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--- Quote from: Korydex on April 21, 2021, 05:21 PM ---I think it's a mix of rope and ground schemes. Usually the winner in shopper is who can better use his weapons and plop enemy worms and that's ground schemes skill. It only becomes more of a rope game on maps like this and this, which arent popular

--- End quote ---
That's a good point right there. But, those example maps that you provided, may not be so popular, because those are maps that looks like they require fair amount of rope speed & maneuvering. At least that's what I think. Shopper has always been in my opinion an entry level rope based scheme. Roper would be the next level because it requires a lot of rope dexterity, and that's basically it for roper. But shopper may be more tactical as one may not think, it does require a lot of land skills, particularly in weapon handling. So maybe Shopper is a hybrid of both land and rope?

Set deadlines until May 15

A controversial situation in 1 group - all players have 1 victory and 1 defeat.
In all the games, the players used all the schemes, except for the roper, so I suggest you play one more game with each other, but only the Roper .
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