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Name: Trippy
Type: Terrain
Author: United Kingdom King-Gizzard

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Time: January 15, 2022, 12:59 AM

Trippy - Custom Terrain

(v1.1 : updated 24/01/22 - Minor object/colour fixes)

Use the wkTerrainSync module to play custom terrains. More info and a list of available terrains can be found here :

'Old' contains all previous versions of this terrain should you wish to view old replays that don't have the terrain embedded.
Ensure you have at least version 1.2.3 of wkTerrainSync.  Extract 'Old' to your "\DATA\Level_Legacy" folder and old replays will work.

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File #2462, Trippy
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Do you want to know different and creative schemes around Worms community? Check Scheme ideas.

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Re: File #2462, Trippy
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Very well done Sir! It lookes cool and has a lot of elements :-)

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Re: File #2462, Trippy
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Good job! I love it!