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Mexico GonZaLO
Belarus KartoFan_
2.14 / 5
Total Members Voted: 7
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Name: 1vs1 DARK M0LE PR0JECT - Every weapon will make you happy!
Type: Public
Game type: 1vs1
Created: December 13, 2021, 12:25 AM

Cup scheme(s): scheme DARK M0LE PR0JECT
Click on the book to download the scheme. Click on the scheme name to view the scheme page.

Signups time: December 31, 2021, 05:30 PM

Groups Paired


Main changes from TUS scheme:

Less Powerful:

Banana Bomb Junior -270 hp
(suicide attack -250 hp, exploded above -75/-150 hp)

Cluster Bomb Junior -142 hp
(suicide attack -108 hp, exploded above -40 hp)

Green Granade Junior -56 hp

More Powerful:
Dragon Ball & Firepunch -60 hp
Mine -56 hp
Homing Missile -54 hp

New Weapons:
Freeze (deleted Mortar)
Pistol "Desert Eagle" -60 hp (deleted Uzi)

Freeze - used to protect your worms at the end of the map from Cluster Attack & Plop or to block the way upwards (for the first time in the scheme). If you find it, use it only in desperation or else your enemy might put Mine or Petrol Bomb on your frozen worm and punish you

Pistol "Desert Eagle" - an amazing tool for opening your worm from a tight block, You can just shoot a ceiling above you and almost never hurt your worm, while still tearing off big parts of the walls. Each shot can actually contain a worm inside of it. It would be a missed opportunity if it wasn't added to the scheme.

• 4 worms per team - 200 hp each • All games can be either Bo3 or Bo5 •

1. What's the purpose of Freeze in this scheme?
- It will greatly contribute to the strategy and the fresh feeling of the scheme. We already have a trolling utility (Worm Select) that allows you to backstab the opponent before he can defend himself, and it showed on many occasions how it adds to the complexity of your decisions. I hated it back in 2014, when Mycy kept using it against me and I had to be prepared for more situations. I needed to get better at predicting the incoming use of it in order to appreciate it. Freeze is just another side of the coin and instead gives you the 2nd chance to stay alive or block the way up. You can find 2 weapons to punish Frozen worms: Mine & Petrol Bomb. If you have none of these, you'd better hide, open your other worm or get some crates.

2. Should Mine really be -56 hp instead of -47 hp?
Mine is used as a tool to:
- punish the frozen worm
- block the enemies who can't be blocked with a girder (Freeze can do that too)
It doesn't replace the role of a dynamite since the dynamite is still stronger and doesn't need to be close to the enemy worm. Unlike green granade, Mine can be placed on the top of the target to make him fly upwards.

3. Is this scheme an experiment or an actual upgrade to the TUS scheme
I made fresh but still safe changes to this scheme. Before these changes Homing Missile (-45 hp) was used less frequently than once per 10 matches(!!!). By making all the skill-based weapons finally competitive, and by introducing a new strategic element to the game - Freeze, I don't see any reason for this scheme not to become TUS' official one some day. I keep collecting feedback from my friends on what they would like to see and why.

While TUS scheme is by far more superior to Hosting Buddy's one, many people still had to shrug off finding weaker weapons than their opponents. As a result, many people still wanted to fix TUS scheme. Warg's scheme gave all weapons standard power (shotgun 2x25hp, granades 45hp, etc). The problem was that while it was quite fair, the game was way too slow, too forgiving, since you could always climb up from all those small explosions.

Mycy wanted to fix TUS scheme by removing Bananas and Clusters (1/2 of OP weapons). The problem was that whoever found the other 1/2 of OP weapons (Shotgun, Green Granade, Holy Granade) was bound to win, since much weaker weapons on average would be found in crates from now on, and these 3 weapons had the capacity of trapping the enemy very deep down, with no way of climbing up even with LG. In many cases these weapons would be even more deadly than Clusters, and the trapped worms would have nothing to throw to the guy above them.

FMA wanted to fix it by removing 1/2 of the weak weapons, which, in my opinion, turned the game into a blood-thristy race for crates, since they were all much more likely to be clusters, shotguns and bananas. It was very apparent in my last games with Mazinger in which I had 2x Banana, 5x cluster and I didn't need to worry about anything. Upon taking 6 crates, the game stopped requiring tactics or skills to use the weaker weapons. Mole attacks lost their significance as well. By limiting the variety of weapons, you also make the game more linear, endlessly prioritising collecting crates.

I knew that the probability to find all the weapons must stay identical to original TUS scheme. Mortar spawns are now simply just replaced with Freeze, probability of finding everything else stays the same. Firepunch/Dragon Ball are upgraded from -45hp to -60hp, still allowing you to send the enemy airborne, or down the tunnel. Mine is upgraded from -47 hp to -56 hp. -50 hp Uzi transformed into -60 hp Pistol allowing you to open any wall around you, while still finishing off your enemy. Because Homing Missile was only -45 dmg, it was used on average in 1 out of 10 matches. Now it's -54 hp, finally being close to Aqua Sheep. All weapons can now co-exist, being all a valid threat.

Cup Medals:


Group 1
Country Player Groups Total Won Lost #1 #2
Mexico GonZaLO MOLE 4 4/11 0
Russian Federation Magnificent Kf 2 1/3 1
Poland MycyxPatroN MdT 2 0 2
Poland KinslayeR dP alCo 1 0 1
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan ob ae ZaR 1 0 1
Games [5]

ID Winner Loser Replay Time Game Rate
230452 Russian Federation Magnificent Poland MycyxPatroN
January 11, 2022, 12:47 AM 0
230446 Mexico GonZaLO Poland KinslayeR
January 10, 2022, 08:40 PM 3
230419 Mexico GonZaLO Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan
January 08, 2022, 05:57 PM 0
230392 Mexico GonZaLO Russian Federation Magnificent
January 08, 2022, 12:20 AM 1
230292 Mexico GonZaLO Poland MycyxPatroN
January 02, 2022, 05:58 PM 1
Group 2
Country Player Groups Total Won Lost #1 #2
Mexico danie MOLE 4 2/7 2
Spain MazingerZ MdT 3 2/6 1
Belarus KartoFan_ MdT 2 1/2 1
Hungary Lupastic BoM 2 1/2 1
Brazil Nous BoM MOLE 1 0 1
Games [6]

ID Winner Loser Replay Time Game Rate
230454 Spain MazingerZ Mexico danie
January 11, 2022, 06:56 PM 0
230421 Spain MazingerZ Hungary Lupastic
January 08, 2022, 06:11 PM 1
230415 Belarus KartoFan_ Spain MazingerZ
January 08, 2022, 05:18 PM 0
230353 Mexico danie Brazil Nous
January 06, 2022, 04:25 AM 0
230320 Mexico danie Belarus KartoFan_
January 04, 2022, 07:54 PM 0
230313 Hungary Lupastic Mexico danie
January 03, 2022, 10:58 PM 1

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Magnificent told me about a visual modification (Project X) to make Mole actually dark, atmospheric with a few sources of light and nice smooth lightning effects. I will test it to see if it could be ready for February.
not lighting. Lanterns which gives a light.