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Off Topic / Movie Remakes
« on: September 11, 2019, 01:29 PM »
I really dislike movie remakes of classic animation movies. I recently watched Aladdin 2019 and honestly I wasn't all that impressed. The ending was disappointing, it simply promoted Hollywood agenda that female is the future. This itself have been a trend in movies for over a decade now, where women gets to carry torches after men.

Original Disney animated movies had so much more charisma and emotion in them. So when you view the remakes, you will instantaneously feel safe and related because you already know what will happen and how everyone feel. The Lion King looks completely soulless and devoid of any emotion. So you have the source to look at, so you basically know how they feel in real life, although it is epic CGI no doubt.

The only remake I can get by is The Jungle Book, that's about it.

ZaR / ZaR Gifs & Stuff
« on: September 09, 2019, 04:53 PM »
 :D :D :D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Cups and Tournaments Games Comments / Game #225095, reported by Kradie
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:02 PM »
Really good ZaR game. Nicely played. You were tough to put down.

General discussion / Fall Calculator (module)
« on: August 16, 2019, 09:35 PM »
During a fall in a rope based scheme, particular in BIG Z RR. You will want to know when to react before hitting the surface ground/object. This can help aid player knowing when to move etc. The free fall module will activate during a fall, and give you timely estimate when to fire rope and continue. How? Well, in the free fall, a count down will appear over the worm's body as it is falling, counting down when closing the surface from 5 or 3. When it hits zero it hits the ground literally. On one second it means 1 second to react before hitting the ground.

This idea I give to anyone who wishes to purse it and make it a reality. It would be helpful during falls.


Schemes / Parachute in Rope Based Schemes
« on: August 02, 2019, 06:25 PM »
I've been roping without parachute since the inception of ZaR community. Recent years I have been thinking ''Why do we need parachute in popular rope schemes? It totally feels like trainer mode is enabled holding your hand''.  New people that comes to my rope games without parachute  doesn't always question the absence of parachute, instead they try to adapt. Many have successfully adapted and accepted the punishment that comes with no parachute and improved. It is fun for them to overcome and that's why it is so enjoyable.

Big Zar RR have batty to compensate for lack of parachute, and allows for risky climbs. That's why people like, the reward of  calculating the release of bazooka and eluding its blast radius. It takes certain skills just to do that in nick of time.

No no ladies, I am not dismissing parachute, and disputing the fact it is useful in certain scenarios. But the question is, do we really need it? Do we need to depend on parachute to save us?


I would like advice on a quick and responsive keyboard for Worms Armageddon.

Mechanical or not, whatever works best for roping and overall typing comfort is ok.

Backlight/RGB is not essential, however, media controls are to a certain degree.

When it comes to key switches, I have used romer-G and I quite liked them. But red switches, are bad for me.

Any thoughts and recommendations?


TUS Discussion / Pre-made clans
« on: May 25, 2019, 05:29 PM »
There are too many clans here on Worms Armageddon, there are too many members in them, and many of these members are inactive. As a result, the league remains inactive. So how about; move all current clans, status, and members to a legacy section, and have 4 pre-made clans that will allow max 6 or 10 members People can choose whatever clan they want be in, but can only change a clan once a season. Minimum members for a clan to partake in league, must be 4 members, but if the 4th member wants to change clan, then that person cannot, unless if there are more members that exceeds 4. If a member has been inactive or not have played at all for a season or more, that person gets automatically removed. There will be no leaders for a clan, perhaps only a moderator or one global league moderator. Name of each clan could reflect the team color of WA, Red Assault, Blue Haven, Green Phoenix, & Yellow Stars. Though it is purely figurative, any name could work, and be voted for.

This could make everything more compact and focused, instead of having everything spread across the map. Because as it is now, it is spread, and it is harder to find a game. If everything gets closer, the easier it could be to find games to play.

What do you think? Could this be a good or a bad idea?

Is Worms/Video games a waste of your time?

If yes, why?

If no, why?

Do you have any experience in both?

Feel free to post your opinion, it is entirely subjective. I will cast my thoughts later.

ZaR / ZaR Wormpedia - History, info, etc.
« on: April 29, 2019, 08:46 PM »
Please enjoy :)

Zook and Rope, (ZaR) is a Worms Armageddon scheme & community, developed by Kradie, sm0k and spleen17 back in early 2015. After Zar's initial inception, it quickly gained a following. To date, Zar is the biggest roping community of nearly 50 members, & one of the largest groups in Worms Armageddon.

Zar is a hybrid of WA roper & w2roper. Featuring only Zook & Rope, devoid of any other familiar items and settings. The scheme is tough & relentless, it is not designed for the faint of hearts, but it is made to have fun, but as well to acquire a better consistency within oneself. It is meant to invoke confidence in the mind, & abolish fear of failing, and to become a more capable roper.

Zar can help player lower the dependence of parachute, and focus purely on minimalistic arsenal at disposal ''Zook & Rope.''  The goal is to gather people with the same mindset that favors the subtle fearless approach. Zar Roper, is one Zar scheme of many under the Zar's cataolgue of schemes that focuses on fun, focus and speed. Because of the Zar's subschemes, it helps Zar to grow and reach out to other ropers & enthusiasts alike.

Zar Classic Scheme rules & setup:
2 worms per player (unless if it is FFA or 2vs2).
Normal roper rules apply. (CBA, KTL, AFR.)
Instant mines, including dud mines.
Destructible terrain ON.
No parachutes, zook and rope only.
12 second turns, 5 second retreat time
Firebombing from rope only is allowed.
Mine-knocking (shooting at a mine from rope only so it falls on a player) is allowed without CBA, so long as the zook itself doesn't do any damage opponent's Worm(s).
No blocking.
When the Sudden Death reveals itself & the gong sounds,  w2w replaces CBA.
Using super banana is legal... if you reach it...

Zar Classic tactics
Players having a tough time in Zar ''can'' always be the underdog unless if they try to turn the table against their suppressor. The key to this, is not to push yourself if there's impossible crate spawned in an inconvenient location. This can further your submissive position if pursuit it taken. Instead it is best to hide in inconspicuous place, normally a place where zook is hard to hit.
You can pursue difficult health crate at your own risk, but you can also lead the action to your newly exposed position. This is a risk factor, both players will not know where the next health crate going to spawn.
Sometime health crate can spawn behind a mine that hinders the player's ability to attain it, that's why sometime it is better to do nothing, or  reposition yourself. You can also knock the mine away from the crate that its blocking, or jab a mine onto another player with bazooka.

Map choice for Zar Roper,
It is recommended to use thin maps with little to no land foot. This is because, e.g if both right and left side have long and deep cavern, health crate ''can'' spawn within these subterranen areas.That's called a crate rape. That is a very unfortunate scenario if a player is on the opposite side of the map. Zar has successfully manage to define its map choice over time, without having complex crate raped maps. With thin walls, or parts of the island that can be destroyed to make a shortcut, it can compensate for short turn time, and thus elimenate some of the luck factor of crate spawn.
Then again, the right map is subjective, and a personal choice, based on skill & preference. 

Zar Subschemes
There are many genre of Zar that can be played, some deviate from Zar's original setup, that introduces weapons, tools & contraption such as; freeze, grenades, mines, skunk, pigeons, girders, terrain objects, & bridges. These elements that are incorporated into the subschemes are designed to offer an new & fun experience. It can be seen as a gimmick, but as a whole, it gives Zar a more dynamic foothold for people to thread into.

List of  noteworthy Zar Schemes
Xtreme Zar
Xtreme CaveZar
Death Zar
Pro Zar
Zar Zero
Big zar RR
Zar Surfer

CaveZar was sm0k's initial idea, & was introduced to Kradie. CaveZar is Classic Zar in a closed cave environment, featuring some to minor terrain objects that behaves as obstacles. In this mode, you can drown and fall out on the sides, only if the wall are breached.
The best tactical approach here, is to hide on the upper levels, in a crack, slope or tunnel, where a blast from a bazooka is tough to hit. You will need a good aim and be creative with the wind that is given to you.

Xtreme Zar
This edition of Zar is insanely difficult, and is recommended to play on a none-linear warmer map. In short, Xtreme Zar feat; 10sec turn time, 3sec retreat, no hot seat time, 6 oil drums, nukeclear fallout, freeze and skunk. You need 100% focus here to prevail, there's no time for multitasking in this mode. Pay attention to round time, to avoid hazardous infection of the nukeclear fallout.

Xtreme CaveZar
Xtreme Zar in a cave map with no walls on sides. Exiting the borders of the map will result in instant death.

This version can be seen as CaveZar 2, a follow up to CaveZar. You play in a closed cave area on grass terrain, & with very few obstacles. There are no land on the bottom half of the map, only a long thin drawn line that acts as a bridge. Both opponents have 3 worms each with worm select, infinite bazooka, rope, & girder. The girders are not for blocking worms, but to patch broken bridge, or to shield a worm from imminent danger.

Pro Zar
This adaptation is like Zar Classic, with highest possible fall damage added. Depending on fall impact, a worm can lose a significant amount of health, or die instantaneously.  It is recommended to rope with confidence, because here, there are no mercy. Hide well, typical on the bottom of the map, or high in a difficult place, and pray that your opponent's aiming dexterity is weak.

This Zar variant feat sudden death from the start of the match. Water rise is set to low, and will continuously rise for each turn that passes. A standard roper map is applied here, 3 worems each player, & everyone must complete a wall to wall (w2w) cycle on rope before they can land their attack.

All the usually Zar classic shenanigans are present in this version, with the added command /batty. You type this command in the host room before starting the game. This will allow players to hang from rope while idle, & during other player's turn. Batty mode offers new possibilities, ease of access from a hide, and more complex hide as well. Hides that can challenge their opponent's aim.

Zar Zero
Zar with ZERO (0) rope retreat, /batty command from host room enabled, zook, rope, and pigeon with lowest destructive power.  Careful where you attack from, you might hit yourself, and you might be easily exposed. You will be left hanging once you send your attack.

Big zar RR
BIG Z RR another take on Big RR, in which where chute is removed, and bazooka for retreat. Through gameplays with Kradie, people have stated that Big Zar RR is a hardcore version of the original version.

Zar Surfer
ZS is played on a two or a single figured stretched island, that floats over water, that gives room on the sides and under, for rope maneuvering like; pump, spikes, shadows, surfing and whatnot. Player must surf and get health crate in whichever order and than attack. Surfing is defined as 2 skims (bounce on water) max. In sudden death, player must surf and touch both walls in order to attack.

Critical reception were mixed, some tainted Zar as a blatant ripoff of WA Roper & w2roper, while some argued that Zar is a refreshing & fun take on the roping genre. Some even went as far and said that Zar is Hysteria's version of Roper. Despite the latter, the conservative riled against Zar & prevented its inclusion in to the main classic league.  However, Zar was admitted to the TRL (The Rotating League), through a community poll where the majority ruled in favor. Some players sees ZaR as a copy of other existing scheme, and therefore not the defnite version, while other suggests otherwise.

ZaR has failed to accumulate enough inquires for ZaR to be part of any league. ZaR has hosted its own cup and tournaments to certain avail, but recent ones failed because short on players. Although, other tournaments hosted by others outside ZaR were also low on players. The lack of competitive interest within ZaR community and possible overall league, leads ZaR to no where in the competitive space. Luckily it thrives heavily in the casual fun department.

Did you know?

April the 1st of 2016, spleen17 was removed from his rank as a leader and member of Zar. He was pretty upset about it, and later found out it was a April fools staged by Kradie.

The longest Zar membership of 1438 days goes to Tomi. The shortest membership of 7 days goes to Sock, excluding spleen17's with 4 days of membership due to TUS technically issues.

The only legacy Zar members that hasn't quit is kraafty, jh0nny, & XanKriegor.

During the 2016 US Election, Kradie made a bet with TheWalrus, if Donald Trump would win, Walrus must join Zar and be a member for one year. Walrus left half through, and later said he would join again. Kradie told Walrus; you only join if you want, the bet doesn't matter anymore. Walrus did not join again.

Kradie never understood why there wasn't any popular rope schemes that didn't include parachute.

Zar was going to feat only 1 mine, but upped to 3 and later 5.

As of now, total of 25 people quitted Zar.

Some Zar members were against having Zar in TuS classic league.

During the early days of ZaR, people thought it would die after 2 weeks or so, due to boredom.

Csongi is a undercover member of ZaR, and also is SSS (Super Sexy Star).

Adnan is the only member that says ZoRRo instead of ZaR. It is also his secret language that he speaks & provokes on others. It is theorized to be a calling for mating ritual.

The term ''Zarred'' is used in ZaR when parachute was SUPPOSED to be there in other schemes and save you. Free fall & collision does not apply.

The definition of Zarring means that you are actively playing a ZaR scheme. ''Hey bro, let's zar?'' ''Nah _I am currently zarring atm''.

ZaR is the only community on worms & TUS with the initial letter ''Z''.

What people have said about Zar

By Dennis'FD
''I like Zar & the community, normally I hate roper''

By XanKriegor
''i cant even remember when i been joining regular roper last time ''

By Zippo
''too much sex in zar games''

By doc
''ZaR definetely makes me feel like this game should live for a long time,without communities it's really a mess. When ppl join your games they are guranteed a good time. ''

By blitz aka dibz
''I like it, hope others play also. I'm pretty used to it.''

By x'Titan'x
I think it's very cool but pretty hard and challenging.This mode plays really cool skullful players''

By Pinboy
Zar is the  mode that is very skill intensive and because of the lack of a chute, the strict timer, and the destructable landscape it is hard for new players to get into this mode because it takes alot of skill, alot of improvisation on the rope, and insane amount of speed and obviously knowledge of shooting the bazooka from the rope

By Sensei; ZAR is not my jam and could never see it as great competitive scheme due to 0 sec mines. Also being chuteless with lower amount of time and having zook as only weapon which can get pretty nasty considering random winds. Tho, some proven rope masters of community enjoy this strip down variant of a Roper scheme.. So I'm going with the green light! - Sensei

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Tournament #1081, Zar Roper
« on: April 07, 2019, 06:22 PM »
The tournament has failed twice.

Rest in peace.

You may close it.

Schemes / Lucky Strike
« on: April 02, 2019, 09:58 PM »
Hi ladies

New land scheme here.

Please give it a try, tell me what you think of it.

Thank you.

General discussion / Real time mode in Worms Armageddon?
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:28 PM »
We may have come so attached to the schemes we play. Do you think they will be neglected in favor for real time implementation to Worms Armageddon?

Schemes / Zar Surfer
« on: March 29, 2019, 10:34 PM »
Please give the scheme a fair try, and then maybe you can give your thought on the scheme :)

Off Topic / Is the world getting worse?
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:22 AM »
When I ask the question ''Do you think that the world is getting worse?'' it can mean anything from evolution of man, the choices we make, social unrest, politics, religion, war & climate change.

From your standpoint, where you are in the world, and the intelligence you have at your disposal, what is your thoughts?

Off Topic / What are your thoughts on euthanasia & suicide?
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:48 PM »
So I am curious on your stance on ''euthanasia'', do you support it? If not or yes, why?

And what are your thoughts on suicide?

Both euthanasia and suicide is different from each other.

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