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clanner playoffs

Started by Chicken23, May 21, 2023, 10:01 PM

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only 3 clans qualified for POs in last season, can 1st place get a bye to final and 2nd and 3rd do a semi final?


We're thinking about letting ICB in and have 4 teams for playoffs.
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Zalo the moler

Quote from: Chicken23 on May 21, 2023, 10:01 PM
only 3 clans qualified for POs in last season, can 1st place get a bye to final and 2nd and 3rd do a semi final?

Just when you think there is no way Chicken would seek more free and effortless victories, he still finds ways to surprise you.

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But then again, there was some WA creator, who once wanted to be given a free gold medal for the final battle in 1vs1 TTL Play Offs without participating in it...

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Dibz, Vesu and Kins can confirm that I don't drop anywhere more frequently than an average wormer over here. Yet, I never took any free win for drops of others, despite many times leading.


ckc came 2nd so I'm suggesting we play tdc who finished 3rd and dj get a bye to the final

MI - I don't think clans with less than 50% win ratio should reach playoffs, so personally don't think ICB should play dj

This way we can still have seasonal clan winners with the reduced activity we have instead of no playoffs at all. Just some months might be a final and no semis and other months a bye for 1st place to final and maybe other times if only 1 clan got 50% and higher and enough games instant gold?


As an ICB leader, I'd like to say my word here.
We would surely love to play the playoffs vs dj if you guys allow us. If not, nobody's offended. Rules are rules after all. So maybe there's a point in making a little poll and decide how things should go.
Peace  :)


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we ask mablak if he play with 2 teams as ENDBOSS xD


Less than 50% win rate is archaic and should be discarded if clans dont meet criteria but are active.  This site should reward activity because it the most important thing in this era of lower played games in both singles and clan league.