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Author Topic: Worms Armageddon 3.8.0 changelog sneak peek  (Read 16339 times)

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Re: Worms Armageddon 3.8.0 changelog sneak peek
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I don't even care about a big 3.8 release per se... just release incremental updates, like a whatever. Add little fixes and features whenever they are ready. There's no need to stockpile it all and make a huge update

Sorry but that's a bad idea IMO, it would divide the community into different WA versions because this would basically make it impossible for developers to keep their modules up-to-date with every little WA update. Lots of people play RubberWorm games and others also still play PX games, this is already a big mess with PX being stuck with, Rubberworm at while the Steam version being on and using RubberWorm with people on different WA versions in some cases drop from the game. I am using these 2 modules as examples but there are many other WK modules that are WA version dependent.

ps: I'm curious does OpenGL renderer mean 24-bit maps can be used in 3.8 or does that have nothing to do with it?
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Re: Worms Armageddon 3.8.0 changelog sneak peek
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Hello programmer-friends!

Thank yo very much for all your work and testing!

If possible, please add RubberWorm and its important add ons like

More WormKit modules: (sadly some files there are not working, like ReplayShark and wkIndiMask (Another version of wkIndiMask.dll:

Thank you very much for everybody who is helping and testing!

So nice that Worms Armageddon is still active!

Have a nice day friends!  :-*