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Announcements / WormNET Service Updates
« on: March 22, 2020, 08:41 PM »
Some updates due to the recent jump in activity:
  • HostingBuddy now sends replies from a rotation of nicks to avoid server flood limits
  • Fixed a crash in the WormNAT2 server
  • Changed how the rank/flag is obtained from WormNET, to better work during very high WormNET activity
  • GOG versions are no longer detected as a snooper
  • Fixed being able to reopen games after HostingBuddy is restarted, which would lead to erratic behavior (games randomly closing and "wrong game ID" errors)
  • HostingBuddy and friends will occasionally remind people about some alternatives to !kick (!close and !phost)
  • Allow old URLs (as obtained with /url) to work after a !reopen
  • Fix WebSnooper history getting erased due to the new rank/flag query mechanism
  • Fix encoding of non-English characters in some places
  • Add Host button on WebSnooper
  • Many internal fixes
The new host button is a little experimental. (If you want to mess around with it, I recommend using the staging server.)

As usual, post here if you notice any problems.

Hi all,

There is an important problem that, as a community, we need to solve probably sooner than later.

After a map author uploads a map to, the map is then made available for viewing, downloading, and playing through services such as HostingBuddy (!map, !wmdb).

The problem: we ( and other service providers) are not actually allowed to do any of those things with any maps uploaded ever. Why? Because the map authors never gave us permission!

Pragmatically it is obvious - why would someone upload a map to if they didn't want people to download and play on their map? However, pedantically, that's how it is.
In most jurisdictions, every creation is copyrighted by default, and no copies (this includes transmission over network) may be made without the author's permission.
As such, technically speaking, there is nothing preventing someone from uploading their map on, and then saying "Why are you distributing my map? I never gave you permission!" and then taking legal action against us.

Another reason for why we should try to solve this problem is that at some point may be succeeded by a better service, which integrates directly into the game.
For this to become a reality, we need to have all our paperwork straightened out and be sure that we are legally allowed to redistribute uploaded maps.

So, there are two parts to this topic:
  • We need to decide on a set of licenses, and make authors of all new uploads to WMDB choose one of these licenses.
    This will give the legal right to redistribute them (i.e. make them available for download),
    and for players to actually use them (host games with the map, or save them in replay files and then upload said replays online).

    This will also be a good opportunity to allow map creators to choose how exactly they are OK with people using their maps, specifically for example if they want to allow remixes.

    For this purpose, Creative Commons has a good set of licenses we can use:

  • What to do about already uploaded maps?

    The extreme but definitely legally correct approach would be to delete everything and ask everyone to re-upload their maps under a license of their choice.
    Obviously we would probably lose a huge % of maps if we were to do this, so it would be much more preferable if we could solve this in another way.

    An alternative would be to relicense the maps uploaded so far, as follows:

    • We implement part 1 as above, so all new uploads past a certain date are under a proper license.
    • We begin a transition period of some duration, such as 1 year, for converting uploaded maps to a proper license.
      We will need to make this transition as public and obvious as possible (i.e. affected maps will have a banner on their pages, and we will try to contact the authors by email about it.)
      After the transition period expires, we assume that the authors have had reasonable time to be notified and take action, and through their inaction, they allow us to distribute the map under the new license.
      Of course, if authors disagree, we will remove the map, or look into additional licensing options if none of the ones we will have at the time will be agreeable.
    • After the transition period expires, all maps are either at the new license or deleted due to the authors' wishes (which we hopefully will minimize).
      If any authors change their mind after the transition period and want their map down, we can follow standard DMCA procedure.

    Changing the license of content without each author's explicit approval is legally iffy, but fish much bigger than us got away with it:

    The license itself that we choose for this would probably have to be as restrictive as possible while still allowing and related services to redistribute the map in all implied and technical situations.
    If authors wish to grant the community more rights, they can always pick a less restrictive license later.

The remaining elephant in the room is maps which have a large amount of copyrighted artwork (from other games, cartoons/anime, etc.). I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't think it qualifies as fair use.

Any thoughts / opinions on the above? Especially if you are a map maker or are familiar with IP law.

By the way, I think TUS has the same problems, but it's not up to me how TUS wants to address them.

General discussion / MapGEN integrated into HostingBuddy
« on: June 23, 2019, 09:02 PM »
With help from Plutonic, MapGEN is now integrated into HostingBuddy. Use the !mapgen command to generate a new map for the current scheme.

Not all HostingBuddy schemes are associated with a MapGEN map kind. You can see the full list, as usual, here (look for the "MapGEN game type" field).

You can also specify parameters. For example, typing:
!scheme rr
!mapgen width=640 height=4000
will generate a vertical rope race map. You can specify any parameter that can be present in a MapGEN configuration file (.mgs).

Tech Support / MOVED: KEYBOARD - Definitive ! +Photos
« on: February 05, 2017, 01:00 PM »
This topic has been moved to General discussion (not a tech support problem).

Files Comments / File #1017, WMDB-Downloader for Linux (sh)
« on: November 23, 2016, 12:00 AM »
FYI, WMDB sends an "Author_-_Name.png" filename in Content-Disposition, which you can use with e.g. wget --content-disposition.

General discussion / Quick reminder: This is just a game, yeah?
« on: November 20, 2016, 02:53 PM »
Hi all,

I've been contacted today by a family member of a fellow Worms player. The player in question has been spending a lot of time playing the game, as well as participating in competitive events, up to the point where it began to affect their health and personal life, ending with an unfortunate situation.

So, I'd like to ask all of you to keep in mind that there are many, many things that are much more important than some 1999 video game about worms. Your health and family come foremost. Also, remember that every hour you play video games, including Worms Armageddon, is one hour you could have spent doing something productive or improving yourself (fitness, skills, career, etc.).

Additionally, as ESRB puts it... "Game Experience May Change During Online Play". Our community is generally nice, but can often be abrasive and unfortunately sometimes even vindictive and harsh. As much as I wish it could improve, there is little I can do about human nature.

It may not be easy to realize the full spectrum of outcomes from our decisions. Right now there are almost no limits on who can play online and no filters on what they can say once in-game, so it's not possible to predict what kind of person you will play against tomorrow. So, if you feel like playing online, or entering an event, might affect you or your life in a negative way, please just don't do it. It's not worth it, and there are better ways to fill your time.

And everyone else, please remember that the people behind the screen are also fellow humans, and might be more sensitive to some words or actions than others. Some people are more susceptible, some people may not realize when it's time to stop. It may not be easy when the other person is just some pixels on a screen, but please try to keep an element of humility and compassion in your online interactions.

Thank you.

General discussion / Cheat spam
« on: November 19, 2016, 02:40 PM »
Hi everyone,

By now everyone has probably heard of (and been annoyed by) the recent occurrences.

It is unfortunate that we have to waste time and energy dealing with someone's childish temper tantrum trying to undermine our community, but I do want to say without going into too much detail that you can be sure we're doing our best to deal with this situation as it develops.

Additionally, I'd like to give a word of warning: don't click on or download any unsolicited links or files, even just out of curiosity or to test things, or you may find yourself permanently banned from many things related to W:A.

Stay vigilant.

General discussion / Update your WormNAT2!
« on: September 20, 2015, 10:44 PM »
Hi wkWormNAT2 users,

Old versions of WormNAT2 have a bug which causes random desyncs/disconnects.

This can happen even when you're not hosting!

This is fixed in the latest version (v2.3). If you're using WormNAT2 (i.e. you have wkWormNAT2.dll in your W:A directory and have loading WormKit modules enabled), please download the latest version:

Just drop the two files in your W:A directory and overwrite the old ones.

As an added incentive to update, I decided to remove the nag message that showed up on start-up. You might occasionally get a reminder in the lobby instead.

Users of old versions will see a message in the lobby when hosting games. Be warned, old versions will stop working completely on January 1, 2016.

Snooper authors who added WormNAT2 functionality to their snoopers:

The official version of WormNAT2 now implements the snooper protocol used by Wheat Snooper, so you no longer have to ship custom versions of the DLL. Check the source code of WormNAT2 and Wheat Snooper for details. The gist is: open a control connection to the HostingProxy server by connecting to, read a port number (16 bit LE integer). Host the game at Run WA.exe with the parameters: /wkargs /wnat2 X-Y-Z, where X is your snooper's PID, Y is the socket handle to the HostingProxy connection, Z is an event handle. WormNAT2 will duplicate Y and Z into its own process, take over the control connection and call SetEvent(Z) to inform your snooper that the game is hosted and it can release its connection handle (Y).


General discussion / HostingBuddy updated
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:48 PM »

As of 2015-07-28 21:30 UTC, an updated version of HostingBuddy is now live on WormNET.

This is mostly an internal overhaul (major restructuring plus port to the latest version of the programming language used), which will allow us to improve it at a faster pace and provide  better integration with other services.

The update does come with two small improvements:

 - HostingBuddy is now on the #PartyTime and #RopersHeaven WormNET channels, as well as #AnythingGoes.
 - Proper timeout detection has been added, which should resolve issues with dropped connections stalling games forever.

If you notice anything broken or out of place, please post here. You can also post feature requests to the HostingBuddy forum on our UserVoice site: . I'll be going through the suggestions there this week.

Known issues being worked on:
- HostingBuddy has a Netherlands flag.

On Steam:

General discussion / HostingBuddy - multiple rounds
« on: August 22, 2014, 03:46 AM »
I've finally added some basic multi-round capability to HostingBuddy. Please give it a go.

(I know, this should have been done years ago...)

General discussion / Disconnects
« on: June 23, 2013, 04:57 AM »
Hi. I'm thinking of possible ways to solve the problem of games ruined by network disconnections.

We will probably not have the ability to continue a game from a replay before 4.x (and I personally think this solution is overcomplicated), but instead I'm thinking of trying something much simpler: trying to simply reconnect to the host if the connection failed.

Before we go ahead with this, I'd like to collect some information from people who are affected by this problem. Please answer these questions:

1) If the host rehosts immediately after you drop, are you able to join their game with no problems?
2) Do you (or the person on the other side of the disconnect) have to wait for the broken connection to "time out" in order for the game to continue?
3) When you're disconnected, do any other programs (e.g. IRC) lose their connections as well?
4) Do you generally have sporadic Internet connectivity problems (e.g. web pages not loading one second, then loading fine after a few seconds)?

Also, please post some replays of games with such disconnects.

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