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There are tons of file sharing websites. TUS is only for W:A related content. This file will be removed.

but this is the only site I can post it on, theres no other way because I may get viruses on my computer from those sites that might not be safe, Mr. MonkeyIsland.

the reason why I did this because this is the only site I can download from. & if I don't post it elsewhere, if my computer breaks for no reason, it'll be gone forever.

It is unethical and wrong of you to even consider using TuS as your cloud service. TuS is not a file storage facility for its members. It costs money and TuS is not designed for that.

Here are some cloud services I recommend giving a try:

Off Topic / Re: Time is meaningless.
« on: July 07, 2019, 10:17 PM »
The entire universe, the eternity itself, is one great entity that sees our consciousness and experience as their own dreams. So whatever we feel, whatever we do, is the will of the reality itself. We feed it the existence it requires to expand. We are insignificant and unmeasurable in the size to the grand scheme of things. Unknowingly, we are threads that keeps together the existence. If you are existence, then you are consciousness itself. Because if Eternity is conscious, what does it see ahead?

Off Topic / Re: Time is meaningless.
« on: July 03, 2019, 01:30 PM »
What if I told you that we are in the past, that the future lies behind us, and that there is no such thing as present? Because we're moving towards that what makes the future, for us to leave it behind in order to make again. Aka, temporal causality loop.

But honestly, I think everything is infinite, and that there's no definite God.  If you add the multiverse theory into the equation, than the speed of infinity is eternal, and that there's no end to anything. All living things makes choices regardless of state of mind, each choice is made in unmeasurable numbers in unmeasurable time (below nanoseconds and beyond), and therefore creates the infinite numbers of universes. These universes can be so precise and accurate without us knowing it, and can cause a butterfly effect.
 If we are to die here in this universe, our mind will instantaneously transition into the next universe without us knowing it. The concept of dreams, premonition, Déjà vu and the Mandela effect might be more prominent.

You're not providing any feedback, the only thing you've been doing so far is criticizing the fact that the game contains micro transation,and you're judging mesiba for this. He's already stated that he ain't coming on these forums again due to your hostility towards him. While you were busy writing down all those bullshits thinking he has escaped because he earned a couple of bucks ( ??? ) he released a few updates, just to let you know. The fact he hasn't updated the game for 2 weeks it doesn't necessarily mean that he has left this game, he's probably working on it and this stuff requires time. Quit your fucking hysteria, you sound like a bunch of annoying kid.
Lmao Sbaffo, you're a funny little fucker :D

Luckily for you, you're on the internet. If i were in front of you i'd have kicked your ass after saying something like that, has anyone ever taught you to have some respect? You probably have never been in the streets, kid.

Hostility? If you review some of your own posts here, I think you will be able to recognize hostility. You curse at people, you name people, and you threaten people with violence. Not everyone sees eye to eye, and there's no reason to lose your temper over that. It is better to remain calm, collective and accept the fact that people have different opinions. This is the Internet, get over it.

Mesiba's business practices and ideology is something I don't agree on. But I haven't dismissed the fact that he/she/it can be a good person.

Off Topic / Re: Time is meaningless.
« on: July 02, 2019, 11:30 AM »
Wow holy shit, thanks for the share Anubis.  A wonderful experience. The inevitable heat death of the universe.

Why don't you let this guy do his job while you shut the fuck up

To silence critics can be like inviting ignorance. Critics are here to present, encourage and provide feedback and concerns in areas of potential fault that lies with the artist's craft. Unless if it is purely il-intentioned, then it is invalid. Though, this is the gray area, where people have problems to differentiate from what is constructive criticism and concern vs malice.

Mesiba is simply not qualified as a spokesperson as far as I can tell in terms of proper communication. He has already profited by some die hard fans of his money milking machine on these forums. Or by some other duped souls out there.

If 'IT'' is to return, it is likely A) Ignore all the concerns of microstransactions and so on. B) Make a guilt post that he or other will post for him. C) Man up, and address everything and be cool about it. I much prefer option C.

If only the author can grow pair and take responsibility, and address the issues at hand. Which is already mentioned several times here.

I am sure someone from the worms community with higher morals and standard can make something better.

In the end, majority of all mobile games out there are bad and filthy clones of one another.

TUS Discussion / Re: Pre-made clans
« on: June 17, 2019, 06:09 PM »
It's not mobile friendly, but otherwise it's one of the most feature-packed and functional websites I've seen. I just think it's way too much to ask for a redesign when the entire community is managing about 2 league games per month.

My sweet little j0e. I am not disputing the inevitable fact that THIS site is feature rich, but in a niche fashion that does not necessarily appeal to all. That is why a redesign might be needed to sway the interest of new players. New players = potential increase of activity.

TUS Discussion / Re: Pre-made clans
« on: June 17, 2019, 03:13 PM »
This site kicks ass. The deadness of the league is our fault, not MonkeyIsland's.
No one ever said it was MonkeyIsland's fault, j0e.

At least someone recognize the aging design of this site.

When I first began to use TuS, it took me a long time to get familiarized with it.

That's why a change is necessary.

Does anyone get this?

TUS Discussion / Re: Pre-made clans
« on: June 17, 2019, 07:37 AM »
I think TUS is overwhelming for newer players... Most popular things these days are very simple.

That's what I've been saying these last couple of year, but no one listened.

TuS needs a transformational overhal of its UI & design. It needs to be more inviting for new users.

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Cup #1067, ROPER CUP
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:28 PM »
Is this cup going to start? Some of the players that joined here aren't really active such as Kangaroo aka Pizza.

Cups and Tournaments Comments / Re: Cup #1080, Big Zar RR
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:44 PM »
Congratulation to all 3 winners and thanks to all that participated! :)

Hope to see you again! ;)

Peace :)

Kradie, you're not cynical. Just uninformed and unexperienced.
Everyone who ever participated in tus league knows that summer is always worst part of the year regarding activity.

Coming onto a forum of a dying league saying league is dying doesn't make you smartest dude around, either.

I figured that Summer Vacation is near, would mean people have more time to focus on other things such as WA.

I never said in my previous post that the league is dying. Though I am not denying it, and I have known this. Though WA is active as before.

People will be active during the summer, because of vacation. This will give a temporary boost in activity, but it will not last. Am I being cynical? Perhaps, but all I see now is talk as usual.

Replays are better than ghosts anyway, you can do so much more with a replay.

From what i've saw, the ghosts give you some sort of feeling that you are playing against other people live, but this is like a magic trick, an illusion, and once you know the truth, it's not as exciting or wonderful.

I do not take pleasure in comparing Rope Clash to WA and calling it inferior, it is only an inferior game because WA is like the holy grail of roping physics, I don't think anything will ever match it, there is no shame in this.

Ghost racing is more common than you think. I remember back in Mario Kart 64 time trial mode. You race against your own ghost, and that was pretty cool. Perhaps something like that could be implemented. into WA. But if you are to race against others, you would need their replay.

There are no displeasure stating certain facts. Though World War 2 did happen, I do not take pleasure acknowledging such facts. But then again, maybe we all wouldn't be here if it wasn't for WWII. Neither would Rope Clash.... But stating obvious facts, or ehm objective opinion, can be a form of encouragement. So I took pleasure stating something I am proud of, and I hope the author isn't crying about it and make it better and remove p2w element.

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