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Re: WA is on life support
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skunk, your attitude towards this game and collective community in general feels pretty abysmal, you are such a downer about this game and act pretty ignorant and selfish towards people.

Your opinion of the definition of the word "active" is irrelevant, as by the actual English definition of the word in every dictionary there is, this game is active, and also engaging, that is not an opinion, it is not subjective, it's a fact.

"Active enough" is subjective though, and is true for myself and other people. Though i'm not going to deny i'd happily welcome even more activity!

Also, Worms Armageddon history doesn't dictate what the word active means. It's definitely not at it's peak, and it likely never will be again, nobody is arguing that. It might not be active in such a way that satisfies you, and there are parts of the game and people that are gone I wish would come back, that's life though, people move on, people adapt.

The game is still active though, that isn't even up for debate, it's literally a fact.

All these things you personally think are stupid, are parts of the game that are active and lots of other people enjoy.

It's your own problem you don't enjoy playing with inexperienced players. Quitters are sometimes frustrating though i'll give you that, though that isn't exclusive to this game, that happens everywhere in life.

It's your problem you don't enjoy playing offline to submit your times against others around the world, then again.

It's your problem you can't accept there is a vast galaxy of adventures and possibilities outside the world you are living in(metaphorically speaking of course).

People still make maps, even Mablak is posting world record runs for missions and deathmatch! People are streaming the game on Twitch including myself, the r/worms subreddit often has people asking about the game, Sensei has that massive Discord channel which has thousands of people, Deadcode & CyberShadow are still updating the game. People are playing Cups, Tournaments, Challenges, CWT will begin within 2 months and should be great! lalo told me the Southern American communities have a private Discord where they organize Elite Tournaments with each other and Adun streams them on Twitch often. Apparently there is a massive Russian community of wormers as well who play among themselves, sometimes some pretty big YouTubers streaming Worms matches.

These are all things which add to the activity of the game.

Every time i've logged on to WormNET in the past year there has always been multiple games hosted, and i've seen a healthy variation of schemes hosted, i've seen Ropers, Big RR, WxW, Shopper, Mole Shopper, Normal, BnG, Bungee, Kaos, Darts, Team17, Elite, TTRR, Warmer and the list goes on... Granted most of the games hosted are casual, though that still adds to the games activity.

Here is an idea, you could create your own Discord channel, with the express purpose of inviting all the people you like playing games with, so you can organize games with people that you deem good enough.

The main point being, just because things aren't the way you personally want them to be, doesn't mean the game is dead, or that it sucks, or that people are stupid, or that noobs are worthless.

You are not more important or better than everyone else, just because you don't like something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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Re: WA is on life support
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Technically the game will never die because you can just rope around by yourself if you're bored... in terms of finding someone "on par" with your skill and roping... that can be hard... or when you host games and people quit on you, that can suck. It's just like Counter-Strike 1.6, that games been dead for a long time and people still play it... or they play 5v5 pick up games, yea it takes a long time to get 10 people into the server maybe but it happens... worms is an easier game to play by yourself then a first person shooter multiplayer game. It's definitely not what it once was... but I enjoy the games I play from time to time with skunk, I think he's really the only one I'll rope with or that is online and actually engages in conversation when you're playing... most don't... i get it most don't understand english either... it's hard with the timezones of the community, which is what makes the game itself awesome, the community of people from all over the world. Idk, it's all how you view it... but when you've played something from the start, it's never going to be the same. Shit, I remember when WormNET had ranks up and everything when you logged on... Ropers Heaven just packed with ropers... like roping was the meta during a time in worms, it was sick. I'm just glad to still be tappin' my spacebar and roping around. it's pretty sick on 1440p 165hz lol, you go to think that you used to play any scheme really on like 1024x768 max on a monitor that weighed more then yourself :D

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Re: WA is on life support
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I think he's really the only one I'll rope with or that is online and actually engages in conversation when you're playing... most don't...

Maybe you and skunk simply don't relate to people you refer to as "most don't", and they purposely remain quiet because you don't say anything that's interesting or engaging to them? We're not all compatible with each other, especially with differences in age and culture.

It's like this story I heard Terry Crews talk about being a parent, as a very athletic and strong male type, who was into sports and stuff stuff, he struggled to connect and bond with his son, his son who is very nerdy and interested in technology and stuff, and he realized they were drifting apart, he was trying to encourage his son to take up his hobbies and his interests and his son wasn't interested.

Then it all changed for him when he realized that wasn't working, and to form a more meaningful bond with his son he should focus on trying to take an interest in his songs hobbies, now Terry Crews and his son do live streams on Twitch together, he's a major PC enthusiast now.

Maybe, this game and the community just don't relate to you anymore and you are beating yourselves up over it instead of either moving on, or embracing the changes.

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