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Off Topic / Re: Mug shots / Post your vehicle !
« Last post by Kradie on Today at 01:02 AM »
Me Summer 2019:

Tech Support / Re: I would like to come back
« Last post by WTF-8 on Yesterday at 09:06 PM »
mirror cd, demon

Current Steam version is, you might wanna revert it to because .2 breaks some WormKit modules without doing anything visibly useful.

It all depends on your setup and preferences. The only really musthave one is D3D9Wnd, IF you can't run fullscreen apps at 640x480 that is required for W:A menus.

Also, if you ever get bugged colors again: W:A main menu -> Options -> Advanced -> Graphics, choose Direct3D 9 (preferably shader). It's DirectDraw by default I think, which should be avoided unless you need it for compatibility with some dinosaur.

Great Snooper / Wheat Snooper
Tech Support / Re: I would like to come back
« Last post by Kaleu on Yesterday at 09:04 PM »
I can help you man. Do you have steam or discord?

Tech Support / Re: I would like to come back
« Last post by Sensei on Yesterday at 04:49 PM »
Isn't it easier for everyone if you spend 2$ and play the game via Steam?
Instead of ppl wasting their time to install you a pirated version. :)
Tech Support / I would like to come back
« Last post by Chelsea on Yesterday at 04:45 PM »
Hello friends!

After long time I would like to come back to WA, but... it’s not easy - my brother bought new PC - I tried to play WA at it (CWT) but it was hard (in host had bugged colors, in game was ok), than we had to format that PC and I don’t have complet anything (mirror cd, demon, update, patch, snooper)

Last time some1 helped me to instal WA, this time I also looking for help, can some1 do it?
Im IT noob 😂 even few years ago Orel (RS clan times) used teamviever to instal WA at my PC and do everything 😂
General discussion / Some maps being deleted?
« Last post by Joarry on Yesterday at 03:50 PM »
 Hey, i just wondered because 2 days ago i made lot of maps in the wmdb page, but the next day i find they were all gone. Is there any possible reasons to that? Maybe the fact that the last 9 or something maps were mine but because i actually had maps to upload, they were easy and for mole shopper, to be specific they were from music groups, maybe its not possible to do that?

 Just that, i would like some help to understand this. Thanks!
Tech Support / Re: Graphics white problem
« Last post by Sensei on Yesterday at 01:44 PM »
Wasn't the fix for this to right click wa.exe/properties/compatibility/check the box "disable fullscreen optimizations" ?
Tech Support / Re: Graphics white problem
« Last post by WTF-8 on Yesterday at 11:50 AM »
cannot return to the menu
I'm sorry but have you tried reading my post farther than the first link? That .ini has a list of compatibility options to try, maybe something would work. If nothing works, I guess the best choice would be to rollback the windowed mode thing away (delete wkWndMode.dll, wndmode.dll and wndmode.ini) and live with non-critical laggy menus.
TUS Discussion / Re: shorter seasons if wn activity increases
« Last post by TheKomodo on Yesterday at 10:41 AM »
Depends on your perspective lol.
General discussion / Re: How long will W:A survive?
« Last post by Shadow-The-Worm on Yesterday at 10:23 AM »
Corona Makes WA Great again!
It's not Corona, it's Pneuma, only modified by your sick mind.
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