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I don't see how anyone who still plays the game would NOT want the update to come out, even if unfinished. It would be interesting and also greatly speed up bug reporting and playtesting. It would also likely bring in a lot of older players. Also, since there's basically no clan/league scene at all at the moment it doesn't really matter too much if there's some hiccups here and there. I don't see a down side to releasing it.

Yeah, the game is great now but it can always be improved; and if 3.8 is an improvement, I want to play it.

General discussion / Re: Fellow Wormers
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:01 PM »
I highly doubt there's ever gonna be a warmer scene again. Most of the good ropers who still play don't care about warming, myself included. (Although I'm taking a break from the game.)

I don't recall seeing a warmer hosted for at least a year, probably. There's people who like to play various types of ropers, as well as TTRR and BigRR but warmers? Not from what I've seen.
I've always personally been the type of person who doesn't see the point in warmers anyway. It's just endless fucking around and no end goal aside from doing some cool trick combo like we're playing Tony Hawk on PS2. I feel like I've seen enough warming to last a lifetime already... but that's just me.

So audio ripped from a YouTube channel, compressed to MP3?

That's some great fidelity right there!

Anyone can just pull the audio from the game files with much better quality.

I just don't like the wideness of the roping in Big RR. I like tight spaces where you have to be precise and efficient.  Don't quit worms, I'm back forever!

Well, you have to be precise and efficient in Big RR as well. The only difference is that one tiny mistake during one turn in Big RR isn't likely to cause a loss. I find Big RR more 'zen' and TTRR more stressful because one has to nail a run from start to finish as perfectly as possible, whereas in Big RR you know in the back of your mind that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Anyway, I've already uninstalled... until I decide that there's a reason for me to come back. Maybe when 3.8 comes out I'll reinstall. 

Another thing that I should mention is that I historically do not limit my Worms experience to just W:A. I typically play W:A as well as whatever the newest Worms title is, and I can tell you that dealing with newer players is exhausting. Nobody gives a shit about the history of the game, nobody cares to learn rules, nobody cares to learn basic Worms etiquette, etc.

I just found my CD after 5 years and put a snooper in Wormnet since.  Still love this game. It's still very fun to go for crazy stuff. I alternate between playing WA and Super Smash Bros. Melee.  The hardest thing is finding a good player to play. Please come back and let's play!

Some shitty things i've noticed with this new era of worms

Big RR is absolutely miserable... you can't see shit when you drop down from high heights and it's just shit. How does anyone enjoy this? Nooby wxw type roping zzzzz

Why does everyone play mole with x2 damage at the beginning? Ruins the scheme :(

I gotta disagree with you on one bit... Big RR is my favorite scheme hands down. There's so many amazing maps that test different roping competencies and there's no luck involved whatsoever, unlike roper/etc. I enjoy it more than TTRR because winning is based upon who does the best over many turns rather than just having one good run. Also, I have no problem seeing where I am going most of the time if I use CTRL + HOME. Dropping from heights is kinda hard sometimes but on some maps the map maker puts in some sort of indication to let you know that you're almost at the bottom. IMHO Big RR is the pinnacle of rope based schemes because there's no collecting crates, no attacking, just pure roping. It's a marathon of consistency and speed and that's why I'd rather play it than anything else. The crappy part is that there's only a handful of players who are active these days who can give me a challenge. (SaltyK9, Blitz, LordPiti, Sir J, etc.) I guess that doesn't matter anymore since I uninstalled! ;)

I actually decided to uninstall Steam and all of my games yesterday. I just can't get into gaming anymore. I still like it in theory but whenever I try something new I get bored in a very short amount of time, and when it comes to W:A I am not bored with the gameplay itself, but as I have already said before, it is a boring experience without the right people around. I'm not quitting forever and doubt that I ever will, but for now I find it depressing to log in to WormNET only to see a bunch of snoopers and random noobs. Every once in a while I'll find some good players on but not very often. I have very fond memories of the nights I'd say up until dawn playing Worms, sitting at my computer desk getting super stoned / drunk and laughing. I guess those days are gone.

I guess it's all for the best anyway since there's more productive things that I could be doing with my time. I am back in school yet again working on a master's degree, plus I recently got back into DJ'ing after being disinterested for a while. I also bought an Ableton Push 2 and will be learning how to use Ableton after being DAWless for like 10+ years.

It still sucks though. W:A was always an escape for me and even though I beefed with a couple of people throughout the years and thought that some others were assholes, the majority of players have been pretty cool... and to see them fade away one by one until basically none are left is really sad. This game helped me get through the darkest and most depressed times of my life and I honestly expected to be playing with some of these cats forever. I guess I should have known better and failed to realize what was inevitable. 

Im bored with the game atm. Even CWT (my annual worms highlight) had no interest from nobody other than tita who wont leave worms without a gold medal.
An important reason for playing worms is the interaction with other players - the shittalk. Worms acted as an outlet for repressed mental retardation. I have mingled with sophisticated trashtalkers (walrus my hero), totally imbecile trashtalkers and just deep seeded retards. I have also learned the art of good trolling.
And also sober talks can be nice.
I miss this and I miss the competitive playing when I feel like a fucking pro beating the big guns of some scheme.

But Ill probably return seriously sometime.

I used to troll a lot more in the game but these days I'd rather just have real conversations with people. Half of the fun of playing Worms is having weird convos with people and getting to know them. A lot of people who play these days either don't talk, or barely talk... and when they DO talk they have the personality of a piece of cardboard. WormNET used to be a weird, wacky, and hilarious place to spend time. Nowadays it just feels like a playground for a bunch of random noobs nobody gives a shit about.

I'm not bored with the game itself. The reason why I find it boring these days is because of the lack of veteran players, and not only just because they are more skilled, but because I've known them longer and knew them better. Most of the people who play these days are random newbies who only play shopper, mole, and intermediate. You never see anyone play Team17, Elite, CTF, WFW, BR, etc. Lots of them do not speak English either, which really sucks.

I think that if the game were active and full of vets I'd probably never get bored with it... but then again I've taken breaks when it was active, so maybe I'm just romanticizing a bit.

I guess I just need to find some newer multiplayer game that I can get addicted to.
Mole (TUS scheme or variants) is a good scheme, and it takes strategy and skill. You could play 10 games against FMA and lose every single one.

Sorry Joe, mole is a joke. It is so luck-based it's unreal. It's a noob scheme like shopper, and it's even worse when there's many people playing. I'd rather play almost anything other than mole. If I had to pick a scheme heavy in the luck department, I'd rather play a T17 *any* day over a mole.

im making plans to make a fan-made Worms game that uses my art-style but is more cleaner lmao.
the proposed features are:
. More weapon customization
. Crafting is only available in the campaign/body count modes.
. Vehicles are nerfed and require ammo to use. (Can be replenished by getting a utility crate.)
. Custom Weapons and Mechanics
. 110 (Both Weapons and Utilities Together.)
. 256 Color Map Support.
. Beta for veterans of the Worms Franchise (Thanks Skunk3!)
. Worms 2 rope mechanic (Hopefully.)
. Ui Built for both consoles and PC (Looks similar to Worms Armageddon.)
. RubberWorm replaces WormPot and you can enable all of them if you want.

We've all seen your posts and none of us believe you. Even if you had the technical knowledge of how to create such a game, you're a one man show and you'd never have enough time to actually complete and polish it.

I'm not bored with the game itself. The reason why I find it boring these days is because of the lack of veteran players, and not only just because they are more skilled, but because I've known them longer and knew them better. Most of the people who play these days are random newbies who only play shopper, mole, and intermediate. You never see anyone play Team17, Elite, CTF, WFW, BR, etc. Lots of them do not speak English either, which really sucks.

I think that if the game were active and full of vets I'd probably never get bored with it... but then again I've taken breaks when it was active, so maybe I'm just romanticizing a bit.

I guess I just need to find some newer multiplayer game that I can get addicted to.

I did get sucked into a f2p game on Steam for a while called "Bloons TD Battles." It is a head-to-head tower defense style game with a few modes of play, but I eventually got sick of it because it has a very clear meta if you want to win and pretty much all of the 'good' players play EXACTLY the same (by exploiting the dumbest aspects of the game mechanics) and it felt like playing vs. an AI.

I also did play WMD for quite a while but I already made a thread about that. What a game that could've been!

I've tried a lot of other games myself, but nothing has come close to the addictiveness / replay value of W:A. Rocket League doesn't interest me at all. In the last few months I've played PubG, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Civ 6, Heroes of the Storm, and loads of others. Nothing kept my interest for more than a week. The only thing that can interest me for a while is a good RPG but they only last a few days depending on how much time that I play, and they aren't multiplayer. (MMO's don't count, and suck anyway)

For those of you who no longer play - why?

Is it because of life commitments?

Have you found another game(s) that you enjoy more?

Does W:A no longer interest you?

Are you just taking a break?

Just curious. Lately WormNET has been extremely boring and hardly any good players play anymore, at least during the hours in which I can typically play.

I've tried finding other games to play but it seems like everything is boring. I haven't found anything addictive in a long time and friends of mine talk me into buying some game every once in a while and I lose interest quickly. (Especially if it involves 'grinding' whatsoever.)

Other worms games / Re: So I uninstalled WMD...
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:37 PM »
Team17 has admittedly been making Worms games catered towards newcomers/casuals for quite some time. I remember suggesting a bunch of additional weapons and utilities to be added right after WMD launched and one of the Team17 folks replied saying that if they added the weapons that I suggested, there would be too much stuff in the game and it would confuse and overwhelm people.  ::)

Reloaded, Revolution, and Clan Wars all had good aspects and bad aspects, but one of the most annoying bad aspects is that they were all clearly made for consoles first and foremost because they obviously wanted to sell the games on as many platforms as possible to make the most money they could. WMD felt a bit better in this regard, but was still obviously suffering from console-itis as the game didn't even launch with a global chat lobby. I'd like to think that I have myself to thank for Team17 adding it to the game as I am the one who initially suggested it and harped about it until they added it, as half-assed and suboptimal as it ended up being.

I still find it so hilarious that they marketed the game as having "over 80" items to use, yet most of those items are just OP versions of a base item... and we don't even get an option for them to drop in crates, or to make custom schemes that start with more than 5 craftable items... and when the game came out we didn't even have the option to choose up to 5 craftable items as starting inventory! They added that later based on community feedback!

There are so many idiotic decisions surrounding WMD that could have been fixed prior to launch by simply having a beta. The initial reception of the game would have been much better, it would have sold more, and would be more popular today. My support of Team17 feels similar to a guy refusing to leave his wife even though she cheats on him. I'm Worms-cucked.

Other worms games / Re: So I uninstalled WMD...
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:52 AM »
Competitive W:A gaming is dying for sure unless somehow loads of inactive people all of a sudden decide to start playing again, actively. I never thought that I would miss the days when people were spamming for clanners and tus/tel matches in AG... but now, I strangely do.

Anyway, Anubis, what you said is correct but I don't think that the momentum actually comes from bouncing off of the wall as much as it does simply pressing up at the right moment. It's very fickle and often doesn't work, at least in a predictable way as in W:A. The WMD rope(s) are usable enough for basic maneuvering but by W:A standards it's kinda pathetic. Also, hardly anyone in WMD has much skill with the rope anyway, so there's rarely rope-based schemes hosted, and those that do get hosted are typically really dumb schemes with tons of crafting crates.

@HHC - I think my comments are totally fair. I've sunk 700+ hours into WMD. Team17 talked a lot but didn't deliver. I don't think that WMD is a terrible game. It just could have been SO MUCH BETTER if they had:

1. Had a beta with veteran players giving input

2. Continued development of the game as they said they would

3. Hadn't made a roadmap that they didn't stick to whatsoever after 1 month or so, lol

4. Hadn't went completely silent on the Steam forums and elsewhere regarding the state of the game and future updates

5. Hadn't priced the game at $30 USD... so many more people would have bought the game if it were a bit less expensive. It didn't go on sale for quite a while and although the sales did help with the player base a bit, it was too little, too late

6. Hadn't split the player base up between Steam, GOG, PS4, XB1, and now Switch

etc etc.

I just got tired of playing WMD due to the fact that I'd lose games fairly often due to nothing more than sheer luck and/or unpredictability. Crafting ruins the experience, utterly. Also, the max round time in WMD is 30 minutes and there is no control over water rise speed. What this means is that if the game actually goes that long, which it often doesn't due to mobility and crafting stupid weapons, most players cannot reliably make long distance shots or even have good strategies in mind for how to deal with the situation other than: "I will drop a sentry, surround myself with girders, spam magnets, and wait until the last second to win with a cheesy weapon like a homing missile or a training shotgun." For some inexplicable reason, the homing missile in WMD now ignores magnets when the thruster is on. What a dumb decision there...

The base gameplay and strategy in Worms: Clan Wars was much better, even if the game engine itself sucked.

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