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Off Topic / Spotify users?
« on: September 16, 2018, 02:44 AM »
Looking to follow other Spotify users that make playlists of cool music I might like.

Here is my link:


I make a playlist each month with shit I'm digging at the moment. Follow me and let me see what you've got!

Gaming Central / Why gaming became worse
« on: September 06, 2018, 08:58 PM »
Everyone is playing their gay ass Rocket League, Fortnite, etc.


It's not our fault, it's the way the world works, the younger generations don't want to copy the same sh*t their predecessors did. Because it's "not cool enough".

So they end up playing easier simple games with no depth like Rocket League, PUBG, Fortnite etc.

I really want to know how gaming got so bad.

Today it sucks. SUCKS!

I'm a life-long gamer and these days there's hardly anything good released. Steam is full of shovelware trash and even the "triple A" games that come out end up sucking balls. The only party that seems to consistently come out with decent games is Nintendo and their platforms, but even Nintendo is slipping a bit. (Breath of the Wild was kinda shit if you ask me.)

IMO Worms is one of the most interesting gaming concepts I've ever come across and for the life of me I cannot figure out why it isn't more popular. I am becoming really disenfranchised with gaming in general because I haven't found ONE single game in a very long time that I consider to be stellar - at least a multiplayer game. All of the MP stuff I come across seems like it MIGHT hold promise at first but I quickly find out it sucks dicks like everything else. At this point I am starting to consider whether gaming is really getting worse or if maybe it is simply losing its appeal as I get older.

Is anyone interested in partying up in some RPG games? The upcoming Pathfinder: Kingmaker game looks great. I also have Divinity: Original Sin 2 and a bunch of others. Last but not least I do have Path of Exile but it's more of a grinding game than anything else. Anyone up for playing sometime? I will also likely get Monster Hunter World for Steam.

Off Topic / D&D players?
« on: August 07, 2018, 07:33 AM »
So who plays D&D?

Which edition?

Do you play any other D20 / rpg games?

What are some of your favorite classes, feats, spells, etc?

I'll start.

I prefer D&D, 3.5e. It's the first version that I learned how to play and now that I've been playing for a bit over 10 years now and have learned other systems, it is still by far my favorite system. 4th edition sucked, and 5th edition has some good aspects but overall I think it's weak compared to 3.5e. My favorite class to play is Warlock, although when joining a game I usually wait until everyone else picks what they want to do and then I pick my role based upon what the group needs.

General discussion / Map making help
« on: July 16, 2018, 02:23 AM »
I've decided to try my hand at making some Big RR maps and I gotta say that I am totally stuck. I don't have much of an image editing background aside from basic cropping/resizing/color shifting of photos in Photoshop. I have been messing around today with the program as well as an old copy of Paint Shop Pro 9.0. In the program I wasn't able to figure out how to overlay a grid, nor how to 'snap' my lines to said grid. In PSP I was able to figure that out now I have other issues. Whenever two of my lines end on the same point, the result is a blocky stump at the end rather than a rounded/smooth node. I also can't figure out the tool for making various kinds of curved lines at all. I remember drawing curved lines in Photoshop a long time ago and it seemed much easier. In PSP I can't figure it out at all and end up getting random elliptical shapes, often going in directions that I don't want. It's all a huge mess, and I'm just playing around with solid color lines. I have no idea how to make the terrain a texture of some sort, or how to make it appear beveled / 3D. I thought that making maps would be a piece of cake but it's proving more annoying that I anticipated... and making more complicated stuff like the steps in Yuurepoer maps? Yeah right. I wouldn't even know how to begin with something like that.

General discussion / old schooler spotted
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:18 AM »
So I just saw Vantage on WormNET… from DwI if you guys remember. I told him about this site and told him to create an account and to post here so he can hopefully link up with some of his old homies. I don't think he's played since about 2005 or so until recently!

General discussion / Schemes that you USED TO enjoy?
« on: June 11, 2018, 12:09 AM »
I played my first roper in ages the other day and it kinda reminded me why I stopped playing them to begin with. Years ago I was obsessed with roper and played it non-stop. Now I can't stand them because it's so dependent on crate luck and also there's usually 1-2 hides that are the best on the map and people just stick to the same hides over and over until crate luck determines a winner. These days I much prefer Big RR because there's no luck involved.

Do you guys have any schemes that you used to really enjoy, but don't like playing anymore?

For those of you who no longer play - why?

Is it because of life commitments?

Have you found another game(s) that you enjoy more?

Does W:A no longer interest you?

Are you just taking a break?

Just curious. Lately WormNET has been extremely boring and hardly any good players play anymore, at least during the hours in which I can typically play.

I've tried finding other games to play but it seems like everything is boring. I haven't found anything addictive in a long time and friends of mine talk me into buying some game every once in a while and I lose interest quickly. (Especially if it involves 'grinding' whatsoever.)

Other worms games / So I uninstalled WMD...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:02 AM »
I eventually couldn't take it anymore and uninstalled WMD from my computer. For anyone considering the game (which I doubt many are), here's a few reasons why:

1. Team17 created a 12-month roadmap of planned updates for the game a year ago. Only a couple of the things ever actually made it into the game. The rest were all just empty promises and Team17 was completely silent about the issue for many months until finally one of the community managers basically said that we shouldn't expect any more updates.

2. W:A, while not as active as it once was, is still active enough most of the time to find a game, so why would I bother playing the inferior one?

3. While WMD does add some interesting gameplay elements such as buildings and weapon emplacements, there's also some game-ruining elements added that I simply cannot stand. Vehicles are cheesy and OP in most cases, but they pale in comparison to the crafting system. Crafting ruins the game and is easily the worst element of WMD. Let me explain:

-you start every match with a certain amount of crafting materials, which is determined in the scheme creation screen. you can pick from "few," "some," or "lots."

-every item in your inventory can be deconstructed to give you a set amount of crafting materials, including any items you pick up from crates

-crafting crates also randomly drop, and the amount of materials in the crates is totally random

-there's a new utility in WMD that is basically a drone. It has a few uses including being able to pick up crates. It is thrown like a grenade and then you steer it using your arrow keys. It does have a limited amount of fuel, but the fuel usage doesnt start until you 'activate' the drone by pressing an arrow key. This means you can chuck one all the way across the map and use the drone to pick up MANY crates in one turn, all without having to use any mobility items like parachutes, jetpacks, ropes, etc. You can just stay in your little hidey hole and spam drones on every turn. Also, the drone is very inexpensive to craft so basically picking up just one crafting crate is likely going to recoup the cost of crafting the drone, thus depriving your opponent of the crate.

-you can craft on every single turn, including your own. You just right click and select the crafting tab. Crafted items are available for use on your next turn. What this means is that you can watch your opponent's turn to see how it is going to end and then craft an item 2 seconds before their turn ends... the perfect item for whatever that situation is. It is unbelievably cheesy and basically acts like a handicap system. Why bother getting good at roping when you can just craft another jetpack? Why get good at making long-range zook or nade shots when you can just craft some "point and click" noob weapon?

I personally don't think that crafting adds any skill or strategy to the game whatsoever. All is does is make it luckier and more unpredictable.

4. There's a glaring lack of scheme and game customization options.

5. There's many weapons and utilities missing from past games that I consider to be essentials. (just from W:A - dragon ball, battle axe, bungee, petrol bomb, skunk, girder starter pack, freeze, mole, etc.)

6. There are so many stupid, OP weapons in the game, and many weapons that are utterly redundant and/or useless... to the point that there's several that I have NEVER seen anyone use online.

7. The rope, while better than games since WWP, is still kinda crappy. The only way you gain momentum from the rope is by pressing up. You can't bounce yourself off of walls/terrain/ceilings/etc to gain speed. In fact, that often deadens your momentum. There's lots of tricks that simply cannot be done in WMD with any of the 3 rope variants.

8. The map randomizer function doesn't seem very random at all, and we lack the ability to quickly edit a map with paintbrush tools. Also, no random girders appear on randomly generated maps.

9. User-created content is mostly garbage.

10. Fire is very weird in WMD. When a barrel explodes, it explodes into globs of fire rather than an even spread. A worm can be not far away from a barrel when it explodes and literally avoid taking any fire damage at all. Also, there's no persistent fire in WMD, so petrol bombs are just a fond memory. (Team17 claimed that persistent fire was causing FPS issues in WMD so they scrapped it.)

11. There is no concept of rules or etiquette at all. Hardly anyone knows what KTL or ABL means, and those that do are an extreme minority either informed of the rules by myself or a handful of other people. Friends will often join game lobbies and work together as a team even though they aren't the same color. Of course, you usually don't realize this until several turns in and by that point they're either completely silent or actively taunting. Also, randoms will often team up together to take out players that they deem threats, or simply just because they annoyed them one time. I might as well wear a bullseye hat in WMD because I get focus fired on in almost every game, and I don't mean just when it is convenient, either... these people will literally kill off their own worms and waste all of their resources to kill you just to troll.

12. The ranking system is flawed, the ranked scheme is flawed, and there's only one ranked scheme, which is the "Pro" scheme. (It's a bit different than in W:A.) Newcomers have 0% chance of ever getting in the top 20 even if they grind all day because they never reset the leaderboards and it basically just comes down to grinding out the most games. There's some people who do nothing but play like 10 ranked games a day every day since the game came out.

13. Starting order is randomized in response to people complaining about first turn advantage. While a lot of people really like this change, I don't... whether that is a 1-on-1 match or a 6-player match. I don't like it because it forces you to pick suboptimal placements. If I *know* that I am going second, I can more wisely select my spawn points... same with going first. When it is randomized you basically just have to play it safe, which I personally don't like but whatever.

14. There is so much mobility in the game. Even though the maps are huge by default W:A standards, it's still really easy to get around because you have teleports, 3 types of ninja ropes, parachute, a combat parachute (that lets you basically ignore wind), jetpacks, jetpack eco (which basically halves fuel consumption), party balloons, plus you can manually activate parachutes at any time... so someone could flagpole up, then activate their chute and float to the other side of the map. On top of that, many vehicles offer a lot of mobility. The helicopter is like an unlimited jetpack. The Rocket League car is fast and can double jump really high. The mech can glide really far. The drillboat can float on water. The only vehicle with shitty mobility options is the tank... but it's a tank and can take loads of damage before blowing up. Mobility is problematic in WMD.

15. Fall damage is very forgiving compared to W:A. You can drop much further than before without taking damage or losing a turn.

16. It's difficult to predict exactly how far away you need to be from an explosion to prevent taking damage. There's like an invisible shockwave that goes beyond the actual bounds of the explosion that damages worms which look like they should be safely far away. The only way to prevent taking damage is to put as much space between your worm and the explosion as possible.

17. Hardly anyone chats, voice or text... in game OR in the global lobby.

18. There's only maybe 6-7 terrain themes. The themes themselves look great, but it gets stale fast.

19. Lots of scheme types simply cannot be played in WMD due to lack of options.

20. The player base is divided between Steam, GOG, XB1, PS4, and Switch. Most days the Steam version of WMD feels about as active as W:A, but it's probably a little more active.

21. Lack of previous gameplay features that were excellent and added nice dimensionality to the game, such as dynamic water, worm classes, physics objects, etc.

blah blah blah

I can go on and on but anyway I just wanted to share some insights. WMD could have been a fantastic game but Team17 dropped the ball once again. I think that casuals and noobs would love WMD, especially for local multiplayer and whatnot, but for serious competition and deep gameplay, it's a stinker.

Tech Support / WMDB messed up?
« on: January 08, 2018, 03:42 PM »
Just tried to host a big rr using hostingbuddy...

Selecting a random Big Rope Race big map from WMDB...
Error: WMDB download failed: Socket error: recv() error: Connection refused

General discussion / Where's 3.8?
« on: December 26, 2017, 01:34 AM »
I remember reading that v3.8 should be released by the end of this year. It is now the Christmas day and I haven't heard any news. What's the news?

Tech Support / Is HostingBuddy working yet?
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:10 PM »
I have noticed that lately HB is either not working, or not working properly. What is going on? I tried hosting a rr and was getting error after error trying to load a map.

Gaming Central / Is anyone going to be playing Destiny 2 on PC?
« on: October 22, 2017, 09:28 PM »
If so, let me know! 2 more days! :D

Gaming Central / Game suggestion
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:18 PM »
I have been kinda hooked on a free to play tower defense title for a while now... it is called "Bloons TD Battles" on Steam and it has various modes of play. I like the card mode the most because I think it is the most fair/balanced/strategic. It's free to play. If anyone ends up playing, hmu.

General discussion / A thought about WWP
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:15 PM »
I wonder why WWP never got updated like W:A did?

If we are talking base games, WWP is superior (IMO) to W:A. WWP with the same kinds of updates/patches that W:A has received would be the game to play.

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