalized as well.

wtf... what if I told you that atheism grew like a virus?

USSR wanted to create a "peaceful" country without a religion and murdured 63 000 000 of own people during Lenin and Stalin's reign. What a beautiful irreligious utopia.

In China in years 1949 - 1976 around 38 000 000 people have been killed due to opposing god-less communist vision of a country by Mao Zedong. What a nice irreligious country as well.

More info about atheist rulers trying to get rid of religious people in their countries
North Korea (Kim Il Sung) - 3 000 000
Cambodia (Pol Pot) - 2 400 000 (30% of the country's population)
France (Maximilian Robespierre's "Reign of Terror") - 300 000

Somehow the most brutal regimes didn't have any church, Skunk.

yes, I did

I got inspired by:

Let's play within 7 days from now, please. Later I will have too much work and little time.

Ahahaha, nice excuse, want to increase your chances of victory, good choice ;) ;)

It's on!!!

I'm having a job, just like a normal person, so fk you and your "4 weeks". I simply ask her to win one single round out of 5. Is that too much? Me giving her 7 days for preparation, you call excuses? wtf is wrong with you?

Let's play within 7 days from now, please. Later I will have too much work and little time.

I am confident daina could win 1/5 games after practising for 1 month.

Do you mean 1/5 individual games? Or 1/5 matches consisting each of Bo5?

I just mean winning 1 round out of 5 rounds, and 40$ is hers.

That's the spirit!!

Win just 1 out of 5 games, and 40$ is yours. Okay?

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