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Tech Support / Missing Maps
« Last post by ohms on Today at 08:19 AM »
Hi folks,

What happened to all the maps? How long is the maintenance until? I can't find an annoucement about it anywhere.

dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by TheWalrus on Today at 05:15 AM »
This drama topic should have drama shit in it or should have never been posted

Either accuse someone or take off from these dt forums
Leagues Games Comments / Re: Game #224304, reported by Malas
« Last post by Malas on Today at 03:08 AM »
sry then, didnt catch that up.
Off Topic / Re: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
« Last post by TheKomodo on Today at 12:19 AM »
Is that it?

I think we need more details...
dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by Kradie on Yesterday at 11:24 PM »
dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by blitz on Yesterday at 10:04 PM »
send in the bullssssssssssssshit
dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by nino on Yesterday at 09:02 PM »
Send me Pm Sensei, ill just put this slave in the right place!!!
Off Topic / A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
« Last post by Edoardo Moretti on Yesterday at 08:08 PM »
Hi everyone. I have a series that it was inspired from the “Worms” franchise (Most specifically the sound banks),
Introducing: War'n'Guns

“War’n’Guns” is a series that tells the story of those young “Weapon Professionals” in a never-ending battle against the Lord of the villains: "Evil De Malvagicus", for the salvation of  “La Terra Della Bomba” (Land of the Bomb).

In the TUS forums, each character has: Image, Identikit, Bios and Inspiration. So, in this forum I want to hear (…or read) your opinion (...if you want…). By the way, what do you think about this series?  ;)
dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by KinslayeR on Yesterday at 05:26 PM »
dt / Re: Sad to see
« Last post by TheMadCharles on Yesterday at 03:50 PM »
brb getting popcorn
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