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General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: Yesterday at 02:15 AM »
You started this whole thing by making fun of and insulting other players/schemes!!!

Maybe we should sign a petition to ban Mole Shoppers?
from <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Who threw the first stone (insulting other schemes) was no one but you, Komodo. Don't ever disrespect our scheme unless you're willing to prove your point, facing the strongest players in Mole Shopper!

ecks dee

General discussion / Re: The daina Vs Zalo $40 challenge!
« on: July 20, 2018, 07:42 PM »
After all of that arguing back and forth about mole shopper and all of that bragging, he decides to not play because of a gif.

There's nothing else to say.

General discussion / Re: Map making help
« on: July 16, 2018, 06:21 AM »
I'm gonna need to 'acquire' a copy of Photoshop.

General discussion / Map making help
« on: July 16, 2018, 02:23 AM »
I've decided to try my hand at making some Big RR maps and I gotta say that I am totally stuck. I don't have much of an image editing background aside from basic cropping/resizing/color shifting of photos in Photoshop. I have been messing around today with the program as well as an old copy of Paint Shop Pro 9.0. In the program I wasn't able to figure out how to overlay a grid, nor how to 'snap' my lines to said grid. In PSP I was able to figure that out now I have other issues. Whenever two of my lines end on the same point, the result is a blocky stump at the end rather than a rounded/smooth node. I also can't figure out the tool for making various kinds of curved lines at all. I remember drawing curved lines in Photoshop a long time ago and it seemed much easier. In PSP I can't figure it out at all and end up getting random elliptical shapes, often going in directions that I don't want. It's all a huge mess, and I'm just playing around with solid color lines. I have no idea how to make the terrain a texture of some sort, or how to make it appear beveled / 3D. I thought that making maps would be a piece of cake but it's proving more annoying that I anticipated... and making more complicated stuff like the steps in Yuurepoer maps? Yeah right. I wouldn't even know how to begin with something like that.

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:44 PM »
Religions HAVE killed millions of people directly, and still continue to do so. Religions eclipse and outlast regimes.

You are just being utterly inaccurate over here. Your religious reasons, as you call it, didn't even kill 1% of the people murdered and executed in atheist regimes (148 000 000 people dead between 1917-2007), the majority of which died because they admitted to be religious. Your child-like argument that they died "because they didn't want communim" is just plain naive. In Poland we also had communism for 45 years, imposed by Russia. People didn't care whether we say "No" to communism or whether polish parties openly showed intention of making Poland independent. It were the priests and people who dared to put crosses in public places that were the main target. That's how USSR hired a shooter to assassinate our polish pope in 1981. He survived the assassination by a miracle. Thousands of our priests were executed, as well as religious activists.

Where did religions kill millions? how? Poland is christian for 1100 years. Right now, it's the most religious country in the entire Europe. Throughout XVI and XVII we have had the biggest territory in Europe as well. How come we never had colonies, slaves or we never killed anyone because of our faith? All over the globe people conquered and will conquer other countries. Looking at some countries their alibi was christianity. It's stupid to:

- assume that they wouldn't do that without religion
- world will ever stop doing that, no matter what

Key to happiness isn't being an utter pacifist but defending the interest of your family and your brothers. Fighting for the future of your children, not agreeing on everything you are told to do.

In 1978 war between Chile and Argentina has been stopped ON THE DAY BEFORE THE MILITARY ACTIONS BECAUSE of Church's intervention, specifically pope John Paul II's. Millions of people could have been killed, and yet they withdrew due to the fact that these countries were both highly catholic and the role of the pope simply meant a lot in the eyes of the officer. How come you don't even know about such stories? How come you are not even able to give me an example of killing for religion purposes?

Spoiler! View
if you want to make me facepalm by saying 'crusades' then this video is for you.

Sorry, but you are factually incorrect. As I said before, most of the deaths incurred under Communist regimes had little or even nothing to do with religion and are attributed to other circumstantial factors. I never made an argument as to the EXACT reason(s) why these people died (that's off topic and would take too long to present), so calling my non-existent argument "child like" is kinda hilarious. If you think that the majority of deaths under Communism are due to religion/atheism, you're wrong. As the old saying goes, correlation does not imply causation. As far as examples of killing directly related to religion, there are hundreds if not thousands of examples throughout history, both ancient and modern. I guarantee you that far more deaths can be attributed to religion than atheism.

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:22 PM »
The Church was and is cancerous. It didn't grow in an organic matter at all. It grew like a tumor. Like a virus. It is strictly hierarchical and compartmentalized as well.

wtf... what if I told you that atheism grew like a virus?

USSR wanted to create a "peaceful" country without a religion and murdured 63 000 000 of own people during Lenin and Stalin's reign. What a beautiful irreligious utopia.

In China in years 1949 - 1976 around 38 000 000 people have been killed due to opposing god-less communist vision of a country by Mao Zedong. What a nice irreligious country as well.

More info about atheist rulers trying to get rid of religious people in their countries
North Korea (Kim Il Sung) - 3 000 000
Cambodia (Pol Pot) - 2 400 000 (30% of the country's population)
France (Maximilian Robespierre's "Reign of Terror") - 300 000

Somehow the most brutal regimes didn't have any church, Skunk.

Atheism doesn't have leaders, nor does it have concentrated bases of power. Also, the vast majority of the deaths incurred via the examples of Communism mentioned are more to do with Communism itself and the effects of Communism rather than an attempt at creating an atheist society. In other words, the deaths didn't really have much (if anything) to do with the goal of pushing atheism on the people. It was coincidental. Religions HAVE killed millions of people directly, and still continue to do so. Religions eclipse and outlast regimes.

Also, I don't agree that atheism has grown like a virus. The majority of the world is still religious in one way or another, and the rise in atheism over recent years is primarily due to scientific advancement and the advancement of philosophical thought. Even 100 years ago atheists were fairly rare. These days people (on the whole) are more educated than ever and with a greater understanding of the universe we live in comes a natural lessening of dogmatic beliefs. 

having a "good hide" is total bullshit. There is no such thing as a "good hide" from weapons like bananas if your opponent can reach you.
basically as long as your worm can get knocked out of the way via the first explosion you can avoid taking further damage from the banana clusters.

I am guessing that you aren't understanding my point, which is that luck has a lot to do with whether or not you will get knocked away from the rest of the nana clusters, that is unless you know precisely where your opponent is going to place their banana/cluster/whatever and know exactly how you will fly away from the explosion, and exactly where each cluster is going to go. In other words, it's pretty damn random. In Mole there aren't too many good hides. The best 'hide' is to actually girder block your opponent because if they can't reach you, they can't attack. If they CAN reach you, cluster-type weapons can do a crapload of damage.

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:07 PM »
That was pretty obvious yeah  :)

'Your momma so fat, when she died, she turned into a Red Bull factory'  :-[

I do not agree with your saying that the Abrahamic traditions in particular are full of nonsense btw. They make a lot more sense than the vast majority of other religions. But for some reason people take the first literally, while the other religions/mythologies are interpreted in a symbolic way.

I do not believe in the overwhelming role of the church. It's a manmade institution, supported by millions of people in past and present. It grew in an organic manner, through the ages, it's not a set-up of a few power hungry, mischievous men who want to keep people in place by threatening with hell and eternal torment.
Hell is a notion that goes way back, far further than the origins of the church. It's not a christian invention. You can say that it snowballed out of control as people became ever more pious (and maybe also wanted to shelter their own salvation from fellow christians who were not leading a very 'christian' life).
The church authorities have actually always repressed extreme religious views and chilliastic/apocalyptic movements. They have been given crap about eradicating 'heresies', but in all honesty, 99% of these sects and movements were complete WHÄCK.

Genetical engineering of the first humans I also don't believe in. If that were true humans would pop up out of absolutely nothing and nowhere. Instead they arrive in evolution REALLY late, and when they do, it's in the form of a multitude of forms that go from complete ape to slightly less ape to barely human, to somewhat smart human, to us.
Also, if we didn't evolve naturally, then why did every other species on earth? Or do you think life as a whole was genetically engineered? If that were so, how do you explain current evolution taking place, and why would it take millions of years to go from no-brain-bacteria's to single-brain-cell bacteria's? Surely that could have gone a LOT faster if it was indeed engineered.

edit: the picture below is my sig, it's not related to this post  ;D

I didn't say that the Abrahamic traditions are more full of nonsense than anything else. I just used them as an example because they are by far the most common religions in areas that people reading this thread would recognize / be familiar with. That said, those religious texts are indeed full of nonsense that is so obviously untrue that people would have to be amazingly naïve to believe it. They are also more 'modern' than most other religions. The Abrahamic traditions are absolutely full of symbolism but the passages are taught as literal fact in most places of worship rather than allegories, which leads to a number of problems... and even if a church did teach these things as allegorical, would the onus then be on the religious leader to explain the mysteries in a no-bullshit way to everyone, or would they dole out a little bit of info at a time to people who they deem worthy and capable of understanding? It's really no different than the Egyptian mystery schools, or even high-level Freemasonry of today. (I myself am a Mason.)

And yes, notions of an 'underworld' do pre-date the modern Western idea of what Hell entails, but they are very different with the more modern notion of Hell being far worse. The idea of Hell is just yet another thing that was stolen from previous belief systems.

The Church was and is cancerous. It didn't grow in an organic matter at all. It grew like a tumor. Like a virus. It is strictly hierarchical and compartmentalized as well.

While I do believe in microevolution, I do not believe in macroevolution. We just simply don't have enough fossil evidence to prove the idea. Obviously a tray of bacteria is going to evolve if you subject the bacteria to various environmental factors. However, the bacteria are still going to remain bacteria even if they were in some sort of laboratory test setting for hundreds of thousands or millions of years. I can't know that for sure, but the idea of something becoming an entirely different species just seems crazy to me. They aren't going to change into a different kind of lifeform no matter what stimuli we provide. There quite simply isn't enough proof in terms of a "missing link" between modern humans and our supposed ancient ancestors. Archaeologists have been proven to be frauds and liars many times. The theories surrounding our so-called ancestors are just that - theories. I have read the studies and findings and I've yet to come across anything convincing. For a creature such as modern human beings to become so intelligent and aware in such a relatively short period of time (geologically speaking) just doesn't make sense to me. As far as every other species on earth goes, I have no idea. I don't think that life began on this planet (or anywhere else, for that matter) with a random event, of life springing forth from no life in the primordial soup. I believe that life and our universe's laws and mechanisms were created by a higher power because that is what makes the most sense to me. I believe that human beings were likely genetically engineered primary due to two factors:

1. Our advanced intellects compared to basically every other creature, giving us the ability to go from basically living in squalor knowledge level to going to space and global live streaming in the matter of a few thousand years, which is hardly any time at all from a geological or evolutionary time frame. To any person living even 1,000 years ago, the shit that we humans can do today would look supernatural.

2. The ubiquitous nature of accounts / stories of ancient civilizations all over the world (totally unconnected) all talking about 'sky people' who bestowed upon them great knowledge and technology. The stories are so strikingly similar that I cannot help but believe that we got a jump start from a race of beings more advanced than us. I've read about all of these different accounts and I don't see how ancient peoples who lived without much (if any) knowledge of each other could invent such fanciful, far-out tales that are so similar.

The earliest recorded history of mankind goes back (depending on which sources you believe to be accurate) at most maybe 12,000 years, with many sources claiming that 6,000-7,000 years being more accurate, but personally I believe that stuff like the Yonaguni ruins and many other examples shows that humans have been around for quite some time. Anyway... Let's look at the mainstream figure of 6,000 years, which is the most commonly-cited figure in the West. Assuming that humans bred a new generation every 20 years, that's only 1,200 generations (approximately, of course) between us living today and those living back in the times of our most ancient recorded history. That's a pretty small number, even if many of us have little to no knowledge of our ancestors going back more than 4-5 generations. What I am getting at is that humans have developed far more rapidly than any other species on the planet that we know of, and I think that rapid growth has to do with outside stimuli.

Here we go again... -__- just play against me, I will poke you today on #AG. Why are we even wasting time here.

Also, I've noticed that in various Mole schemes there is a lot of inconsistency (as mentioned previously) and the cluster bombs in particular are stupidly OP. In fact, I just finished a game a few minutes ago in which it was even until the guy got 3 clusters in a crate and then proceeded to kill 3 of my worms on 3 subsequent turns, leaving me at a huge disadvantage that I eventually couldn't overcome due to the fact that even though I had turn advantage, the guy got wayyyyy more crates than me and had a bunch of noob weapons like super sheep, homing pigeon, etc. I couldn't hide high, I couldn't hide low.

That proves to me that you just suck at hiding, you can survive even banana if you know how to hide and be ready for the worst... you died from clusters? Please, they barely take 70-80hp if you know how to hide well. <-- 2nd round, 12:55, an example of surviving a banana simply because of a good hide. My worm survived even though it wasn't even fully healthy.

I also couldn't move every single worm into a position in which they weren't likely to get killed by clusters.

Now you are just being ridiculous... You simply didn't know how hiding works.

The game in which my opponent got the clusters wasn't a TUS Mole match. It was somewhere inbetween TUS and HB Mole. The clusters were doing well over 200 damage per shot, which was enough to one-shot any of my worms. As soon as he got the clusters he used one on every turn for 3 turns. (By this point in the game there were plenty of tunnels / links so that we could reach each other and until the clusters came into play it was just simple back-and-forth stuff.) I had no way of knowing that he had clusters until he used the first one, and there's no way that I can move all of my worms into a position into which they are the least likely to get one-shotted by clusters. Also, being "good" at hiding means what, exactly? When one is playing a mole game in which clusters are superpowered there really aren't any good hides. You only think in terms of the TUS Mole scheme.

As far as surviving bananas, that's more luck than anything... basically as long as your worm can get knocked out of the way via the first explosion you can avoid taking further damage from the banana clusters. If that doesn't happen there's a good chance that your worm is dead, and having a "good hide" is total bullshit. There is no such thing as a "good hide" from weapons like bananas if your opponent can reach you. The same thing applies to crazy powerful clusters. Not only can they do huge amounts of damage, but they often destroy enough terrain that at least 1 turn's worth of digging is required to put the worm back into a strategic position IF the worm survives. There is no such thing as being "good" at hiding in Mole because as long as your opponent can reach you, they are capable of inflicting a ton of damage as long as they have had decent crate luck.

As far as using girders as aiming tools... in BNG we require that players reset their shot every turn and also notching is highly frowned upon. You are expected to be able to consistently hit your opponent using your knowledge and skill of the game. Using a girder as an aim assist for the mole is lame IMO because unlike something like, say, laser sight... the girders are infinite so you can use them as a visual reference for aiming your mole shots EVERY SINGLE TIME rather than just using your own skills. Using girders as aim tools doesn't really work for items like zooks and nades, but let's just say that it does for the sake of example. Would it be allowed? Maybe, but not likely. Would it be looked at with derision, just like notching? Probably. Making an accurate zook or nade shot is more difficult than using the mole as well. Using girders as aim tools for the mole means that players can ensure that their moles dig *exactly* where they want them to basically every single time, whereas if left to their own judgment and skill, they wouldn't be nearly as accurate. I wouldn't mind people using girders like once or twice in a match as an aim assist but to be able to use them every time if they want? That's bullshit.

I played some TUS Mole games earlier today and I gotta say that it doesn't change my opinion. The game is still highly dependent upon crate luck, and the never-ending girder spam and using girders as aiming tools is just plain annoying. I think that using girders to help you aim your mole shots should be, at minimum, ridiculed and at best it should be straight-up against the rules.

Also, I've noticed that in various Mole schemes there is a lot of inconsistency (as mentioned previously) and the cluster bombs in particular are stupidly OP. In fact, I just finished a game a few minutes ago in which it was even until the guy got 3 clusters in a crate and then proceeded to kill 3 of my worms on 3 subsequent turns, leaving me at a huge disadvantage that I eventually couldn't overcome due to the fact that even though I had turn advantage, the guy got wayyyyy more crates than me and had a bunch of noob weapons like super sheep, homing pigeon, etc. I couldn't hide high, I couldn't hide low. I couldn't girder block because all the guy had to do was get favorable wind and he could chute to me. There was nothing that I could do at all aside from just avoid the inevitable for a couple of turns.

I mentioned in the chat how the scheme is a joke and that there's so much luck involved and he basically proceeded to tell me that it was my fault for losing because I left my worms in spots that could be 1-shotted by clusters. Yeah, that makes sense. The only places where the cluster COULDN'T one shot a worm made them sitting ducks for a number of other weapons. I also couldn't move every single worm into a position in which they weren't likely to get killed by clusters. Also, I noticed that whoever starts girder-fucking the other person first by trapping their worms gets a huge advantage because you essentially HAVE TO waste a turn torching or mole-ing your way out at one point or another. Meanwhile, they're picking up crates and positioning and can sometimes just girder-fuck you again, which resets the whole stupid debacle.

There definitely is a strategy to it, that I can't deny. However, it's a really annoying, stupid, and highly luck-informed strategy. Skilled / long distance shot-making doesn't really exist in mole and it's basically played just as I said before, only I totally underestimated the amount of girder spamming and using girders as lame and infinite aiming tools. 

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:45 AM »
I believe that we are all a kind of energy and that energy never dies, but rather it changes forms and flows in different ways.

Congratu-fucking-lations on your "beliefs", dude!  :D

E = mc2

Thanks for the snarky reply.

I am well aware of Einstein's theory of relativity. However, the opinion that I shared was that some sort of our personal energy/essence (consciousness or spirit, for lack of better terminology) continues to exist, not that we merely turn into caloric and potential energy.

Off Topic / Re: The Big Religion/God Debate
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:59 AM »
I'm late to this party and lots of great points have already been made. I have university degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies (and others) and I've spent a great deal of time studying various religions, mythologies, metaphysical concepts, etc.

It's all too much to get into right now but I guess I'll just make a couple of points:

- I am not religious myself but I do believe that there must be some sort of a higher power out there. As far as what that higher power is, I have no clue. It just doesn't make sense that everything simply exists and that there's no cause for it. To me it only makes rational sense that there must be one overruling supreme power. It could be external from us, or we could be a part of it. I choose to believe the latter.

- All religions are full of bunk but also have nuggets of truth and wisdom. The Abrahamic traditions in particular are so full of nonsense that I do not understand how/why anyone in this day and age would choose to be a believer.

- I do not believe in an eternal heaven or hell. The very notion of hell as we understand it today was largely shaped by non-canonical works of fiction (although sometimes reputedly 'divinely inspired') and have taken root in mainstream consciousness. Milton's "Paradise Lost" is probably the best example of this, although there's plenty of others. I personally believe that the notion of Hell was molded and reinforced by the church to cower people into obedience and blind belief. If you really think about it, does it make any sense at all for a human to be sentenced to an ETERNITY of misery/suffering because of what they did in their lifespan? No matter how depraved that person was, eternal damnation is just plain cruel.

- I believe that various elements within organized religion have access to information and revelations that are hidden from the public. The Vatican and its mysterious library / catacombs is a perfect example of this. I am also sure that at very high levels all of these various 'competing' religions are actually most likely in cahoots with each other. I believe that these elements actively suppress true knowledge of self.

- I believe that there is far more to life than what we experience day in and day out via our mundane realities consisting of work and pleasure. I absolutely believe that certain elements of the occult are real, such as astral projection, remote viewing, etc. I think that our brains are capable of so much more than we yet understand because I have on multiple occasions witnessed and/or experienced events that can only be explained via ESP, psychic abilities, etc.

- I believe that the true history of mankind is probably known to some on the planet and it is nothing like we are taught. I believe that humankind has probably been around for a very long time and that we have probably had advanced civilizations in the distant past. Maybe not 'advanced' in the same way that we understand that term today, but advanced nonetheless. I also believe that it's highly possible that human beings did not evolve on this planet and are actually the result of genetic engineering by some sort of extraterrestrial or possibly even extradimensional entities. The ancient Indian Vedas talk about flying ships, energy weapons, huge explosions, and all kinds of shit.. and they were written thousands of years before the Abrahamic traditions even began. There's also numerous mysteries about the origin of mankind, such as the Elohim/Annunaki/Pyramids/etc. It's a huge topic so I don't get into it but I am convinced that we aren't here on accident.

- I believe that no life begins randomly. To think that random cosmic dust produced by the big bang (a theory that sounds more and more ridiculous the more I learn about it) can coalesce in such a way that eventually planets form and through random chance somehow amino acids develop and somehow in this primordial stew, everything comes together perfectly to form life where no life existed before... it's all just too ridiculous to believe. Life begets life. Life can't just spring into being out of nowhere. That's utterly absurd.

- I believe that given the size of our known universe that the chance of extraterrestrial life existing is quite high, which undermines virtually all religions.

At the end of the day, I have no answers and I often find myself in a state of existential panic because while I get stressed out about bills and creeping age and all sorts of other things, I still have no idea why or how I am here, or what will happen after I die. My intuition leads me to believe something along the lines of what Toxic said... I believe that we are all a kind of energy and that energy never dies, but rather it changes forms and flows in different ways. I fear death, but I also kinda don't at the same time because I want to learn some answers. I think that what's scarier than dying is the thought that after we die we are reborn with no memory of our previous experiences. That to me sounds like hell.

Off Topic / Re: I challenge you...
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:32 AM »
The sound of being completely away from civilization and just hearing the wind through the trees, birds, etc. The sound of water flowing through a river. The sound of a quiet city very late at night when most people are asleep. The sound of mixing balls in a can of spraypaint rattling around when you're shaking up a can about to bomb a wall. The sound of putting on a dope ass vinyl record and playing it LOUD.

The fact that starting spawns and random crate luck determine who is going to win to such a large degree turns a lot of people off
I didn't contradict myself

because random spawns in Intermediate totally don't turn anyone off

Did you miss the "and?"

I said starting spawns AND random crate luck determine who is going to win to a large degree. When it comes to a game like this, more than one chance-based gameplay element is multiplicative rather than additive when it comes to how luck-based a scheme is. Besides, if spawns are random in both Mole and Intermediate, why would the Mole player have a reason to complain since that is what they are used to already? I get that random spawns can be potentially way more dangerous in Intermediate than they are in Mole, but still...

I don't consider that a contradiction. Besides, I think that Intermediate should have manual placement, at least for TUS or any sort of cups/tourneys/etc. You do get some Select Worms to use but if you don't get to go first, that can be a major disadvantage. Intermediate was just mentioned for an example because it's probably the most commonly-played scheme in the history of Worms.


So you are saying nobody would be able to beat you, in like ever? You are saying you are so good at Mole Shopper that nobody would be able to catch up if they tried?

THIS is what pisses me off about this topic Zalo, it's your sheer delusions of grandeur, claiming nobody could ever be as good as you ever, claiming Mole Shopper as the greatest although you haven't even played all the schemes available.

Man, I fully understand I am widely regarded as the GOAT BnG player... But honestly, if Asians suddenly flooded this game, you would find people like Anubis for warmer, Mablak for TTRR, Zalo of Mole Shopper, myself for BnG, Volcom in Roper, we would be as common as black and white, perhaps even be exceeded easily.

I have always believed that the only reason we had special snowflakes in W:A is because of lack of players. We managed to get really good at this game no doubt. But for everyone that stepped up in the past there would be dozens others if we had a bigger player-base. There is a saying, somewhere there is ALWAYS a bigger fish. I would bet all my belongings that our greatest players would not be the greatest if we had more players that played this game. This also means, the less competition/players you play with, the lower the chances are that you are the greatest because only through challenge and failure you can truly become the best. Nobody is trying to take away your proficiency in Mole Shopper, Zalo, but to be the greatest you would not need to prove it, people would know it.
I can say with certainty that there are great Worms players who do not play W:A. Sure, they might struggle if they switched to W:A due to mechanical differences but their basic Worms skills and knowledge are at least on par with good W:A players. I've also noticed that when it comes to WMD in particular there is a number of Asian players and I don't know what their Worms background is, but some of them are pretty darn good. In fact, I lost a ranked game a couple of weeks ago to some Chinese guy I've never heard of. I too believe that there's plenty of people out there who could be tremendous Worms players if they only knew about the game and/or practiced enough to excel. However, I don't think that W:A is likely to see a new legend spring forth from the newer generation of players for multiple reasons. (Lack of active high-level players, lack of competitive push, small player base, noob schemes, people losing interest, et al...)

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