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Re: Updating schemes/rules
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On first review, this might seem like it favors the lamers, but I think the top players would benefit more from 5 secs, and I don't think the scheme needs more division between the top players and the newer players, bng has a very steep learning curve, one of the hardest outside of ttrr.  Then again, 5 sec could make the scheme more fair in that a map with one side with better hides than the other would be more or less negated because more hides would be reachable with 5sec nades.

That's what i'm thinking, Classic League schemes are easy to learn the basics and get the job done, but takes a long time to really master everything.

This would definitely benefit top players more, it gives us an extra shot that can reach places other shots couldn't(and it's very easy), i'd be worried newer players would just risk sitting too often because of the extra fuse.

This is me being honest, can't think of anything else though:


Gives good players a few extra shots(but they don't really need it)
Makes the rules shorter/simpler


Higher risk of sitters
Gives players another reason not to learn advanced BnG shots

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Re: Updating schemes/rules
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I so agree with Chicken! At least on the tus t 17 scheme part. It reapeats weapons, its v v annoying. Dyno, old woman, and pidgeons, sometmes holys also. Its so boring! Pls change it! FOr now, i've used fb sccheme quite alot, its better.
Play with the FB Team17 scheme.

Problem solved.

I've argued for the changes to TuS T17 scheme too many times to do it again, see if you can search some old threads on this. I also have the HHC luckless scheme and feel this isn't broken, FB schemes sometimes u get a few more nana's but sometimes you go a whole game without.. Theres only a handful of default guys that enjoy a more powerful T17 scheme these days because i believe the majoirty of players have never tried it.. SPW, Uber and Albino would all back me up and they are proven pro's at T17.
tus t17 is the worst t17 scheme in the history of wa.
I'd just prefer the FB scheme with 7 girders
Anyway, the T17 scheme we chose for was my own. In our opinion it's a lot better than the official one, and since it's widely acknowledged to be a good league scheme (used in t17 cups), we figured it wouldn't be a problem. And well.. I think you can trust TdC-clan to pick a fair and balanced scheme.

Btw MI, my t17 scheme is perfect for league games. The weapon balance is IMO perfect and I haven't had any complaints about it yet. It should be the new league scheme. Only thing that is debatable is the girder count, my scheme (but with 7 girders) would be a good choice as official setting.  :)
Can this scheme be fixed?

Were leading with 4 worms, of which 2 healthy (frozen) vs 2 worms of which one was skunked as well. And still lost  :(

In singles T17 works fairly ok, although you still need luck with the SD weaps. But in clanners it's a different matter.
fucking piegeons lol -_________- (31:45...)

+ TUS scheme suck.... Scheme by Senator is so much better.
I'm also yet to figure out why crate probability is apparently all over the place in the T17 schemes used on TUS today. Has anyone ever explained why the old way of doing it, with the same probability for every weapon (except cows) was flawed?
TUS's can be a bitch. It seems like the scheme sometimes turn into a third opponent against both players and no matter how many crates you collect or how hard you squeeze the scheme, not one SD weapon would slip out!
- Proposal 2: up the SD probability. It sucks to have SD weaps fight, but it's more fair than 1 player getting it all and the other getting absolutely zero. Even if you totally pwn the regular time, you can still get owned in the end just because you didn't get a single SD crate. (which happens a lot).